Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

once i saw an episode of star trek

you know the ones with captain picard

and i don't remember exactly

because it was a long time ago

but the enterprise was passing a nebula

and then they heard a distress signal

 there was a spaceship caught in the nebula

but they couldn't go in and help it

because they'd get trapped in the nebula too


and then counselor troy the empath

started to hear a voice

saying the same thing over and over

and i don't remember exactly

but it was something like two rings four two

and counselor troy felt tormented by the voice

because she knew it was very important

but nobody knew what it meant


and it all got very dark and eerie.


and then finally at the end

i don't remember how

they realized that it meant carbon

something as basic as carbon

so they sent in a vessel with carbon

and the spaceship got out of the nebula.


but captain picard was a scientist why didn't he know it was carbon


and i feel like i'm trapped in a nebula

and this website has become the nebula

and all i want to tell you is carbon

something as basic as carbon


but the more i keep trying

 to tell you carbon

the less you understand me



(note: the question  was asked me below, what carbon do i think i need? that was not intended to be my meaning in this poem--. which was really written with a particular person in mindi--and what i meant by the carbon was simply being able to understand each other


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sorry... it posted twice

by American Wife (not verified) on

and then i couldn't delete it so i thought i'd just fill it in with senseless ramblings about my hero, James T. Kirk.

I was in Jr. High when the series came out.  We weren't allowed to watch much TV at all when we were kids but my dad loved the show too and I got to stay up and watch it with him.  My job was to fix him a "fold-over" peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a cold glass of milk.  At various times in our lives my parents would extend individual favoritisms (although I hate that word and it's not really indicative of what it was... maybe "special attention" is better) and that was mine.  I'm not sure where they are now but at one point I had every episode of the original series.  Yes, I belonged to the Star Trek club and I'm not ashamed to admit it...:-0



by American Wife (not verified) on

PICARD?  my dear Rosie!!!!

everyone knows that the only Captain of the Starship "Enterprise" is Captain James T. Kirk....:-0

Rosie T.

raha, thet is a

by Rosie T. on

misunderstanding of interpretation...a fault of the writing. iwill clarify above, that's not what i meant,. lacking carbon...

as for the rest you're right, it cannot be discussed  here but you read the thrread, and i did say this was not intended to speak to people in general and that that interpretation would be purely subjective..

and no i don't see  a pattern being repeated...i see a trajectory of a discussion in recent days in PROSE over what would be best for the community and me, to stay or to go, started by SOMEONE ELSE after i said my decision was final... 

and i see a bunch of blogs on politics i wrote...and on using this website for peace activism...

and then i see a poem here which asks for no advice whatsoever from anyone and i see advice on kebabs (i thank you khar but perhaps now you nderstand a little better after my posts below..)

thanks both of you so very much for caring, really...

PS you know what raha, let me try to say this as clearly as this publiic forum allows, i am asking captain picard for us to try to understand each other as we once did, and the only means i have left is this website, which has become a nebula.and the carbon the life stuff would be that understanding...


Rosie jan,

by Raha (not verified) on

Rosie jan

What is this nebula you are in and the lack of carbon you are suffering from????

People give you advice and you keep on coming back" no it isn't what you think", or you don't understand!! But you can't tell us! (ok I understand you can't do it on an open forum)

But do you see this pattern being repeated?

So azizam, if you can't tell us what it is, go see a shrink ... a good one.

Let it out, talk to someone. You seem to be suffering too much.

C'est tout!

Hope you feel better!


Rosie T.

ps khar

by Rosie T. on

when i say this is a piece of sh-t, i mean as a POEM. it's not really a poem, it's prose with line endings that look like a poem. but there is one insight...


is the stuff

of all life..

life life life                                                                                 vermillion                                                                          

Rosie T.

koroush i wrote you on one of my recent threads and i

by Rosie T. on

asked you if you would contact me at my contact button, iit's on the "Drama queen" thread (can't post link you can track it in your tracking or mine in our accounts),  I know that's something not so comfortable for you but we can leave it at a couple of e-mail exchanges, it would be helpful to me...if not just tell me no here and I will understand. iI'm not naive enough to think ... answer no but humanity yes. That's what, I don't think there is one. But if there were, it would definitely be Janeway.


Kouroush Sassanian

Golgolan . . . Peshtazaneh Faza

by Kouroush Sassanian on

James T. Kirk is the answer to all your inquiries not Pic-kachal!

Rosie T.

khar i appreciate your concern but it isn't what you think...

by Rosie T. on

it's about a very very serous situation with a very real substitutions...anyway have you ever read my real poetry? this one is a  piece of isn't even a poem really...or read my prose salaam iran from my tracking, or confessions of a secret agent...or the persia within...the prose poems...or my first blog, ruhollah and me...and then there are the poems...thirty birds...or vermillion...or hyperborea...the one in forough and me ..leila and me...that's very hard to read...but if you know about princess leila's life and death it helps a lot....any one wil do, or two or three. and then tell me what you think you know about me and my feelings...or read none if you don't understand or like poetry...then you really don't understand me...this one here, , it took ten minutes to write, leila took...a month, 24/7...but i really really do appreciate your concern i REALLY do..but read the real me...and then tell me what you know about  my've heard the word anguish i'm sure..self-pity? read vermillion, vermillion... read the brief explanation on the bottom..rosie


ps i was very clear when i said i was leaving. it was q who stopped me..q alone. so these are my last two weeks, i have one left..and i said i'd reconsider coming back in a couple or a few months..this is not something that will take a couple of days.. oh and btw read my first comment below again..this is written for.......or don't read any of these things at all

ebi amirhosseini

Hamshahri K.....Aziz ,Thanks.. !

by ebi amirhosseini on

You deserve another Kolompeh! I'm going to go on Ghormeh-Sabzi diet for next .......weeks.



Dear Rosie Joon

by Khar on

Aziz I believe and it’s evident in your recent writings that you are trying very hard to feel sorry for yourself! One of those feel-sorry-for-one’s-self periods that no amount of ice cream whoever big that will comfort. I get a feeling that you are trying to substitute this site (however great to be part of and enjoy browsing its pages and blog on) for a one on one human contact, and when it doesn’t meet your expectation and people (as its normal in a public forum) say or write something that you don’t like or approve all of the sudden nobody is understanding you as if you are in the "nebula".  Trust me you are not the first or the last human-animal that is being misunderstood by others. I suggest to take a couple days off unplug your internet connection, get out of the house and let the sun radiate some vitamin D on you, go to your favorite restaurant (perhaps a Kebabi) order two skewers of Kobideh on the bed of rice with a bowl of ghormeh-sabzi on the side (ingredients in Gormeh-Sabzi are known to have anti feeling-sorry-for-one's-self properties). Perhaps once you come back you can write about your experiences out side the house away from the flat screen monitor, writings about the people you meet or places you visit and in a nutshell, the life that you have experienced away from the flat screen. Let us enjoy once again your writings (as in the past) far away from self-pity. I’ve included a tune that I’m sure it will hit cords with you. Take care.   


Rosie T.

well yes and no and i suppose

by Rosie T. on

if you want to think it's some of the crew i guess it may as well be  true and even if you think it's you why not i guess it's up to you but actually i was thinking of captain picard