Bassiji and Neda photoshop competition

by Roozbeh_Gilani

Since we had a  blog on this site recently, where someone decided that it was rather clever to build a photograph  of a now deceased (for want of a better word..) bassiji whose ultimate  wish was to "Destroy the United States of America", next to Neda agha soltan, the innocent unarmed Iranian demonstrator whose murder by another bassiji thug  was recorded on camera for millions to see, I thought hey. How about pairing a few more. How about building a few more pictures, I got photoshop too! So here we go, just a few suggestions:

Hitler's SS guard with the piled up bodies of Jewish gas chamber victims...

Pol-Pot's Khmer Rouge militia next to his victims in killing fields of Cambodia.

Assdollah lajvardi with a picture of Khavaran cemetery

Saddam's republican guard with little Kurdish kids gassed to death in their mothers arms.

Did you get it? Do you get the evil real sublime message & intent behind pairing the pictures of the victim & victimiser? If not think a bit, use the grey matter between your ears for the sake of humanity, I promise it would not hurt, I've been doing it for years now....


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thanks pendaar joon for offering your services...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

But no thank you, we had a paycut at Mossad recently. you know what these jews are like, dont you? BTW, dont despair since  you were not included in my first set of study "the gangs of You are a key member of my second study to be published as soon as the first north korean bomb is delivered to Doktor mammoot joonam and agha rahbar .

And dont mock, pony tails were extremely cool back in 80's. ask the beloved gang leader if you dont believe me.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Dear MM, do you know what the gang mentality is?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

We have all experienced it as kids, when we bonded with the kids from same street, formed soccer team, fought other gangs.... 

It is a very primitive yet practical instinct, going back to our pre historic times.. In modern days though it has been used by criminals and fascists to even armies to put groups of people together and bond them to support each other, overlooking each others' faults, acting as a single  coherent unit. You can see the same in animal kingdom too...

Today I was fascinated by observing a prime examle of gang mentality on this site. I deliberately asked for your reaction to my blog which is being critical of AS, the "gang leader's" montage, becasue based on what I have seen from your writing you are the most "independent thinking member of the gang". And please dont take any offence as non is meant when I use the tem "gang".

Here what I observed:  The non gang members: (Framarz, simorgh, Maryam, GR, etc) just came in and commented, impartialy. They clearly saw the obvious parallels I was drawing between AS montage and my own, as you correctly stated "disgusting" suggested set of montage. You, the independednt thinking AS gang member actually commented about the blog, corectly identified my photoes as disgusting, yet  AS montage as "creative"!!! You remained loyal to gang and it's leader, despite the fact you could clearly see the parallels! The rest of the gang "the sheep", just came screamed at me and left. Extremely Loyal gang members, no questions asked, obey the "leaders orders". The funniest of them all  though,  even started her own blog  to attack me-very long and poorly written, so did not not bother reading  it, but at first glance it was a predicted combination of  praise & worship of the gang leader, and threats and attcacks on me-  and she, the sub-gang leader got praised by her own minions of sub gang (Absolutely hillarious & classic,  I'd thank her for the great laugh if it was not for her faul temper and even fauler language...)

To conclude MM, I like to thank every one, from the" beloved gang leader", AS to you my friend the thinking gang member to the sheeps, to Suri and her sub gang of minions for providing me with this fascinating set of data and the chuckle. I wish I was a socialogist instead of an engineer, so I could publish this set of data and the findings and get some credit towards a PhD in some good for nothing subject..... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


once upon time at

by مآمور on

این آقا بیشتر شبیه باب مارلی است تا مامور . شما هم که چه گوارا دیگر مشکلی نیست!!!!البته من بچه که بودم میخواستم آلن دلون بشوم ولی قسمت نشد.
جناب گیلانی شما اگر دنبال مامور هسثید من خودم همه جوره در خدمت هسثم. اگر خواستی مامور دو جانبه هم میشوم.

I wear an Omega watch



by MM on

The depictions in your blog are disgusting, but ALL protected under the 1st amendment if someone wants to put them together as an expression of their "art".  For example, a few years ago, some "artist" made a statue of the virgin Mary /cross out of cow manure in an exhibition here in New York.  Every Christian around here jumped up and down screaming foul.  Or, the infamous Danish Muhamed cartoons created a negative sensation around the world, but many of us said that they were just cartoons/statues and protected under the freedom of expression (even probably you!!).

I looked at Ari's photoshop montage and saw his creative mind telling us not to judge someone based on a whim, a story in an IRI-based site or just because he was a target.  But, it seemed to me that many here had already judged the man and deemed his death as justifiable.  BTW, even Jebhe Melli came out with a notice of disgust in the terror of Iranian scientists, soley because they are part of the Iranian collective knowledge, and here, we do not even know for sure that he was a Basiji, or whatever.

Ari Siletz

Thank you all for your gifts and cards in our support

by Ari Siletz on

Khejaalat daadid! The call from the White House was totally unnecessary, Mr. President. Really! A special note of gratitude to Asghar Farhadi for sending us his Golden Globe in appreciation of our efforts in this blog (Roozbeh, that's a prestigious international film award which Iranians just scored and are very happy about...see here for more info).    


G.R. I blame greed as primary motive...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

For west residing  supporters of IRI. I was recently talking to an old timer, now in his early sixties who was very active during student movements agaisnt the shah in late 60's/early seventies in Europe. I mentioned the IRI supporters and lobbyists here who unlike YMCA, do not declare their overt support for IRI. Instaed criticize IRI in general, yet defend IRI on every single policy point. He laughed and told me it was exactly the same during the shah. except debates were carried out at college cafe teria instead of cyber space. He mentioned money as primary motive for SAVAK informers then. It seems to be the same motive for SAVAMA reporters and IRI lobbyists and propagandaists today. I see my duty to counter the black pro IRI propaganda, and rip the mask of pseudo intellectul BS off, exposing the mozdoor  behind the mask, which is what I did in this blog.

I like to thank all those friends who encouraged me and thanked me by email. In defence of Ari, to those who believe that he is an IRI informer, I'd say I doubt he is, for reasons I mentioned already. Also he seems to be too hurt and upset. Since I posted my blog about 24 hrs ago, he has been here non stop. I know as I am have been doing a 36 hr shift at the plant  I work and can monitor my personal PC all time...he is just gullible, a thin skin and sensitive gullible with a liking for lobbying, that's all .



"Personal business must yield to collective interes

Ari Siletz

Thanks Disenchanted

by Ari Siletz on

Yes, I unequivocally condemn terrorism or support for it, in whatever form, no matter which "side" the terrorists are on. There is no moral equivalency between a Baseej and Neda, but there is certainly equivalency of guilt and shame for each of their murderers. This attitude sometimes puts me in conflict with people who support the IRI Palestine policy. But as a matter of principle we can't remain uncritical of that policy in its present form. Iran has alternative ways of supporting the Palestinians that don't involve feeding a cycle of violence.


Fairness to Ari!

by Disenchanted on


    In all fairness all of us on IC would know that Ari knows the difference between what basij stands for nowadays and what Neda fell for! Far from Ari to imply such moral equivalency.

     Clearly his intent was to condemn terrorism no matter who is the terrorist and who is the victim. Granted the photo could be looked upon from an angle he didn't mean to suggest.

     Again, for those of us who have read Ari's blogs this is a no brainer.

G. Rahmanian

Against a handful of protesters!

by G. Rahmanian on

Against a handful of protesters, IR did not have to use force. Videos showing tens of millions of anti-regime protesters in the streets of major cities of Iran and brutalities of security forces were all photoshopped and fake! They were all produced by Mossad, MI 6, CIA and other enemies of Islam.

As our beloved tall, dark and handsome president stated eloquently:

"There were a few hundred foreign agents who came and shouted some meaningless slogans. They eventually got tired and went home! Our security forces didn't touch a soul!"

"Under IR we don't torture, rape or kill our dear compatriots! Those who say we do, they are lying. Under IR there are no prisoners of conscience. Only our enemies say, there are."

"And I must tell you: There are no gays in Iran, either. My father wasn't gay. I'm not gay. My son isn't gay. Do you need more proof?"

"To those enemies of Islam who say we are dipping into the state's coffers(read: Beitolmaal), we say, they are dipping into the state's coffers, too. We can prove that. We have documents."

So, all these rumors produced and propagated by the enemies of Islam about torture, rape and killing under IR have already been proven to be lies by our beloved tall, dark and handsome president.

Enough is enough!



by BacheShirazi on

You better respond to this YMJ. It is my longest post on this site so far.



by BacheShirazi on

Neda was a victim of the same bunch who took out our nuclear scientist. They wanted to create an uproar for their media networks and use demagogy to try and turn the people against the regime.

Bold statement there, friend. But I'm sure you are going to back it up with some facts.

 The fact that the person video taping neda's death didn't flinch and recorded it like a professional

Which person YMJ? There are 3 videos of her death recorded by 3 different people. Which one did not flinch? And what do you mean by flinch? Did you want the guy's hands to start flying all over the place? Sorry YMJ, very few people would actually lose control of their body in a situation like this. Not everybody has a problem in moving their muscles like you.

You say it was recorded professionally. Again, which one? In one of the videos the man even has his finger  on the lens of the camera for about 10 seconds. Does that sound professional to you? YMJ describes it like he saw a Hollywood movie. It's really not that hard to film a woman on the ground. Again, do you have some kind of problem performing basic motions with your arms? It seems as if you do. Go get that checked out. I can assure you it's not normal. You seem to be unable to grasp how normal people can perform basic everyday movements.

I will provide links to the videos.




 decency to turn around and try to video tape the shooter is one big giveaway.

This implies that the shooter was right behind him. Even though there is no him. There are three videos. Which one are you talking about? The fact that you don't know this shows that you have done little to no research into the topic. You just blindly say "oh he was so professional it looked like lord of the rings" or "oh why did he not just turn around".

To add to this, there is a video of the suspected killer being captured by protesters. His I.D card was taken. And I know you will say " oh why didn't they just kill him then, it's definitely fake". Let me remind you that there are multiple videos and pictures of Police and Basij being captured in these protests where they were  protected by the people. The fact that you don't know about the video I am talking about further proves your ignorance on the topic.

Here is the video.


Another is the fact that all telecommunication lines were shut down, meaning that the only people who could get this out were those linked with Israel/UK or America, considering in less then 24 hours the tape was broadcasted around the world.

Please provide a source that  states all internet access was cut off on June 20th 2009 in Iran.

  Guess who also has gained the most through the use of propaganda by this? Israel/America/UK! They wanted to create an uproar and turn the public against basij and the government, knowing that one of the pillars that gives strength to the islamic republic is basij and people admire and respect them. So they targetted them by assasinating someone and video taping it!

In an age where almost everyone has a mobile phone with a camera, it really is not a unlikely event that this was video taped. Don't act like it is. We are not living in the 1990's. I carry my phone everywhere I go, I take pictures of interesting things whenever I see them. It is not difficult. If I was there on that day I could have started filming the incident in a few seconds. It's not hard.

  Don't people stop and think? Why was it a women? a young beutiful women with the last name of "agha SOLTAN"? To feed the monarchist crowed and bring up their emotion using demogogy.



I'm not expecting anyone here to show any form of logic, but those who will, will understand exactly what is happening and why Israel/UK/America killed Neda.

Let me be serious for a second, because this needs to be said. Almost everyone on this website has some bias towards a certain group which makes it very difficult for them to accept facts and think logically. The people here who refuse to accept foreign involvement in killing the Iranian scientist do so because of bias. You refuse to accept Iranian involvement in the death of Neda because of bias. You are the two different sides of the same coin. Both of you are unable to accept facts because you don't want to change your view point.

Neda Agha soltan=Killed by the Iranian government.

Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan=Killed by foreign agents inside Iran, most likely Israel. This man was not killed by the Iranian government.

If you look at things with an open mind, and without so much bias, you will arrive at the same conclusion as me. 



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

MM I want your comment on the blog itself. What do you think about the picture of bassiji next to Neda's picture. Dont you agree with faramarz?

Darius Joon: why do you use such a pure Iranian name when you actually hate Iran and iranians so much??  

Dear AO and Dear Maryam: leave my YMCA alone. He is the only IRI supporter here who still admits supporting the IRI

Ari Joon: I dont believe everybody else who keep telling me that you are paid by the islamist regime to spread black propaganda on their behalf against the opposition voices abroad. I believe that unlike our good friend YMCA here, you'd fail IRI's ministry of intelligence IQ test, very badly.....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Ari Siletz

Thanks for the words of support , folks

by Ari Siletz on

Never thought anyone could blog about one of my blogs, and get so many readers!

Couple of minor points. I'm not cross with Roozbeh, though quite disappointed with his crude  behavior on our site. Also,I  do not suggest that Roozbeh is AIPAC;  no professional organization would pay for this quality of work. 

Maryam Hojjat

YMJ, Very interesting hypothesis

by Maryam Hojjat on

That is all I can say. If your theory is true it's Brilliant.

Anonymous Observer

You are absolutely right YMJ (is he really IMF Faramarz jaan?)

by Anonymous Observer on

Another is the fact that all telecommunication lines were shut down, meaning that the only people who could get this out were those linked with Israel/UK or America, considering in less then 24 hours the tape was broadcasted around the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         That's true!!  In fact, I heard that they used the same phone line that they used to call all the Jews who worked at the World Trade Center the day before 9/11 to tell them not to go to work!  Dude, you're a genius!!!  Watch out though.  Now that your level of intellect is on display for the world to see. We don't want you to get iced by the jooooz like the Roshan character.  



by darius on

I think , there is no reason for you to use the  fear tactics and disrespectful language to express yourself. I do not see any reason for you to call Ari names.

When comes to civility and respect  for others , Ari  will have my  vote and support(  although he doesn't need it). I have never seen him cross the line whether he is right or wrong .

I am not asking you to shut up or stop saying what you would like to say, I do not even care even you use cuss words, but I have been questioning your integrity as a thinker , a freedom seeker or whatever you like to pretend to be.

I think, if you do not have courage to apologize for your bad behavior then at least take your anger, your fear tactic somewhere else . Your way is more Basiji like than an intellectual trying to help.

One last note, wasn't you that  wrote a story about being a political

prisoner and you escaped execution? Just asking, Iam not sure.



Kangaroo court, whether IRI's or ......

by MM on

I understand that while the IRI regime is outraged and raised the status of this "Basiji" to a Shahid, we are still relying on an IRI website to get our information on this person and many have already sanctioned his murder as justifiable.  Are you all sure that what IRI's website says is correct?  Since when??

It is not difficult to second-guess others' opinions, make "yek-kalagh-chel-kalagh" and in general be antagonistic towards the other IRI opposition members.  But, this is not a pissing contest in which we can claim to be more conservative than the other groups, especially if they are within the artistic segments. 

As Mehrdad always says: "Hambastegi is the key", otherwise, lets pretend IC is a toilet and let's see who can pi$$ the hardest and the furthest.


Thanks Faramarz aziz...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

This kind of black propaganda is nothing new, goes back to Nazi Germany. I think most people, the silent readers of this blog read right through this pathetic attempt of gaining sympathy for the hated bassij murderers. 

and go easy on YMCA, I want him/her to stay  here to entertain us :) 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Faramarz is Back!

by Faramarz on

Roozbeh Jaan,

Thank you for your blog and for expressing your opinion about Ari's terror comparison.

I strongly believe that putting Neda's picture next to the Basiji guy was in poor taste and showed lack of respect for her family. Also, I believe that putting the guy's little boy's picture was also in poor taste and was done to arouse emotions. I am sure that there are many people in our political prisoners' community that have cute kids.

The defense of the Basiji guy by Souri that he was "just doing his job" or he was "brainwashed" does not hold up either.

That defense did not work at Nuremberg and will not hold in future Iran. If one's blind faith takes him down the path to destroy people who have not done anything to him, then that person deserves to receive what comes his way.

I am also surprised that some of the folks here want to whitewash who this guy was. He was a key guy for Basij in a key university at the time when there was major protests and put downs.

What do people think this guy was doing then? Reading books in the library! 


YMCA Joon, right again, i am dialing from tel aviv...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

BTW, why dont you write your joint "insults" with your friends Bavafa , ari and souri, would make it four times funnier :) 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Correction: Neda's death was faked by CIA-Mossad-MI6-Saudis

by AMIR1973 on

Neda, the "streetwalker" (according to IRI propaganda), faked her own death; she is actually alive and well and living in Europe (according to one of the IRI's versions of her death/faked death).


Of course not.. you can't phantom the truth..

by YMJ on


But you are from Israel, your not Iranian, that's for certain! I can tell from the way you conduct yourself.

 You and your buddies from the Jewish Internet Defense Force come here to manipulate public thought and talk.

 You take up Iranian aliasis and think that TRUE Iranians won't read through you guys? 



PLEASE! I have met Iranian opposition to the Iranian government and non of them are so racist and sensationalist and filled with rehtoric like you guys! They would actually READ or listen to what i would have to say!  


I don't know why i would get banned? Why would i? The site clearly says "nothing is sacred", to ban me it would show hypocrisy, considering that everyone else is being racist, advocating killing and filled with bigotry, with no problem at all!  


With all the sensationalism and the uproar …

by Bavafa on

Neda Agha Soltan was murdered in cold blood and that act is condemnable with the strongest term, it has been done so here many times and need to continue so as she should not be forgotten.


There are many perhaps thousands of prisoners currently in IRI prison and some in imminent danger of being executed, unjustly, just as Neda was murdered unjustly.  For nearly a month or so IC has been bringing their cases to the front page, literally, yet few of these so concern members have taken the time to write a word of support or outrage about those who are still living yet their lives in great danger.


One wonders about the priority and/or sincerity the so called opposition that are in such disgust to see a picture of one victim next to another victim.


I will be off IC for about a week, while I will be very busy and working my butt off during this time, it will be like a vacation not seeing so much infighting, insults and hysteria.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




Thanks for the words of wisdom YMCA Joon :)

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

You need to know this and no sarcasm meant, that i actually like you and dont wish you to be kicked out of this site. Because you are at least honest about your support for the islamist regime and not frightened about admitting it behind a false user ID, unlike the others who are frightened of admitting their support for the IRI.

And yes, you are right, I am a Zionist, and an islamist, and a communist and a Monarchits and an MKO and a kurdish separatist and a Bahaai and  a neo con, all the names assigned to me by you and your fellow colleagues on this site...

BTW, I did not read further than the title of your comment, did not need to, I know your opinion on these matters :) 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Neda was murdered by the CIA and MOSSAD

by YMJ on

Anyone who has critical way of thought, could clearly determine this by looking at the facts and not Fox news, CNN, and other mass media propaganda networks who are owned and operated by Rupert Murdoch (a zionist jew) . 

 Ofcourse the zionists here are going to label me as basiji and hezbollahi, oh dear! But they don't know it works both ways.

 This roozbeh_gilani charecter, is defenitly a zionist. He has said so himself previously ! 

 Neda was a victim of the same bunch who took out our nuclear scientist. They wanted to create an uproar for their media networks and use demagogy to try and turn the people against the regime.


What these zionists who post on this site and other exiled-iranians don't understand is that people in Iran are very smart; they realized from the beginning that this was a hit and not done by basij. 

 The fact that the person video taping neda's death didn't flinch and recorded it like a professional and didn't even have the decency to turn around and try to video tape the shooter is one big giveaway.

Another is the fact that all telecommunication lines were shut down, meaning that the only people who could get this out were those linked with Israel/UK or America, considering in less then 24 hours the tape was broadcasted around the world.


Guess who also has gained the most through the use of propaganda by this? Israel/America/UK! They wanted to create an uproar and turn the public against basij and the government, knowing that one of the pillars that gives strength to the islamic republic is basij and people admire and respect them. So they targetted them by assasinating someone and video taping it!


Don't people stop and think? Why was it a women? a young beutiful women with the last name of "agha SOLTAN"? To feed the monarchist crowed and bring up their emotion using demogogy.

I'm not expecting anyone here to show any form of logic, but those who will, will understand exactly what is happening and why Israel/UK/America killed Neda. 



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Maryam Khanoom: Thank you very much for your kind rematks.

Farnoosh khan/khanoom: Actually my blog was not about the bassiji's loyalty. It was about shameless and cruel portrayal of Neda agha soltan's photoshopped picture, next to a bassiji. Yes, Terrorism must be condemned from any side. And no emotions on my side. I am neither pleased, nor saddend about the bassiji's death. But emotions have been running high, almost hysterical  on some people on this site supportive of the Islamist regime. Ari, amongst few others has been very emotional, angry and abusive at me because of my pointing fingers at the islamist regime for the murder of the bassiji, calling me an AIPAC member and an Islamist extremist at the same time!!!! Quite a reflection of the level of intelligence we are dealing here with. I did not call him names. Quite a few people have emailed me since last night thanking me for my polite and patient stance against his rude comments, suggesting he is indeed in service of Islamist Regime. But I never suggested that myself as  he is high on my  "ignore/do not read list".......  

 Dear Simorgh: I agree with everything you say, except for the "scientist" bit :)

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Sorry I accidentallt edited

by Simorgh5555 on

Sorry I accidentallt edited my comment.

The Basij nuclear scientist was not deprived of a proper funeral with full Islamic rites (not that is a bad thimg!), his family and friends who attended the funeral were not hounded by Basiji thugs; the IR does not call him a whore; the IR does not claim he was an actress who staged her own death; the IR does not desecrate his grave; the IR does not prevent his family and friends to attend a gathering after his drath; the IR does not prevent the country from showing any public remembrances of his death. He was burried with full Islamic honours.


Interview, etc.

by Farnoosh on


I believe the interview you are talking about was BBC's Enayat Fani's interview with former political pisoner, Mehdi Aslani. Here's the link: //


While I understand both sides of the emotional debate that has been going on about the young nuclear scientist's loyalties, my personal view is that everyone must join in to condemn his murder.

A question I would like to ask you, however, is why would you take a valid debate to such a low point by attacking the character of your debate opponent? You call Ari Siletz names, you accuse him of "getting paid" for expressing his views, and you attack his appearance. Why? What kind of debate is this!? As a reader, I expect a lot more and a lot better from you. This is just my disappointing observation.

Maryam Hojjat

RG, Very Valid point

by Maryam Hojjat on

I agree with your Point of view. Only nonsense people may disagree. 



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Dear Simorgh: No, please let me know...

Pendar nik joon: you are right ; "real iron fist men are hard to find".

Darius : That sounds like a good story, let me know when you find out, OK? :)

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."