Drones for sale

by Roozbeh_Gilani

Sanctioned? Hated by your own citizens and everyone else in the world apart from hassan nassrullah and his kitten and a few brain dead elderly dual/triple passport holding  wanabe intellectuals in london and California? Needing  some diversion?

We can help! Display one of our drones on your TV , create a bit of diversion, and get your elderly fans in california jumping up and down with joy until their next social security checks arrival!

 We at Drones R Us supply all sorts of drones, aquired through shooting down or theft from degenerate americans or godless commi ruskis (the latter we sell at exceptionaly cheap prices).

 For full catalogue and price list:

Write to our chairman, CTO, CEO, CFO, MFSOB, Haji G. Hekmatyar at #12, Bin-Laden street, G.W.Bush Square, Khomeini Building, Kabul, Afghanstan 

or call us at 1-800-TALIBAN

or visit our website; Drones_R_Us @Shiat_Taliban.net


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Anonymous Bugger

حمله کفتران(ع) معصوم حرم امام رضا(ع) به طيارة الجاسوس درعونی

Anonymous Bugger

واحد خبری اصوات و مشاهدات جمهوری اثنی حشری عيلامي اسلامي گزارش ميدهد:

 امت قمري و ماهواره و دائم در صحنه, توجه توجه؛

من سيد دباش صادق الاخبار از بيابانهايه اطراف مدينتۀ ال مشهد مقدس الساعه گزارش ميدهم.

ساعتی پيش هجمۀ گردان کفتران(ع) جيش الحمام از قرارگاه امام رضا(ع) بر عليۀ طياره جاسوسی درعونی فرعونی  با کلامت ال رمز يا ضامن الغزاله سردار کفترباز دوم  محسن قصاب شروع  شد.
در حين حرب ,واحد کلاغ سياهان(س) حرم حضرت معصومه(س) هم به اين عمليات پيوسته و با  ريدن و شاشيدن تبولی و متوالی بر سقف درعون سيستم راداری را سقط کرده و انرا مجبور به فرود.

Bahram G

I heard it differently

by Bahram G on

What I heard or read is that the us military wanted to destroy the drone the minute it landed in Iran. Obama, reportedly, nixed that plan saying bombing it in Iran would constitute an act of war. And he does not want war with his plate full of other crippling problems.


Dear AO, we should all be worried....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I seriously hope that I am wrong, but since the day these idiots crossed the red line by climbing over her majesties embassy wall in tehran, I got a nasty  feeling that we as a nation are now like sheeps, being taken to the slaughterhouse of history while ba ba ing quite happily, unaware of our ominous fate .

Is it just me or does anybody else see the striking similarities between what is happening today and what happened to our country before mongol attack? Except changis khan had no nukes.... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

RG Jaan - How about these ominous words?

by Anonymous Observer on

My Marine cousin who is serving in Afghanistan called me yesteraday.  I asked him what his opinion was about this whole.  His response:

"I don't know what the hoopla is all about.  We'll bring it back when we go in!"  

Perhaps he knows something we don't.  I didn't ask him any follow up questions for "security" reasons.  God knows who listens in on those conversations.  



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Dear amirparvissecolar and ayatolah raul: i am glad I managed to give you both a bit of LOL amongst all this doom and gloom... 

Dear AO: Joking aside, this is a rather  bizzare chain of  events, dont you think? I am not into conspiracy theories in general, but I believe there is a lot more to it than we see and hear. A very worrying scenario could be that this is entirely orchestrated and planned by US as a prelude to a military attack on Iran. I heard on my car radio today tuned to PBS news channel that obama threathened to either destroy the drone in Iran or launch a military attack to retrieve it!! Did I hear it correctly? I hope not, I hope it was only the horrible engine noise out of my 1989 camry...

Dear Jeesh daram: Yes, they sell their goods on Amazon too. You can access it from your  cell phone so long as it runs under android :)

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

Very funny and timely. I wonder if they'll be available on Amazon?

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on




by Raoul1955 on


Anonymous Observer

The bigger question is what are these Hezbollah monkies

by Anonymous Observer on

going to do with this thing--and that's assuming that everything they say is true and they got their hands on the whole thing intact.  It's going to take them a decade to figure out what it does.  I mean, it took them almost twenty years to repair a 1960's destroyer that was damaged by American attacks in the Persian Gulf and call it Jamaran.  Anyway, once they figure it out, what are going to do?  Build one like it?  To do what?  Send over Saudi Arabia?  By the time these chelo-kabab fans figure out how to build one of these, the U.S. probably has found a million ways to detect and shoot them down.  The bottom line:  this is much a'do about nothing--just like everything else with the IR. 


So True LOL.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Meanwhile the Savages continue their brutality on everything in sight and they use BS to distract.


Of course batteries are sold separately.!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 What do you think we are? Charity??!!!

 Dear Vildemose, glad youhad a chuckle.

Dear Maziar: Actually some "anti-war", "nuke bomb is khamenei's undeniable right", "death to israel"  folks here were jumping up and down with joy about this "victory of islamist republic over USA" on the other, main blog, openly thanking US for the "Christmas present"!! Well I guess it is easy to be thankful & excited  about warmongers dicing with the lives of ordinary Iranian people, whilst you are safely out of harms way, in sunny southern california, or London. 


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

maziar 58

Roozbeh Khan

by maziar 58 on

Thanks for the sarcastic  But TRUE  x-mas ad !

I hope this show & sell will not put our miserable hamvatans

in the path of another mis calculated wrong us policy.

Amen               Maziar


We can help! Display one of

by vildemose on

We can help! Display one of our drones on your TV , create a bit of diversion, and get your elderly fans in california jumping up and down with joy until their next social security checks arrival 

Hilarious. Nice parody on our west-residing IRI yaraneh begirha.


Separation of Church and State AND Corporation

Dr. Mohandes

It is a one man show then ha...

by Dr. Mohandes on

Forgot to say:

Batteries are sold separately. while supplies last. For discount coupons... visit our website... Can not be combined with other coupons.:))