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Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

This site has been a major part of my life pretty much since it opened up for blogging last year but actually I've been reading it fairly regularly for four years and even had a couple of things published back in '04.  I haven't been around for fifteen years like so many people here have but I've read quite a bit about its history here and there. so I kind of know how it's grown over the years from what was practically just a listserve.

And I just realized tonight that I want to publicly thank the team. You know, we all thank jj all the time in one way or another, implicitly or explicitly, but I right now want to thank the team.  I'm not EXACTLY sure I even know who the team is but I'll give it my best shot.

I want to thank Foaad (aka Admin), our geek.  Recently Foaad posted a blog informing us about the new system for uploading graphics and it was one of the very rare times I'd ever seen him publish anything here.  But I'd had contact with him via e-mail several times.  And this site's getting so huge and I can't begin to imagine the headaches and responsibilites involved in being technical director of a site like this, especially with this LANDSLIDE of new technology (the blogging, the images, the hook-ups to news sources, all of it,, all of it, and god knows what's coming next, it snowballs).  And yet with all of this going on, every time I have ever asked Foaad to work out the most MINIMAL, TRIVIAL technical problem I've had, he has done so within a day.  That's unbelievable.

I was so DELIGHTED when Foaad blogged and also briefly participated on another thread I was on and I told him I REALLY wish he'd be one of US, I REALLY wish he'd participate with us on blogs and threads, as FOAAD, not as Admin.  I really mean that.  I really do.  I want to send Foaad a box of Christmas cookies but I still haven't been able to convince jj to get a snail P.O. box for this site.  But hope springs eternal. Maybe Foaad can convince jj so that he can get his cookies.

I also want to thank the business manager, Wayne.  I recall reading an interview with jj maybe a couple of years old, on some other site, I don't remember, in which if memory serves me correctly he said he was living on a shoestring because he didn't have time to focus on the business aspects of the site, particularly soliciting advertisers, and that if he could, he'd do much better financially.  And now it seems there's Wayne.

Needless to say the future of the technical innovations on the site depend on the income generated, so, in this high, high tech era, without Wayne the site can't possibly keep up.  And needless to say, the more comfortable our Fearless Leader is, the better it is for us all. After all we don't want him to go hungry and be in a bad mood.

But the thing is, the job Wayne's doing is INCREDIBLE.  I mean assuming it IS Wayne who's getting all these advertisers, right?  I mean, jj, you said you couldn't do it and I BELIEVE YOU, so I'm HYPOTHESIZING it's Wayne.  And I have seen ads on this site that I can't for the LIFE of me figure out how ANYONE could get.  ..I mean...ads in..SPANISH...here?  This is amazing.

Like we're not talking GOOD people here, we're talking major heavy duty FANTASTIC people.

I also wanted to thank the art director because I honestly and truly believe this is the most GORGEOUS website I've ever seen on the Internet.  That's my opinon and I'm not biased, trust me.  It's like a dazzling piece of interactive kinetic sculpture in cyberspace.  A virtual Calder mobile.

And so I THOUGHT I remembered there IS an art director and I THOUGHT that was jj's cousin, Karim Ardalan.  But I just checked the thank you speech jj blogged from the benefit and it seems....that Karim was only the graphics person for the first...two years??? And he taught JJ everything he knew???

Oh, c'mon, jj, for real.  Does that mean YOU'RE the art director?  Do I really have to thank you AGAIN? I wanted to thank the TEAM. You're not the TEAM.  You're the jj,  But if it's really you doing ALL the graphics...well...I don't want to get your head swelled anymore than it already is..it'll burst.  But this site...belongs...in some...cyberMOMA somewhere....

I understand there's a whole bunch of volunteers and partners and investors and what not, and I want to thank them all too, but I especially want to thank the people on the team that in essence we the community are interacting with EVERY SINGLE DAY  at all times, whether we realize it or not. Foaad, and Wayne...and...well...I guess...the outstanding pedagicaal skills of Karim.  This site is GORGEOUS and it's brilliant and it's flourishing.

Not to say that it doesn't have its flaws..but, for once, I won't go there. Just this once.

I predict we're all gonna see jj driving over Golden Gate Bridge in a Mercedes in five years.  In Gucci sweatpants. And it won't be because it's a one man band.  It'll be because it's a symphony.

Thanks for the music, guys.  Thanks for the music.


Robin Jayne Goldsmith



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Rosie T.

You be as anonymous as you please.

by Rosie T. on

You are beautiful as a goldfish.

Thank YOU, maahi, zibaa...



Thank you

by Volunteer (not verified) on

Dear Rosie:

I am a volunteer for the site. I don't do technical work, but I have a very small part in the content. I thank you very much for your blog and for your kind words. It's been a nice surprise to receive direct words of acknowledgement for our effort. This is just to let you know that I have seen and read your blog, as I always do. Thanks again for this and for all your contributions to the site. Please forgive me for keeping my anonymity. Have a good day.

Rosie T.

I love you KS. I have always loved you. I will love

by Rosie T. on

you until mty dying day.  I will love you i I never see your beautiful radiant avatar again, if we never write to each other again, if we vanish from each other like smoke, I will love you.

I am soooooooo sorry I didn't reply to the last beatiful poem you posted on my vermillion thread.  I thoroughly intended to.  But I HOPE you know....I TRUST you know...anyway...how I feel about you and your poems.

You without soul is like the universe without stars.  You without heart is like stars without the universe.  You haven't SOLD anything. It's just...a barter...just ...a barter...

without sound...I don't think so...sedaa, sedaa, tanhaa sedaa ast keh mimoonad.

Silence..is golden....dorado...talaa....zahav...doree



Kouroush Sassanian


by Kouroush Sassanian on

Naked, obvious truth is the final trait of your reality as you strike down from your ivory tower.

Once, proud was I.
As strong as a swing of your axe.
As compassionate as a Magi offering a poisoned pill.
As understanding as the devil shedding a tear.
succumbed to the lowest form of humanity.
Courageous in my world of smoke,

my faith being deceit.

Like partners, I have intertwined you with me in that river of styx . .

creating spontaneous combustion within my conscience.
I have worn myself out by running in the truth.
And now your mirrored image haunts

without speech, for my words draw blood.
without sight, for it is dark
without heart, for it has been removed.
without sound, for it has been drowned.
without soul, for it has been sold.

Rosie T.

Why are you surprised Foaad answered me? He ALWAYS answers

by Rosie T. on

me I'm sure he answers EVERYONE.  That's why I wrote this. What is there to be surprised about?

What surprises me is that I wrote this this am and it's soooo buried under the unfeatureds....and i said  wanted to thank these people PUBLICLY...and you know...i kissed a girl, kobra....i wanted to thank these people PUBLICLY, not just until Foaad happened to see it. That was not my intention.  Fooaad already knew I'm grateful. I told him so before.



Wow! What an honor

by Nadias on

 Yes, I know that I said, I would go to bed. I could not sleep. I had to write this story first. By the way I already posted the story, so you can check it out

Wow! Foaad commented on your blog. What an honor. He is so cool!

I can't believe that he was going to actually do a personals ad on the white space. I am stunned

If I were him, I would pass on the homemade cookies by Robin. No offense Rosita but you don't know how to cook. At least, I recall you saying this. However, you could learn. How hard could it possibly be to bake some cookies. I do it all the time for my son


solh va doosti/paz a vosotros/paix et amitié




Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

PERSONALS ADS!! I DON'T WANT URANIUMPERSONALS.COM IN THE WHITE SPACE!!!  Omigod, Mazloom is my satirical mentor! He will be SOOOO disappointed that I'm a failure!  Foaad, I had a Part 2 up before about uraniumpersonals.com and I decided to save it for later because I thought this was more important than that SILLY spoof!

Hey, this site ALREADY doubles as a personals site.  It doesn't have to be formalized...trust me on this one.... 'Id MUCH rather you get the p.o. box!  I need it to send you cookies!  And the "How This Site Works.."  I'd help you with that one!  I'd work for free!  I'd knock it off in less than a week!  Right now it's the blind leading the blind...

And honestly what I'd REALLY been thinking about for that white space is MUCH more importan than uraniumpersonals.com.  Well, later for that....but hey, if you guys are really NUTS enough to want a personals site here.... well...now that we have Kobra...pourqoi pas?


You don't have to answer.  I know you're busy.  I trust you implicitly.  Silence is golden.  Khaamooshhhhhhhhh!


 Rozie Tozih

Foaad Khosmood


by Foaad Khosmood on

Thank you too. I think I heard most of your ideas. Keep them coming, but don't be disappointed if they dont' get implemented. There's is just so much to do and I'm always busy working on the site and running my own life.

The reason I appear as "admin" is because that's who I'm logged in as while I'm working. But also, I want to keep technical stuff seperate from my own writings that I keep hoping I can have the time to get back to. Also "admin" could in theory be handled by someone else one day.

Your classified ad or personals idea is not bad. I will be working on something like that soon and it will appear on the white space like you suggested. I think that will be a huge project but for now, I'm working mostly on the music section on some new features there.

The physical address thing is really JJ's decision. I think there hasn't been a huge need for it so far, but he knows about your request for it.

Take care.