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My field is law and as French is the law language, it has been years that I have decided to study French but due to lack of studying materials I postponed it. But 6 monthes ago, there was some thing in my mind that told me you have to start from somewhere. So I registered in one institute in my hometown Esfahan called jahade daneshgahi. This is their website. Jdi.ir

After some days I found out how difficult it is. More then my expectations and predictions. The big differences betwin English and French spelling is the biggest point. Off course we have this problem for studying English but there are some people who charges you with some money and scan your printed books into electeronic versions but when It comes to French it differs. We do not have any book in braille for French students and actually I personally have not been using braille for 12 years thanks to the screen reading softwares like jaws which stands for job access with speech produced by freedom scientific company the website is freedomscientific.com which reads appeared texts in your screen and Kurzweil with this website kurzweiledu.com that reads scanned versions of written materials. They are capable of reading materials in some languages but you must have the materials. In order to access my books I starded contacting libraries and institutes for the blind especially in france. The result was nothing.

My teacher madmazel….. did it so but again no answer. Before the bigining of new year we went to the French embassy sceperately and it was the same as before. I even went to 2 other embassies Switzerland and Belgium which French is spoken in their countries and contacted iran’s embassy in france but all of them express their sorrow. to hel their sorrow they are all inglorious bastards. Even on facebook i have not been able to find my need. Let me say that by searching my e-mail address coolboy_735@yahoo.com you would be able to check me out off course yet I am learning how to use facebook and constracting my page.

Variety of Iranian in every country who use this website made me think of asking help from my compatriots.because I can not continue studying without text books I am really discouraged it is saddening that you can not do some thing because of your conditions. If you are willing me to be bold let me say that I know that each of us are sympatheticbut are we helpful and assistive as well? What I want is some one to find pdf or word document of these 2 books. Cafecreme and vocabulaire progressive.

There are some sites which sell the books but we do not have mastercarts here and I do not know if the sites are cretible or not? I do not want any one to pay money for the books although we do not own house and my father is retired and even now he is working and I am jobless but i am translating English to Persian materials to earn my lifehood. It is not any one’s duty to pay for my study because every one has his/her own problems. What I want is an assistant. So help me if you can. Now I have to continue the translation and leave you alone with your minds. Thank you so much.


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Esfand Aashena

See if this works.

by Esfand Aashena on

I think it's an online class about French and when you click on links it takes you to other exercises.


For example below is an exercise in PDF.


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reza lizard

help me find cafe creme and vocabulaire progressive books in pdf

by reza lizard on

thanks a lot for your feedbacks to my post. and excuse me for my bad writing. i have lots of things in my mind but let me keep scilence.

desideratum.anthropomorphized anonymous000

Know nothing about that

by desideratum.anthropomorph... on

Know nothing about that site, unfortunately. There's another one with recorded material (recording quality varies apparently from title to title).

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

Sort of an off-topic but related query, if I may.

I was looking for this audio-library for the blind in Persian, put together by an Australian librarian. It also includes the entire proceedings of Poetry Nights of Goethe Institute. Since you all  know a lot about the resources for this community, esp, Desi and Orang,  thought I might throw this out, see if anyone has any info.

And what is the dif between french and english law, one is case by case, the other is more 'philosophical'? 

Esfand Aashena

Why study law in French in the first place?

by Esfand Aashena on

Reza jaan I didn't know French is the law language.  Why do you want to study the law in French?  I don't know how much different is law in English than French.  Besides if you are going to use law in Iran you'll need to know the Iranian law, right?

Although I can understand that a good lawyer will need to broaden his horizon and know better techniques and tactics to use in defense of an argument.  Perhaps that is what you're looking for.

I do not know French at all but looks like Orang has found some good links that may be of help to you.  

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Orang Gholikhani

Some Links

by Orang Gholikhani on

Hi Reza,   I live in France. I did a quick search   Book you asked is available in PDF in some site, you could download, see below. Of course they aren't  legal sites: //getexpressfiles.com/search/caf%C3%A9+cr%C3%A8me+1+m%C3%A9thode+de+fran%C3%A7ais   Here you heve the site which localaized Jaws in French. Ceciaa in the name of association. You may can purchase Jaws in French thru Embassy there : //www.ceciaa.com/jaws-et-logiciels-de-lecture-d-ecran-s3.php   There are alos a site teaching French online for free:  //www.francaisfacile.com/   Here you have a site where you have some spoken book for free too:  //www.ebooksgratuits.com/adresses.php?categ=Livres+audio+-+Malvoyants+et+non-voyants   Bon courage.    Orang   

Esfand Aashena

JJJ y doesn't Reza have "Recently by Reza Lizard" at the bottom?

by Esfand Aashena on

We all have "Recently by ..." under our blogs or articles and if there are more than 3 "Recently" then there is another link that says "More from Reza Lizard ..." that takes us to the profile.

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desideratum.anthropomorphized anonymous000

Reza, I know quite a few

by desideratum.anthropomorph... on

I know quite a few folks with your circumstances in Tehran as well as some other cities. Try to contact Ms. Noushine Ansari in Tehran (I won't post contact information here but any active member of the blind community in larger cities would know her). She's very resourceful and will help you find what you want or put you in touch with others who can do so. Alternatively, try to contact Dr. Moradzadeh, a blind law Prof. at the law faculty of the U. of Kerman who has studied in France himself.
You should definitely pursue your interest in French, but for the purposes of continuing your legal education, English is the way to go. What you say about the dominance of French is no longer so true in our time.
You can contact me through this site if you need further information.


Reza is blind that doesn't

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Reza is blind that doesn't make him pathatic.  Am I missing something in this story?  Isn't Reza able to order books, or read immigration/education laws for blinds?

Jahanshah Javid

Can you help?

by Jahanshah Javid on

This blind student in Iran needs help with books. If anyone is able to help it would be a great service.

See his story about dating here: