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Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

I posted this yesterday on jj's last blog, CONSIDER RESPECT in response to query about the benefits of registration by Sa,avar, a brand new registered user. Since jj's blog is no longer featured and in fact wound up buried on page 2 of Blog Cenral I am reposting it here.

Samavar! Welcome to the merry world of registration!

The benefits of registration are:

you get to edit your own posts as long as no one has replied to them by using the reply button beneath your post

you get to flag other posts as offensive for deletion

you can submit articles and blogs

getting on-site is actually easier because unless you log out, you are always on-site by just clicking on the "my account" in ULH corner

you get your own little "room" on the website whick people in the know can go to by clicking on your blue user's name above your post or by clicking the contributors button at the bottom of the home page., you by can go to by clicking on "My account" in the upper left hand corner of the site

In that rooom they and you will find

your bio and personal data as you choose to disclose or not

a contact button which those in the know can click on and send you an e-mail off-site without disclosing your e-mail address

a list of all your blogs and articles for easy access

a wonderful tracking system where you can monitor the threads you're on and see if there are new posts so you don't have to waste time looking for those threads. Others can also visit your room and find every single thing you've ever written as you can, theirs

A great thing about the tracking system is that even if a thread is very OLD and someone replies to it, you will know

There WAS a cute little feature too where you got to see who else was on-line while you were which I found to be lots of fun, and the number of registered and non-registered users on-line which I found very useful to know the website pattern of activity. Unfortunately a couple of days ago SOMEONE LOL decided to remove this, much to my despair

In my opinion the most significant benefit of registration is that you establish a cyberidentity which is now protected. You are SAMAVAR now and no one can steal your name and pretend to be you, which believe it or not, some idiots like to do. They can do things like modify your name slightly by say adding a period but then they will appear UNREGISTERED and the regular blogging community will immediately know it isn't you

THAT IS WHY IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR ALL REGISTERED USERS TO ALWAYS POST REGISTERED, because if you sometimes post unregistered, you don't have that clear identity anymore.

That's off the top of my head. If anyone else can think of anything or correct me, please add on.


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Rosie T.

Fishwife teehee

by Rosie T. on

Fish @w I did refer your inquiry to jj as soon as I got it. Just letting you know.

Wife, doubt he'll be back. He found my new blog to play with in the unfeatureds, Nation. 


my apology to Fish #2

by American Wife (not verified) on

Sorry...wouldn't have tossed you in THAT little bucket of humanity had I known.  Without changing the subject because of course that IS  your subject, your fears seem to be quite legitimate.  I know my husband deleted the personal information he had under his profile for the same reason.  I kind of "pooh-poohed" it at first (I was kind of pissed that he didn't want to emphasize how happily he was married anymore) but I'm not sure but that I don't agree with him now.  And I'm not really talking about any external sources of danger, I'm actually talking about the danger of recognition from this site!!! There are some meaaaaaaaan people! 

And Rosie... I don't know what you did to this guy but, Girlfriend... he don't like you! 

I couldn't agree with you more about the power of hatred. I've got some serious angst going on right now and I'm trying to focus more on positive thinking.  It ain't easy sometimes.  I'm taking baby steps on being more proactive in

Good luck. I've got a feeling he's not done yet.


To: NNNeck

by RostameDastAn on

Don't be sorry, Pentagon Brain. I was not talking TO you, but ABOUT you! You dig????

~ R.D. 


Rosie T.

Mustang, Wife

by Rosie T. on

Mustang, I'm sorry I can't reply to your post. It's too draining and I have to protect myself.

Wife, thanks, I needed that.  I seem to inspire such venemous hatred.  The power in it is awesome Can you imagine what this website could be if those people put all that energy into making this website a vehicle for concrete change in Iran and in the world? Just thinking about it makes my head spin.

PS Fish 2 is sincere. Bring watched hereis a very legitimate and common fear.  It's Mustang who's my new playmate on this thread.


to Fish #1 and #2

by American Wife (not verified) on

Whoa... back the truck up!  I'm not usually a fan of RT... I find her a bit tedious and long winded.  But all she's doing here is stating the benefits of registering!  I have to admire her passion for WHATEVER she is posting on.  And she's passionate about good for her!  Until recently, I thought she WAS Persian... tag seer e man bod.  I thought I was well-read... whew... guess I better go back to my Nancy Drew, Girl Detective.  Dare I admit a wee bit of admiration?  Love her or hate her... but be fair Dude.


Yes Anonymous1000, Neck is back again!

by RostameDastAn on

How could we ignorant Iranians know anything about the Benefits of Registration without the guidance of our Resident American Teacher and Civilizer? God Bless Her ~   

I call her Neck, cause although I have a name, she called me a Mustang on another thread! You see, I'm following her exapmple of GOOD MANNERS!

Let's see if she's gonna make a very long speech telling me - among other things, "I can't keep spending my valuable time and energy talking to people like you, which would only be talking to a wall because you will never change your mind about me." 

BTW, after being American President of, she's planning to be American President of our homeland Iran BECAUSE, she says, we already have one American president in Afghanistan and another one in Iraq! The lady has Pentagon shaped brains :-) ~

~ R.D.



by Abarmard on

You are probably watched by the US government rather than the Iranian government. Certain things have switched in this world!

Rosie T.

Fish #! and Fish #2

by Rosie T. on

These are the exact benefits of registration and JJ was trying to aaddress eevery question on that blog/  But he doesn't  have time to make such a list, especially not promptly because categorical lists like that are not his forte.  How about thank you for my answering the person who made the inuiry even if you don't want to register?  He thanked me, JJ thanked me, why not you?

I'm not going to respond to your other specific allegations. It would be time-consuming to really address them and inadequate to address them briefly, I'm worn out and tired of it and I can't deal with the emotional damage it does to me.  People know me here,  they can think for themselves, and I can't keep spending my valuable time and energy talking to people like you, which would only be talking to a wall because you will never change your mind about me, 

From now on I will only answer attacks on me by saying, I'm sorry, I can't answer you. I have to protect myself.


Fish #2  I highly doubt it but I'm in no position to address this issue, it's an important question so I will refer it to jj.  One thing I do know is that he is firmly against such practices and incapable of being persuaded to implement them by any means, and that this site is as secure as is humanly possible. 

You can also e-mail him through the Contact Ux button at the bottom of the home page or post on his blog Consider Respect currently page 2 of Blog Central.



by Anonymousi (not verified) on

Is there any way for IRI agents, anonymous or not, to figure out the "real" people behind blogs, comments, etc. How private is the private info, email addresses, ISP addresses, etc.?

Remember, the devil is quite intelligent and bribes well too!


Not again!

by Anonymous1000 (not verified) on

Gaawwwddd! She's back again! RT, You are begining to sound like a broken record. Do you want people to register so you can insult them by their names instead of by their unregistered goldfishy faces?? Why don't you let JJ who actually owns this site, direct people as to what they should or shouldn't do,oh but that would be way to polite wouldn't it?