Baha'ullah 40 years exile,1852 till died in1892

Baha'ullah 40 years exile,1852 till died in1892
by Reza 41

34 According to the number of the days in which you spied out the land, forty days, for every day a year, you shall bear your iniquity, forty years, and you shall know my displeasure.' 35 I, the LORD, have spoken; surely this will I do to all this wicked congregation that are gathered together against me: in this wilderness they shall come to a full end, and there they shall die."

I guess we can't be mad of word of GOD can we?

happy Rezvan to all Bahais


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Agha Reza, you like dirt, don't you?

by Nokteh! (not verified) on

Agha Reza, everyone dies!! what's your point, 40 years? WOW, I am really impressed.

Did Baha'u'llah's Cause die too?

Are you visually impaired? please seek assistance.


Agha Reza 41, you have a flash light in hand, but ....

by Tahirih on

are lost , and have astray ed far from the truth ..

I pray for you and your kind every night that God would forgive you, and your atrocities. Because lots of innocent Iranians are paying for your lack of sense of direction, even with a flash light in hand!!!!!



Reza41; How Informed Are you?

by faryarm on

 Agha Reza

Please complete your study and analysis of Quran before starting on the Holy Bible..

They are both a lifetime of study and reflection, and unfortunately it seems you are careless about both; thanks to Alborz who redirected you about the relevance of quote you provided. 

Regarding your other comment:

As Adib stated ; "Baha'u'llah was investigated and was NOT seen to be an instigator in the mad attempt on the life of Nasiridin shah, by the two deranged Babis who tried to use Bird Shot to kill the Shah."

Please inform yourself of history and fact; not the one written by the very people who opposed it, but facts that have been independantly established; before you attempt to accuse Bahais.

Unfortunately, You have from your very first and comedic post damaged any credibility you may have in trying to change well established facts of history.

Further Can I ask you to respond to previous questions asked of you by others, regarding your own beliefs and contributions, as a Muslim.

I mention this, because it might appear that you, like the Islamic Regime either can not engage Bahais in a civilised discourse when Bahais present you opportunities to respond to questions and references from the Quran, or you prefer to resort to evasion by simply changing the subject and resorting to name calling and the kind of desperate nonsense,conspiracy theories and the kind of ignorant comments that seriously question your objectivity, depth and breadth of knowledge.

I would suggest that in the name of Justice and Fairness, you become a proponent of giving Bahais in Iran an open, free and safe opportunity to engage in open discussion of their beliefs;  perhaps a live television  panel of the most credible and learned Islamic scholars organized by the Islamic Republic Broadcastng challenging an equally knowledgable panel of Bahais to questions ,far too long evaded by the Shia establishment.

1. The real meaning of "Muhammad" as the final Prophet, referenced by the numerous verses in the Quran promising of the coming further revelations from God.

2. The legitimacy of the claims of the Bab and Baha'u'llah, and examination  of "Kitab-i-Iqan"

3. Examination of Impartial, Non-partisan and non Bahai, research and testimony in realtion to the origins and history of the Babi and the Bahai Faith.

4. Opportunity given to Bahais to respond , point by point to anti Bahai propaganda and so on..

I hope your dedication to Godliness and quest for Truth and Knowledge, will lend support to this very idea, and in turn help, in your words expose: 

"... things that you try hard to keep it covered would comes out, than your wickedness become clear to every one , have fear of GOD almighty and stop lying. ."


Agha Reza;

Bahais have and continue to give thier lives in the path of esablishing the truth; history has clearly shown this.

Are you willing to stand by your accusations with similar certitude and conviction?? 

Bahai's in Iran and the world over pray for such an opportunity to open examination of their Beliefs and its outcome.




Adib Masumian

The assassination attempt...

by Adib Masumian on

...was not instigated by Baha'u'llah, and he in fact later condemned those three overzealous Babis for undertaking the attempt. I don't think you realize that, had Baha'u'llah actually been guilty, he would not have been banished from what was then Persia. The whole reason he was banished was because Nasiri'd-Din Shah could find no incriminating proof against Baha'u'llah which would prove that he had anything to do with the assassination attempt, therefore Baha'u'llah was released (and then exiled) *because he was innocent*. This is how history has really been recorded.

Reza 41

Attempts to confuse, distort and distract ???? who ? YOU OR ME

by Reza 41 on

Mr. faryarm,or who ever don't like the presence of these word of GOD, these are word of GOD, whether you like it or not, therefor,if is heavy on you, take it to him ,NOT ME

And thanks for clips , but only thing is clear and true in them ,British accent of story teller,although he missed to say(or covered) Mirza Hossin Ali Nori was arrested for charge of masterminding assassination of 19 year old Nasereddin Shah and not his "Bobbi belief" and rest of the whole truth of the story. I ask you Bahai leaders and brain washer ,for how long do you think you can keep exaggeration and distort  the truth and insert the baseless crass and let the adherent eat them? heat of the sun of truth will eventually melt your cloud which created the darkness ,and things that you try hard to keep it covered would comes out, than your wickedness become clear to every one , have fear of GOD almighty and stop lying. .


The Secret of our Century

by faryarm on

Attempts to confuse, distort and distract, by Anti Bahai elements are easily overcome with stating, fact and history. made even more effective in the language of film.



Bahá'u'lláh: The Secret of our Century 

Part 1 


Part 2



Reza 41

نور که چه عرض کنم ولی چراغ قوه شاید

Reza 41

سلام طاهره خانم؛
شما تا الان بایداز طرز نوشتنم (انگلیسی یا فارسی) متوجه شده باشید که تسلطی که جناب نور در این فن دارند در مقایسه با بنده زمین تا آسمان فرق میکند ایکاش سواد ایشان را خدا به بنده هم عنایت فرموده بود؛هر چند که ناامید هم نیستم اینشاالله با رحمت خداوند و هر روز چیزی یاد گرفتن از این تاریکی جهل خدا ما را نجات خواهد داد. نه خواهرم بنده نور نیستم ؛ چراغ قوه در دست ؟ شاید


مردم آزاری هم حد و حدودی داره.

سیگال (not verified)

آقا رضا
کدوم مسلک و مرامی‌ به شما جواز توحش و فحاشی به دیگران داده.
شما راضی‌ هستی‌ یک سنی یک مسیحی‌ یک یهود به مقدسات شما بد و بیرا بگه؟
اگر مسلک شما خوب هست به اعمال ما و همه را بهرمند کنید. مثلا بفرمایید شما به پیروان حضرت مسیح توضیح بدید که حضرت محمد برای تمام اهل زمین بود، و نه تنها عربها.

این ثوابش بیشتر هست.



Agha Reza 41:

by Tahirih on

ای اهل عالم مذهب الٓهی از برای محبّت و اتّحاد است او را سبب عداوت و اختلاف منمائید. نزد صاحبان بصر و اهل منظر اکبر، آنچه سبب حفظ و علّت راحت و آسایش عباد است از قلم اعلیٰ نازل شده ولٰکن جهّال ارض چون مربّای نفس و هوسند، از حکمتهای بالغهء حکیم حقیقی غافلند و بظنون و اوهام ناطق و عامل. حضرت بهاءالله


Maybe Tahireh is right too but

by amigo19 on

I do totally agree with Alborz and Mona

I also advise you Agha Reza to watch Fryarm s previous blog that has many references on Khatm al nabiin from the Holy Koran,though part of it has been selenced, but you always can ask Faryarm to send you the complete clip,

Good luck to you brother


آقا رضا ۴۱، لطفا فقط به توضیح دادن اکتفا نکنید...


...کمی‌ دقت و خود نگری هم بکنید.

مردم ایران بیش از هر ملتی چوب تنگ بینی‌ و افراطی بودن را خوردند، و شما هم به نظر می‌رسد خود را مطلع میپندارید. قلم را بردارید و در مورد اعتقادات والای خود بنویسید.  این رسانه ظرفیت گنجایش اعتقادات شما را نیز دارد. اگر به چیزی معتقد هستید آن را با دیگران در میان بگذارید. درست و پسندیده است که نظر و اعتقاد والا را باید بیان کرد و در مورد غیر آن خاموش ماند، پس...

چرا در مورد اسلام و اعتقادات خود خاموشید؟

آیا شما نگران واکنش هستید؟

آیا اعتقادات شما ارزش مواجه شدن با این واکنش‌ها را دارند؟

برای آماده کردن خود به کلام قرآن در پاسخ مونا۱۹ رجوع کنید.  قدم اول خوبی‌ برایتان میتواند باشد.

موفق باشید،



I am not going to beat around the bush!!!!

by Tahirih on

Nur, so what kind of goodbye was this????????

مرد است و قولش!

Mona 19

You said "all I'm doing is little explanation"

by Mona 19 on

Agha Reza, in this age, we've reached our spiritual maturity, and each person should now be responsible for his or her own spiritual development. Therefore, we should read, study, and ponder the holy writings by ourselves, and not to rely on others for explaning the divine words and to be in touch with God.

Also you should know better agha reza Who receiveth guidance, receiveth it for his own benefit: who goeth astray doth so to his own loss. No bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another. ~ Quran 35.18



Reza 41

Mr. Alborz ,Hooper Harris is not GOD,you are diluting

by Reza 41 on


Thanks for suggestion, although Mr.Baha'ullah wrote enough about Islam ,all I'm doing is little explanation what he did, thats all, INSHAALAH. :O)


آقا رضا۴۱، چرا شما در مورد اسلام نمینویسید؟ مطلب زیاد هست.


  ?You asked for Biblical prophecy 

Here are two for starters that are relevant...



Regarding 40 years 

The final prophecy of Micah is, perhaps, the most remarkable of all. He foretold the exact length of time during which God would shower His truth upon the Messiah 'in those days'. He promised that it would be:

'According to the days of thy (Israel) coming out of the land of Egypt will I shew unto him marvellous things.' [Micah 7:15.]  

The time of the coming out of Egypt was forty years. For forty years, under the holy guidance of Moses, the Jews wandered in the desert until finally they reached the promised land. For an equal period of time, forty years, Almighty God would fill the mouth of His Messenger with 'wonders' in the last days.

Joseph Klausner, in his The Messianic Idea in Israel, quotes R. Eliezer (ben Hycanus) as saying: 'The Days of the Messiah will last forty years...'  

It is also written in Psalms:

'Forty years long was I grieved with this generation...' [Psalms95:10.]  

The millennial Bible scholar, Edward Irving, a Christian clergyman, called attention to the Indian prophecy of the religion 'which in the space of forty (years) was to possess the earth.'

[The Great Tribulation, Cumming, p. 246.]

Hooper Harris, in his book of Lessons, writes: 'This mention of forty is indissolubly connected with a time which was to be a time of exile, siege, banishment, imprisonment and persecution of some Great One, on whom tribulation and burdens were to be laid, during which time the teachings of God, nevertheless, were to flood the earth.' Bahá'u'lláh, like unto Moses, wandered in exile with his family and followers for forty years. He was sent as a prisoner, still in exile, to the prison fortress of 'Akká. This once lay in the ancient land of Canaan which God had promised would be inherited in the last days by one from the seed of Abraham. These forty years of wandering, banishment, and imprisonment mark the exact period of time of Bahá'u'lláh's ministry on earth.  

He was thrown into the dungeon called 'The Black Pit' in Teheran in August 1852. In that prison, but a few weeks later, Bahá'u'lláh, in his own words, experienced the following:

'...lo, the breezes of the All-Glorious (God) were wafted over Me, and taught Me the knowledge of all that hath been. This thing is not from Me, but from One Who is Almighty and All-Knowing. And He (God) bade Me lift up My voice between earth and heaven...This is but a leaf which the winds of the Will of thy Lord...have stirred. Can it be still when the tempestuous winds are blowing?'  

Bahá'u'lláh was released from that prison, and his years of enforced exile and imprisonment began. They ended only with his death in the Holy Land in May 1892.

Thus from the beginning of his mission to the last days of his life, there were forty years, exactly 'according to the days of thy coming out of the land of Egypt'.

On 1260 AH, Declaration of the Bab

By using the accepted formula of a "day" for a "year," forty-two months or 1260 days become 1260 years. Therefore, the "times of the Gentiles" would last for 1260 years. The Muslims conquered Jerusalem in the seventh century, and according to the promise of Christ, they would tread the city underfoot until the hour of His return, which would be 1260 years later by the measurement of prophecy. A study of the calendar of the Muslims reveals that the year 1260 of their calendar is identical with the year 1844 of the Christian calendar. Thus the second promise of Christ was fulfilled by the year 1844, when the "times of the Gentiles" was ended. Third Promise: When mankind witnesses the "abomination of desolation" spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, this will be the hour of Christ's return. Christ gave this promise to His disciples in direct answer to their questions: When will you come, what shall we look for? His promise was given in these words: "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, stand in the holy place (whoso readeth, let him understand)." The third promise of Christ concerning the "abomination of desolation" is the foundation-stone upon which the Biblical scholars rested the structure of their belief in the return of Christ during the 1844 period. The chapters of Daniel which deal with this subject are those from eight through twelve. These foretell clearly not only the second coming of Christ, but His first appearance as well. Therefore, this promise of Christ is considered to be the most important of the three.


Agha Reza, I am serious, why don't write about Islam?