What My Uncle JJ Does For Work

What My Uncle JJ Does For Work
by Robert

What My Uncle JJ Does For Work is a really INTERESTING video of my uncle JJ working on his iranian.com website.ENJOY!!!


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Good job Robert!

by K-1 (not verified) on

Your uncle is pulling your leg! 7 hours for to do a photo essay?! Someone is taking the long way home or not knowing how to get home! Anyway, good job.

Now you call this "work"?! How'd you like someone paid you to play with your laptop?! Tell us more about your uncle since it is best to hear it from an honest perspective.

As they say kids say the darnest things! I think your uncle is into rumors and gossip. Tell us something we don't know about him. For example, how much does he talk behind people's back?!! How gossipy is he?!


Dear Robert,

by Killjoy (not verified) on


This was a fine video. It's difficult to think of questions while concentrating on filming, but it looks like you had no problem, at all.

Now that you've shown us how easy your uncle's job is I think I'm going to get me a site, too. Grin!

Thanks for sharing the video clip with us, Robert.


we'll be waiting here

by MN (not verified) on

Great job Robert!

I really liked your interesting questions.
Continue your great work and we'll be waiting here to see it!

By the way JJ jaan, you are going to hate me for this: you are going to RUIN your back the way you are sitting on that couch for hours on end!
"Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but..."

Believe me I am suffering immensely as a result of the way I have neglected my back and I've been put out of commission several times! It is very painful.

Take care of your back and body --at least sit up straight in a good chair-- you are going to be needing your B&B for a loooong while yet!

--I wish someone had warned me when I used to sit that way all the time! But I had no family and no 'fans' here then.
Good luck.



Good job kid!

by Anonymous Fish (not verified) on

I had no idea you were nine. I thought you were at least twelve. My grandson is nine years old. For a nine year old boy you are doing great, greater than I originally thought. This video clip of your uncle is very original, a lot better than some of the other ones posted by adults that are not their own creation. To be honest with you moving camera gives me motion sickness, but I liked this one a lot. Good job kid!



by Sbolch on

This was very creative. You did a good job highlighting key points by zooming the camera-- it kept my attention on the images. Keep on making more, you have talent!


Robert you can multi-task really well!

by Monda on

WOW the man works hard on this site, I had no idea it took so long for some photo essays! But please let him know that in my household, we must've clicked on those photos at least 10 times and enjoyed your cousin's trip to Thailand each time. Plus I sent that photo essay to friends and family all over the world.

Your uncle JJ is so lucky that he does what he loves to do. He's also lucky to have an interested (and interesting) nephew like yourself who gives him quality time and attention.

Mentioning the pancake in Holland made me crave for one! I remember I got the same craving when I read your travel blog.

Oh and why did your uncle have to also watch channel 135 when he's working? Maybe that's why it takes him so long to publish a story! What's on that channel any way?

Happy Holidays Robert. And thank you for your report on your uncle JJ. I like and respect your uncle tons.

When my teenage daughter wakes up, I'll have her read your story too. (Teenagers sleep too much!)

Jahanshah Javid

Right on the nose

by Jahanshah Javid on

Robert! You're very talented and you know how to work the camera as well as your subject. Only next time, keep my nose out of it! :o)))



by Khar on

Cool video! and I got to say you're lucky having a cool uncle like Jahanshah perhaps one day you'll follow his foot step and become a journalist yourself! You have what it takes, smarts & persistence. Keep on posting!

ebi amirhosseini

Robert Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

 Very nice job,more professional than what your uncle JJ does!!hahaha


Ebi aka Haaji



by Robert on

I'm 9 years old.



by Robert on

No,Thank You!


Dear Robert

by IRANdokht on

I loved your questions! Now I know how much work goes into the website!  who would have thought it took over 7 hours to do one photo essay...  but those pictures that your cousin took were so beautiful, we all appreciate the time Jahanshah put in to show us the beauty of Thailand!

Are you thinking about being a reporter some day? or maybe an online publishing job? I know I couldn't do it!!

Good job Robert! and thanks :0) 



Great Job..Robert..

by faryarm on

Great Job..Robert..

How old are you?  I like your questions... 

Look after your Uncle ..make sure he leaves the house once in a while..:)