Beautiful Pictures

by Robert

Beautiful Pictures are some photos i took and edited into windows movie maker and uploaded it on youtube. THE NAME OF THE SONG IS "BREAKING THE LAW" BY "JUDAS PRIEST".ENJOY!!!



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DW Duke

Very Interesting

by DW Duke on

This is extremely interesting Robert.  You have the ability to capture the details of life.  Now, I have to ask, is there a deeper meaning to the clip?  I noticed that you used the Judas Priest song "Breaking the Law" as a backdrop.  All the food you photographed was organic and would probably qualify as kosher as well as halalic. At the same time you close the segment with a Xmas tree then a fireplace with burning wood (tree).  You bring us back around a second time and again end with the Xmas tree. 

The Xmas tree is forbidden by the prophet Jeremiah and neither Muslims nor Jews use the tree in their traditions.  And, of course, you use a song by Judas Priest who in Christian tradition betrayed the Christian Moshiach known as Yeshua.  I am curious, is that what is meant by breaking the law?  If so, you are going to shock the world someday with your art.  Move over Speilberg.  LOL 


Robert I saw this video and

by Shoe thrower (not verified) on

Robert I saw this video and also your video when your uncle was working. I think this one is better because it is more stable and not too much movement.

The one about your uncle moved a lot, while overall still very good. I have a suggestion. Put your camera on a tripod or a stable table and then have an interview with your uncle based on questions from us.

Write a blog and ask us what questions we'd like you to ask your uncle. Make a list of them and sit down and interview your uncle! How about that? Do we have a deal?!



by Khar on

Cool pix and awsome music dude! Keep up the good work, here's another Judas Priest song back at you!




by Robert on

It's a mexican enchilada.I like mole!


Hello Robert, I can't see

by Shoe thrower (not verified) on

Hello Robert, I can't see youtube now but will check your clip later. Meanwhile, just curious why the interest in heavy metal? When or where did that interest start?

By the way, another question what do you want to be when you grow up? I hope you consider Architecture. Interested in becoming an Architect?

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Heeh! I feel so special you took my advice on photographing food! And you did a very good job of it!

First of all, I love the music.

Second, you did a very good job of choosing your subjects around you. Developing an "eye" for what's interesting comes from paying attention to your environment--looking around to really "see." Then, when you are looking all the time, when the right moment, the right picture, and the right expression comes along, you will be able to see it and you can capture it with your camera.

Last point is how delicious that pot of food on the stove looks! What is it? Is it mexican food? Looks like mole to me! Do you like mole? My Mexican friend showed me how to make it from scratch one time. It was even more work than Fesenjoon! (Fesenjoon is an Iranian stew with meat, walnuts, and pomegranate sauce.)

Thanks again for sharing your adventures in multi-media with us! Your work is excellent and refreshing to see. And you are one heck of a lot nicer and more interesting than some others I see on the site! As far as I'm concerned, Robert rules!

P.S. And you can call me Nazy.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Robert. I know people who are three times your age and still can't take a picture that is balanced and framed correctly. You've done it effortlessly. Great job!