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hi to all. about 7 monthes ago i published an article containing my request for 2 french books. the first and the most important one: cafe creme and the second one: vocabulaire progressive. there were some come comments on that but of course none useful. i mean useless. some one referred me to some iranian in iran i mean a law prof and a blind woman. the prof did not cooperate properly and i could never find that woman despite all the investigations. some one sent some links which were not useful.

i have a question. on this website and other iranian spaces you all write and talk about helping or saving your compatriot. how do you say that when you are not helpful enough to help some one get a book? i am really angry and desparate while writing this article. disappointed and confused. really dont know what to write and how to write. i just know a point. i feel contempt at the class although the teachers encouraged me but for example the french writing is a totally different world.

sorry i cant write more but came here to share my emotions. my wish for every one is happyness, wealth and health. so, sorry if by this text after thanksgiving and near the new year i made you sad. do not care about me go to the clubs. i dont know just celebrate your life enjoy yourself and the others just when you are going to the university or read the book remember some one in esfahan looked for 2 books and still is looking for them. happy birthday. wish you the best of all specially releife from financial crisis. goodbye and goodluck.


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Apr 17, 2011
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Anonymous Observer

Fesenjoon Jaan -

by Anonymous Observer on

Yes, we went out yesterday to tag a few black bears.  We're keeping an eye on their population in the pockets were they remain relatively stable.  It's tough this time of year, because most of them have began their hibernation, but since the weather has remained warm so far, you see a few stragglers here and there.

Unfortuntaley, I do not get to do field work much.  I used to a lot of it in grad school.  Nowadays, most of my work involves analysis, but I jump on the opprtunity whenever I can, and yesterday was one of those unique opprtunities where I was allowed to "go with" as they say.  We  tagged two.  Beatiful animals.  

And yes, I noticed the video, but couldn't watch it.  I even left a comment for it on IC--something involving the hunters, a fair game and my Glock.  Seriously, if those hunters are so macho with their rifles, I am more than willing to take up on a real hunting game, where they can have their rifles and I will bring my laser targeting system equipped Glock 9mm.  Let's see who wins!  Seriously, that sort of thing is just sickening, especially for eomone like me, who has devoted most of my adult life studying and protecting defnseless animals.    

Esfand Aashena

The 1st download may be free for some of those 3 links + email Q

by Esfand Aashena on

Also, you can't email Reza a 160MB file.  Our emails won't allow it due to size and even if our email allowed it Reza couldn't get an email with a 160MB file attached to it.  He probably uses a free Yahoo or Google email.

Everything is sacred


to Reza, and all those w/ links for Reza

by MM on


You  should have stuck with your Farsi writings.  Or, perhaps write in French and post it in a French speaking site whose readers are more familiar with your requests.  In English, you sound as if everyone here owes you.

To All w/ links for Reza,

Reza has already stated that he does not have a credit card, and most links here that I clicked, e.g., EA, have a price associated with them, i.e., they ask you to subscribe for a premium package for fast downloads, or else they take you thru a tour of non-sense before belakhing you.  Maybe the 1st download is free? If not, then, all those who sympathize with Reza should buy the PDFs and send them to him.

Esfand Aashena

Reza Lizard جان ۲ تا لینک دیگه رو هم داشته باش

Esfand Aashena

Reza Lizard جان ۲ تا لینک دیگه رو هم داشته باش

اون لینک قبلی‌ که من برای کافه کرم برات گذشتم فکر کنم دنگ و فنگ داشته باشه.  خبر مرگشون ممکن کار نکن.  عجالتاً این دو تا لینک رو هم داشته باش شاید کار کنند.  من هر ۳ تا لینک رو مینویسم شاید یکیش کار کنه.

شاید وقت کردی این سه تا link لینک رو ببر سفارت فرانسه ازشون بپرس می‌تونن برات دانلود download کنند و بگذرند رو یک CD سی‌دی؟

Dr. Mohandes

Mashti Boroos

by Dr. Mohandes on

How about I call you Borooos Ali (As In Bruce Lee:)? U like? 

My god. Are you really like that in real life? Now i am beginning to see the real you shinningthrough and coming out of the shadows...

So okay. I get it now...

1- He is not DIRECTLY And STRICTLY complaining about that. Even if he were, That would and should have been considered only part of his Gripe with US or anyone in the iranian community. The bulk of this message was why he was given CRAPPY ... Pure doggie doo dooey,,, Shitty Information. Asking him to go to someone whom he can not find... ??? Was someone trying to mock him or something?

2- You go ahead and call Anything you want as Stupidity bruce jan . You can rest assured that many in iran and outside of iran are doing the same thing when the read your essays and articles and note-to-yourselves and Oh... The ones that suggest people should pick up a choomagh and do this and that. I mean i could just hear the sound of their laughters from way out here where i am standing. Meydoon shoosh :))  Yeah. You keep thinking like that.

3- Cut the Crap my man. Esfahanis. Rashtis. Ghomis!! they have all been known to carry some form of an unfortunate trait for that matter, that bugs the heck out of others. But it really is time to outgrow that mentality and in this 21st century continue harping and capitalizing on that. This is as much as a Homogenized society as any in the world and A freaking Tehrooni is pulling as many dirty esfahani, rashti... bakhtiarai... tricks on your behind your head will spin and all this before you can even say... AKheh agha... ensafet Koosh??? Teeenk abuuut it:) 

3- I would Urge  you to take EA's comments and read the more closely, He has a very good point. Damn low speed internets in iran make downloading anything a pain both in the ass and the neck. Beeleeveee you me and me you. Be Joone dayi.  It IS Cruel and HARSH and it is a rather pathetic and dumb way and suggestion through which someone should learn. Bezan garage bro. You don't have any idea what you are talking about. Learn about the realities instead of Hitting everyone with a stick in your hand By Issuuing nonsenical verdicts.

Sorry man. Cracker is your chosen name for you and i will be calling you that from now on LOL.

If I call you Boooroos jan... hmm... Lemme seeekh.. I mean see... Naaaa... I got no time for Romancy, shmancy, bromancy, escapades on the internet. Might make TP excited and or even mad, Ya know,

Anyway. Agha jan. Get that head out of the sand, Put on yourclear glasses on and Stop Badgerring people for making simple requests for help from iran... Okie dokie turkey? 

reza lizard

thanks for your comments no matter the directions

by reza lizard on

سلام به همگی. اونجوری که بعضیا می گند من از کسی طلبکار نیستم. از طرفی به شدت به این کتابها محتاجم و اگه راهی می تونستم پیدا کنم اینجا یا هیچ جای دیگه ای نمی رفتم. بعضیها مواظب حرف زدنشون باشند. من کسی هستم که برای کسب درآمد توی این جامعه ی وانفسا و به خلاف صحبتهای مسوولان بهزیستی ایران که از دادن امککانات و این حرفها صحبت می کنند ترجمه می کنم تا بتونم روی پای خودم بایستم. دلیل اینکه اینجا مطرح کردم این بود که از اونجایی که ما تحت تحریم هستیم شاید بشه یه راه میونبری پیدا شه وگرنه اونجوری که توی یه نزر دیدم این به هیچ وجه به این معنی نیست که من می خوام اینجوری مظلومنمایی کنم و کتاب مفتی پیدا کنم. من و معلمهام اینجا خیلی تلاش کردیم که بتونیم پیدا کنیم اما خب دیگه یا باید پول می فرستادیم که ما اینجا ویزاکارت و این چیزا رو نداریم. یه دلیل دیگه این بود که شاید بعضیها باشند که یه چیزی بیش از من سرشون بشه و بتونند توی پیدا کردن این کتاب به من راهنمایی بدند. به هر حال از هر 2 تا و بقیه ی بچه هایی که اینجا نظر دادند ممنونم. آقای بهمنی شما بهتره همونجا توی نایاک بمونید و ساندیس الکلی میل بفرمایید. آخه ساندیسهای اینجا همه اش شیکره. البته بهتون میاد که مگسی باشید دور شیرینی. البته به من چه! من قربانی همه ی این سیاستمدارهام. به خود سفارتهای چند کشور فرانسوی زبان هم رفتم و پیدا نکردم. به هر حال من برای یاد گرفتن به هر کاری دست می زنم بدون اینکه نظرهای بقیه برام مهم باشه. نابینایی من توی چند سال زندگیم به من یاد داد که از نه نترسم. بی خیال صبح اول صبحی خونمونو بیش از این آلوده نکنیم و بریم صبحونه بخوریم. ساعت 7 و 53 دقیقه صبح صادق اصفهان.


این کلاب ما هم به ما زهر شد


حالا خوب شد همه را مثل سگ و گربه انداختی به جان همدیگر. بابا ما چه می دانیم این کتاب کجاست؟ حالا تو وسط این دعواها آمدی کتاب میخواهی؟ مگر ما اینجا کتابخانه عمومی باز کرده ایم؟

حالا خوب شد که این دو تا بعد از توی سر هم زدن کتابها را برایت پیدا کردند و اگر نه کریسمسمان هم حرام میشد. امیدوارم که آن شوخ طبع اصفهانی از این شوخی ما نرنجد.

Esfand Aashena

To Bahmani yes try to click on every link with trial and error

by Esfand Aashena on

Olagh, that link you provided (which I already thanked you for) had dozens of links.  He uses software?? WTF do you know about blind software?  As an example, some of those links (hundreds) are linked to Starbucks Coffee and he can spend hours trying to decipher Cafe Latte from Cafe Creme.

I'm not insulting him by pointing out that it's not easy because a) downloading hundreds of links to find the right link takes a lot of time and b) it may not even work.  Sometimes I can't even download a 160MB file.

That's my point.  So at least I tried to find the actual link for him.  His previous blog had the same comments and links and if he was able to use those he'd have done it already.  But whatever we're already wasting our breath for nothing, as he just wants a workable link and perhaps a note as why his computer doesn't seem to be downloading it which is due a large size file.

Everything is sacred


Reply to: esfand aashena

by bahmani on

Ahmagh, read his post! He says he doesn't use braile anymore! He uses software!!! Stop feeling sorry for blind people in Iran! It's insulting to them, and makes you look like a hypocrite. This guy is studying freaking law!!!! He is about to learn French! He's not a beggar on the street!

Again, my point is, search the internet for any free shit you need, then call if you can't find what you are looking for. If he had asked for a braile version I would not complain about his problem.

However since he is obviously an ultra modern blind law-studying Iranian with an internet connection and a not so subtle attitude and arrogance, he needs to do a bit more legwork.

Don't worry he can do it. He's blind, not dumb. stop being so willing to coddle. This is how the revolution got started. Poor Khomeini! He's so old, let him speak for God's sake!

OK shut up relax, I'm just kidding with that last sentence. Of course everyone agrees Khomeini was awesome.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //brucebahmani.blogspot.com/


Reoplpy to: Dr. Mohandess

by bahmani on

Love the name BTW!

Dude, the books he requested, then came back and complained why no one sent them to him, are available for FREE!!!

I was unaware that we were not allowed to call out STUPIDITY when it comes from inside Iran. Actually now that I think about it, I believe most of our stupidity comes from inside Iran.

Specifically, Esfahani's are historically KNOWN to be shall we politely say, "FRUGAL". This request, exemplifies that almost perfectly.

So, Yes, when someone posts a complaint about why his previous post requesting someone here send him free textbooks in the mail, because he was too lazy to do a simple basic internet search and find them for free, I'm inclined to think we kind of need to call him on that shit.

It might seem cruel and harsh, but how is he going to learn?

And stop calling me Cracker, only black people can call me that. And according to the US census you're as much a cracker as I am. :)

Also only my grandmother called me Booroos. She also added a "-Jan" to the end of it so if you want, you can call me Booroos-jan if you want.

Thanks for the comment, I loved it.

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ایرانیان طلبکار و ایرانیان بدهکار!



"کتاب مجانی دادنی نیست، گرفتنی است!" - امام خمینی 

Esfand Aashena

Bahmani bad-bakht he's not "poor" he is blind, read his profile.

by Esfand Aashena on

How long do you think it takes to download 160 MB with a 56K modem?  Ha?  Let's assume his internet connection stays the course and doesn't disconnect or reboots.  Do you know how much is a calling card for 30 minutes of connection?  ha?

Everything is sacred


Reply to: esfand aashena

by bahmani on

Downloading from Esfahan won't take as long as waiting for someone to send him the book for free.

My point? Do the work! Search the internet and get your shit like everyone else. Stop trolling for free shit from Iranians by pretending to be poor.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //brucebahmani.blogspot.com/



by Waders on

.... dont forget to say: "IN MY OPINION" to help the audience filter facts from fiction. it would make even jibrish sound more accurate.


"i cant write more but came here to share my emotions"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

No worries Reza khan (no srcasm meant...), 99% of us do just that. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


do a search on the internet

by Truthseeker9 on

and you will find where the books are for sale - amazon, etc. even ebooks to download. Good luck. You can get them second hand from amazon if you want to keep prices down. Good luck.

Oh .. I just read you are in Iran. Then perhaps make a friend on IC and they will send it to you.  

Dr. Mohandes

Get Real MObser BAhmani

by Dr. Mohandes on



Wait... Let me get this outta the way first... Are we to ask your permission before We decide what it is we want to post??? Or WOuld that be JJ's Decision?? Are you the new MOssber ?  

I never i thought i would come on one of your Blogs and say this. Dude jan. I thought you Knew PAIN and specially what this PAIN looks like And feels like for those of US, that is right Big guy, ME incooloooded, . Maybe Perhaps as Our own Faramarz says you shoud Ghadam Ranje To iran and see Up close and personal what the heck is up, OOOPpss... siorry... The name thingy, You know... Your Personal info being on the file and everything... SOrry... I take that back.

But really Cracker. Get real .

1 - Why would this poor fellow be anything even close to selfish. If you only had an inkling of shortages that one deals with here, specially when it comes to Educational resources and most specifically BOOKS and how MOTHER Freaking expensive they are??? Do you have any idea How much they cost? Do you know what a Pain in the F... Ass it is to begin even planning and budgetting for them? IT really is something close to Making a choice between food to eat and Buying the god damn book. So who the hell do you think you are Calling This dude selfish and claiming that he got the respose he deserved? HA??? How long has it been since you were in iran???


2- WHat a cheap ass refrence to The esfahanis. Oh my god. You are really something. HE is TOO INEPT TO LEAVE IRANN??? REALLY??? Oh yeah. SO everyone now... Gather around hear me out. TAke out Pen and pencils and a piece of Toilet paper Start wwriting To NIAC That they should write a Bunch of crap to the GOv. In iran... BUt heyyyy.... YOU Are a god damn inept azzzhole.... for coming up here and asking for help... And I will be damned!!! You have the nerve to ask help for a second time at that??? HOW DARE YOUU??? YOU BAD ESFAHANI???

 JOin The club of Chest beaters and Thumpers of BAhmani and Grow some Fuu...ing Balzies and Stand up To them!!! Yeahhh MAAAN!!

 Booroos. Start Reading up and doing some God damn serious research on what the dealio is in iran. That not everyone has access to your most precious internet resources and oh that hight and mightily fast connection that you enjoy while sipping Coooffeeee and Thinking up Thoughts about Tooroota Parsi... Oftad?  

It is a big Joke to provide Guidance to someone by saying Yess... Juust Go ahead and uzze de serch engeeenenee dat you have axeccc tooo!!! U know? I am beezee mocking Teereetatatatattaat...Deh! Dont you ccc???? akh tof. Eettt eeez called Baseeec reeserchhhh.... !!!

i definitely agree with Fanoos and somewhat with EA that we are looking at something far more serious...

Okay now... I will look forward to reading the 5000th installment on your bashing Teereeta. 

Esfand Aashena

Farnoosh which Bahmani are you talking about?!

by Esfand Aashena on

The Bahmani that we all know is a Grouch!  He is a complainer and hardly ever (I am yet to see a single case ;-) says something nice about something or someone without peppering it with his Dennis Miller style jabs!  Meaningless really and worse like Dennis Miller he thinks he is actually funny!

But in the end as in the case here he is a good man that actually does something good!  So let's leave it at that and be thankful!  Also, let's not turn this blog into criticizing Bahmani or others.  Our friend in Iran will get a headache reading all these junk! 

Everything is sacred



by Fesenjoon2 on

tagging black bears?

Dude, did you see that video of those dicks killing the mother bear and her 2 cubs in Isfahan?

When I saw that video, I couldnt sleep for 2 nights. It was so disturbing.

When the bear cub was crying and the guy shouted "zahr-e maar", dude, I was so angry, I would have shot the guy in the balls.

Did u see it? 


Easy, Bahmani!

by Farnoosh on

Why so rude? Reza here might be presumptuous and naive, but it seems you have some serious anger issues! I don't know Reza Lizard of Iran, but I thought I knew Bruce Bahmani, one of the oldest members of Iranian.com. This 'overkill' certainly was not necessary.

Esfand Aashena

Thank you Bahmani but your links had too many links!

by Esfand Aashena on

I followed you link for our friend here and the link you provided for CAFE CREME had too many links!  Way too many, one of them led me to some celebrity sexy pictures or something!

So our dear Esfahani friend Reza Lizard in Iran: the actual link for Cafe Creme is here CLICK HERE.  It is the link for "Livre" a 162 MB file in PDF format.  So if you're going to download it from Iran with slow internet speed it is going to take a long time.

For the CAFE CREME Audio file which is 209 MB you can CLICK HERE. It will probably take longer than the Cafe Creme in PDF format.

For VOCABULAIRE PROGRESSIF you can CLICK HERE and this one is a large file too but only 8.4 MB.

So in the end you need a lot of patience and when you click it'll take a long long time for each file to download.

Perhaps a University with faster internet connection can download it for you and put it on a CD so you can take it home and use it.  I don't know if anyone from iranian.com is going to mail anything to you in Iran.  Good luck.

Everything is sacred

Anonymous Observer

All this because someone didn't tell you where to find a book?!!

by Anonymous Observer on

And no, we don't "go to the clubs" to enjoy life in the West.  We have better and more important things to do...like work!  I have to go tag a few black bears now.  

Happy (or sad?) Ashura.


Me Me Me, give and you shall receive

by bahmani on

So let me understand this. You post a selfish, self serving request here, as if this is a common job board or a lowly tech support site?

Then when you actually receive the appropriate response, you still have the nerve to come back and complain that you didn't get what you wanted the way you wanted it?

This post is the perfect justification for more sanctions on Iran. Clearly this writer does not appreciate anything and needs some stuff taken away.

Amoo jan, just so you don't go away mad, but hopefully just go away, here's your goddamn information:

Since you are acting like the stereotypical Esfahani who is too cheap to buy it, and probably want it for free like everything else you think you deserve, because you are too inept to leave Iran, or want to feign being a trapped victim, here's your free download of the book CAFE CREME you asked for: CLICK HERE

Also here's the other book VOCABULAIRE PROGRESSIF (You spelled it wrong too, ahmagh!). This is also a free download. CLICK HERE

NOW from now on, if you want to post a story or an opinion or news come back here and post it. BUT if you want freebies andfree service and think you deserve something just for being inside Iran, do us and everyone a favor and use the same browser to search for what you want for free using Google or any other search engine you have access to.

If you don't know how to use Google or basic internet search, ask your local mollah. He most certainly does.

Anahid Hojjati

In pursuit of Happyness

by Anahid Hojjati on

You should look for your books in other places too.