bezaie's mosaferaan, the mirror

Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

at the end of bezaie's mosaferaan, at the funeral that was supposed to be a wedding, but the bride's sister and her family and one other person died on the way in a car crash--they were bringing the family mirror that was supposed to be used at the wedding, an old old persian custom--every class, political persuasion and walkof life in iran is assembled at the funeral, and it is grief that unites them. grief. 

and then mahtab the sister who was bringing the mirror and died on the way in the car crash, appears at the funeral with the mirror, and her family and the one other person who died, and mahtab carries the mirror as she walks through the crowd assembled from all walks of life.

and the mirror gleams and glistens and emits a radiant light, an ancient ancient persian light, and everyone sees themselves and each other in one and the same mirror and they cry, and the grandmother says to mahtab, welcome i knew you'd come. and the funeral will become a wedding. and that is the ending of mosaferaan,

and i have written of this website as a mirror and once of the ending of mosaferaan. i wrote of it to colonel hemayat last year and he said perhaps it was time

and bezaie himself spoke in an interview of the meaning of the ending of mosaferaan. i couldn't really understand it all on my own. but i knew it was very beautiful




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i do know raha i really do

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i think my whole reply may have been a jumble...ii think if you focus on the ps you''ll understand better...

you know, the goldfish, the goldfish, have meant so much to me...



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