Mahmood and me

Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

I have been thinking about Mahmood today.  Actually I think about Mahmood quite often.  I know, so do you. 

I don't think Mahmood and I could ever be friends. I doubt we'd get along.  And somehow I suspect that if I lived in Tehran, I would call Evin Prison home.  But that's not so much what I've been thinking about today as I've been thinking about Mahmood. 

And of course I often think about all those bodies strung up above the major thorughfares of large cities. And uranium and Israel and the Holocaust conference, the economic fiasco and whatnot.  And the showdown last year between him and Bollinger, the head of Columbia University, my august alma mater. (But I won't tell you who I think won). Of course I think about all of these things whenever I think of Mahmood.

But most of all what I've been thinking today as I've thought about Mahmood is, have you ever noticed how on one day a poster will say, how Mahmood is a cold and crafty snake who calculatedly uses religion as a tool, as we can all so clearly see, look how he's crying crocodile tears on Ashura... 

snd how the next day that same poster will say, how Mahmood is a raving religious lunatic, stupid, delusional, out of control, as we can all so clearly see, look he thought he dissolved into the light of God when he spoke at the United Nations? 

That is what I've been thinking most about Mahmood today. 

And that's all I wanted to say.




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