Damn Eye-ranian Dolphins

by Rendd

Read this:


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Couple of months ago a news title was plastered on all the headlines on major Iranian medias. farsnews.com specifically published many photos of the phenomenon. About 150-200 dolphins had committed suicide on Iranian shore. Helpless of finding the right answers but driven by a strong suspicion, the Iranian ecologists accused the US navy ships of doing some mysterious things that triggered this tragic event. In no surprise US navy neither denied nor confirmed the accusations until the same phenomenon happened on Navy's San Nicolas Island on A, please read carefully on A dolphin that happened to be too close to the nearby navy’s war game practices. After a preliminary study they found that navy ships active sonar have contributed to the dolphin’s death. This set off a public outcry in the US.

It seems even the wildlife is not immune from US double standards. Now we know beside American dolphins there are possibly terrorist Eye-ranian dolphins wondering around the Persian Gulf looking for trouble.


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