graveyards of iran


Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

for the people on the Shapour Bakhtiar blog, for the khar who helps me carry heavy burdens up mountains, and for all of you. 

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graveyards of iran

and you cannot leave and you cannot stay

and you want to move on

but you need to grieve


and the clock strikes zero and time stands still

on your graveyards of iran.

and all i ask is that you ask

and learn to understand

without gullt or shame

because it doesn't really matter if it was the shah

or ayatollah or bakhtiar

i know how you trusted this man.

there can be no judgements, there must be no blame

betray, be betrayed, they are one and the same

i know how you loved this man

slowly slowly

the clock strikes one

on your graveyards of iran.

still you cannot leave but you cannot stay

there is no choice

but to wait

and learn to understand

and hold each other's hand

slowly slowly

truth uncloses

patience patience

time moves forward

water your dead

the sun will rise over

lilacs and roses

on your graveyards of iran.


i cannot leave i cannot stay

i've tried to tell you so many ways

you may not understand

i, i too,

just like you,

have my graveyards of iran.


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Rosie jan,

by Anonymous (not verified) on

Very nice to see you back here.
& Your poem is very beautiful. :)


Rosie, I hope you do not mind me sending a message to Ms Amiri

by Tahirih on

On your blog.( thanks) 

Ms Amiri , I was so moved by your blog , which was posted here in Sep of 2007. Would you please post it again. Lets remember again, because as you said it is a national shame, not only the ones killed in 1988 but all of our hamvatanan who lost their lives since 1979.




For Robin

by Paymaneh Amiri (not verified) on

and for all those who are buried in the known and forgotten cemeteries of Iran.


Thank you.


I forgot

by Mazloom on

...but remembered again.

Rosie T.

Azarin, Koroush, David, Mona and others

by Rosie T. on

Azarin anyone who is still angry has not grieved fully.

Koruosh, Mona, others:  "When syllogisms keep butting heard against syllogisms, it is time to find a new language". (Rosie) Poetry, visuals, music, the language of spirituality, these languages are NECESSARY to the political discussions. (Be forewarned, sometimes these discussions look UGLY).

However our polemicists have enough problems and responsibilities just imroving their OWN language for now. I think it is up to guys like you to visit those discussions from time ad inject your language into those discussions.  It will help even if it only plants a seed in ONE person. It iwill be worth it.

Also, the language of avowed apolitical people, also satirists, is important to be injected there. Because these people have bullshit detectors a mile wide and they can say succinctly when the conversation is starting to becocme a bunch of crap...Mazloom does it very well from time to time. said it all. On my blog on Shapour Bkahtiari's blog, I mentioned yours first as the important idea that came out of the conversation.

Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

it is hardly a party.

I am hoping to write a blog called "I Am an IRI Apologist". It may shed light on some problems here.

You yourself were a fervent supporter and participant in the Revolution. Now you have turned the other way. This is good.

However many people do not understand your agenda, They consider it extreme. I do not. Perhaps it would help them to understand your position better, and thus to clarify and improve theirs, if you kept theese pointsI just made in mind in your debates

Almost everybody in this community (except Dr. Maleknasri) wants DRASTIC change for Iran. You say you have no common ground with these "IRI supporters" but that IS common ground.   Even if it's only one percent of your beliefs, it is irrefutably common ground. As a mathematician you can understand this clearly.

Anyway I believe a lot of the people who are called IRI supporters are called that way because of misunderstanding which I agree are in great part their fault 9our fault).

I have a lot to say about this too. But you are right. Not here. If you want to respond to me here that's fine but polemics on this thread I won't engage in.  Let's save it for my blog on apologism, or other blogs where we run into each other, or a private e-mail or phone conversation.


Or how about A BLOG OF YOUR OWN? I keep telling you and telling you you would write great blogs. I don't understand why you don't do it.



Re: Rosie

by jamshid on

Your poem and the video and your recent suggestions to make "peace and consolidation" with regime supporters are all in conflict Rosie. I originally left a long comment criticizing your peom, but I decided not to spoil your party here, and so I changed it to this.

Mona 19

Thank You Rosie for remembering our loved ones...

by Mona 19 on

Those gentle and blameless souls were dearly loved and their loss is deeply mourned to this day...This song names but a few of those killed only for their Bahai beliefs shortly after the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran.


Warmest regards,Mona


David ET

Dear Rosie

by David ET on

Thank you for brining attention to our fellow Bahai Iranian countrymen whose most basic human rights have not been officially recognized for many years even prior to the Islamic Revolution. They have been the most peaceful citizens treated most disrespectfully and violently at times.

It is so obvious why the Mullahs who promote celebration of the culture of death are so afraid of those who celebrate life.

As for unity, it comes after purifying our souls from hate, revenge, ego and guilt ....and only then we can see each other as sisters and brothers who share the same history and the same joys and pains.

I believe mutual respect and understanding for ourselves and one another (human rights) is what will eventually brings us together... 

What so many have such hard time understanding is that when one disrespects another person's rights, s/he is disrespecting himself/gerself. When you are hating another, you are hating yourself. When we blame anther, we are blaming ourself...When you see another, you are seeing yourself too..

Azarin Sadegh

Dear Rosie,

by Azarin Sadegh on

Lovely poem!

Unfortunately, I know a few who not only are still wandering in those graveyards of their haunting nightmares, but (totally in denial) they also carry many of those ghosts on their shoulder and the stench of these corpses is poisoning their dreams, penetrating under their skin, making them almost look like dead... 



Rosi Jan what you said is so true..

by Tahirih on

Especially the part about Bahaullah's greatness considering the historical context that he lived in. We have to remember that his progressive ideas were born in the darkest period of Iran's history . And alas , Iranians are sleep!



Kouroush Sassanian


by Kouroush Sassanian on

I recall seeing an image of a dead Iranian soldier among many dead soldiers that stood out. They had tried to put on his chemical suits, but clearly it was too late. The ground was purple, but a yellow daisy had grown near him. His face partially buried in the ground. His helmet and suit intact, but a light film of dust covering him.

Rosie T.

Thanks you three: a special note to Tahirih

by Rosie T. on

Bahaullah was one of the greatest men (and women) of the 19th century ANYWHERE on the planet. He has not found his proper place yet in history because Iranians themselves, even the progressive ones, do not understand him in his own historical context. I hope to write a blog about this soon.

It isn't really about the Bahai. It isn't about religion It's about humanity.  About the future of the planet.



Nazy Kaviani

Thank you

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you Robin. It's a beautiful poem. Thank you for the pain and compassion I felt in your poem. You are a very special human being.


Thanks Rosie.

by Tahirih on

I am so emotional that it is all I can say, thanks for remembering our martyrs.



A western Bahai singing about Iran...

by faryarm on

Grant H Miller, 

A western Bahai singing about Iran...

what does it mean when a western Bahai sings so soulfully about the"Graveyards of Iran..." 

perhaps, that this Universal message of peace that is accepted and revered by peoples everywhere is tragically misunderstood in the country of its birth..IRAN.