To Everyone On the Pallywood Thread:(revised)

Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

It's all getting too convoluted, too complicated,. And succintness is not my strong suit. But I will try.

Please just SCAN my comments on Pallywood. SCAN my blog on War. Please READ my comment to Mehdi Mazloom on Palllywood. Then:

Please start a conversation here on this thread the Israel/Palestine conflict, on ANY aspect you want in which:

no one calls anyone a Nazi, no one says anyone is on PILLS, EVERYONE tries to use the LEAST scathing language possible, EVERYONE assumes JUST THIS ONCE that every conversation that happened before is water under the bridge, JUST THIS ONCE< EVERYONE tries to make one concession, no one's concession DEMANDS an IMMEDIATE concession in return.

I am under almost unenduralbe emotional stress on this website in which the personal and the professional are so hopelessly intertwined and intractable as to resemble the Israel/Palestine conflict. And I...haven't been able to make one step toward Truth and Reconciliation in many weeks...And as most of you know, I have announced my intention to leave this website in a week and a half and you all know me and you know I'm DEAD serious. And I said I HOPE to return in a couple of months. But I CAN'T do it unless I know it's worth my while, that I'm going to be able to DO something, ANYTHING, POSITIVE in our little little political blogging family that will counter the stress I'm under. Can you have this ONE conversation here under the above terms? JUST THIS ONE?

If it doesn't start happening by Monday, I write one more blog about how I became a non-Zionist and the difficulty I endured and then I will have to leave this topic, Israel/Palestine on this website and go back to the strictly Persian ones for the week and a half I have left before my "long vacation" and see if I have more success there, AS INDEED I HAVE IN THE PAST.



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Dear Pope,

by ROSIE UNVERIFIED (not verified) on

No that ISN'T all I understood of you, kill 'em all. I just tried to explain to you that when you use hate speech people can't dialog with you. Now that you have clarified that you didn't literally mean kill em 'all (and I hope that means you will never say it again) I will raise one more objection to your posts as HATE SPEECH.

"Ugly Arabs". Omar Sharif is one of the most gorgeous men I've ever seen. You should see the Yemeni kid who works in my grocery. Wow! But even suppose they were all ugly it has nothing to do with a political situation. Many ethnic groups may seem ugly to us because of our standards of beauty. That is irrelvant to any other discourse and corrupts it totally.

I know a LOT about Arabs. I have worked with them politically. I have soicalized with them. A couple have been my lovers. One was my best friend for years. (She was gorgeous too btw, looked like Anook Aimee). I ask you to please retract your statements about Arabs as ugly even if you think they're true because they DON'T BELONG HERE. They belong in hushed whispers behind closed doors in beautician's school. Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe.

If you can make that concession I can seriously try to dialog with you about the substance of the rest of your posts (especially now that jj has corroborated me by deleting the first post because it was hateful..he is a civil libertarian, so proof positive that you went waaaaay overboard).

Thank you for your repeated efforts to dialog with me.




I can't even address you by

by American Wife (not verified) on

I can't even address you by that name.  I'm not sure how you can equate your words of hate to the Pope's comment...

"i don't care how they die, as long as they die; kill them all" being the most pointed.

No where did he advocate hate or vengence or violence.  Because he made an observation????  Can you not see the difference?  It's clear that you can't... and for that I do feel sad for you. 


"kill em all you said kill em all"

by ThePope on

Dear Rosie, that's all that you understood??? Kill'em all...?!! Well, I really don't know what to say... maybe if I try to explain more the evil minds of arabs, you'll just "flag me as......", whatever, again!

But seriously, I'm sure you don't know anything of arabs or the arab world or their culture and their r... Unfortunately, I just can't get into details online cuz you'll accuse me more of....(!) But I really don't mind whatever you wanna think of me or my comments cuz the truth is always hard to accept and I did not say anything that I regret (or deny). The only thing that I regret is that I can't explain the wickedness, the evilness and the immoral mind of arabs here online, it'll be just too "explicit". PLEASE, Study their history. But still, you just have to deal with them,,, if you just visit one of the 22 countries for a LONG PERIOD (live closely with them) and see with your own eyes, the inhumanity going on, maybe you won't accuse me anymore. They're vahshi by nature and the whole wide world knows it, including themselves (they even accept that...). Even JJ knows it, that's why he did not delete that post (but I really hope he does). Anyway, you're totally right and I'm completely wrong,, and please do ask JJ again to delete whatever you find offensive, for the sake of your "argument" (peace), I'm serious. ( just tell him to delete "me" completely from this site, for God's sake). I'm sorry, how dare of me to post my comment on this "peace" blog of yours...

For the Isreal/palestine conflict, you can put peace for sale as much as you like, but no one is going to buy it when you don't reveal the truth about the arab core of evilness...

Anyway, my mistake. -wish you the best...

American Wife; on 12 sep. 2006, Pope Benedict delivered a lecture wich was considered insulting and as a "hate speech" by all arabs and muslims (example: Iran)...( and maybe some American wives too!!!)

Here's a part of His speech:

"Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find
things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the
sword the faith he preached."

Ma'am...was His comments also the very epitome of a"hate speech"? Is it
also sad that He (Joseph Alois Ratzinger) is called P... -Please ma'am,
just please...

...And He did not say what He really thinks of ....(arabs) He just can't... Ah! If you only knew what He thinks (knows) of arabs...,

!!?!!?!!??: " How can you not see that HE is perfect for peace talks... peace, tolerance, love and brotherhood just ooze from his being.";!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?  

-again, just please... 


Rosie T.

pope you did speak of extermination wif

by Rosie T. on

kill em all you said kill em all. ALL means ALL. that's extermination. now you say you didn't say it. let's give you the benefit of the doubt. the best we can assume is that you didn't MEAN to say it. so think about that for starters. which one: you didn't MEAN to say it (then say you retract it(, or you meant to say it and you keep changing your mind.  which one?  you didn't say it is not an option because you DID say it. see?

wife, i wrote jj three times and asked him to delete that post. he is VERY good at deletions. wonder what's up with him? must be an oversight. wish he'd delete it. the first one. the second one isn't quite as bad...but if pope doessn't answer i'll flag it as i did the first one...and we'll see...


come on Rosie...

by American Wife (not verified) on

how can you not see that ThePope is perfect for peace talks... peace, tolerance, love and brotherhood just ooze from his being.

Sir... your comments are the very epitome of a "hate speech".  How sad that you use such a name.