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Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

I keep telling and telling you that this site has very high ratings on google and the world is watching us, but nobody seems to listen to me. (So what else is new?) So I decided to look up a whole bunch of Iranian topics and their google ratings yesterday while my cyber-buddies were busy chatting about gay marriage..

I only took ratings that were on the first page of google. But many of the first pages of google had only six hits and I never went to page 2, not once. And also a couple of the top hits were usually wikipedia. And you can’t count them because that’s where BEGINNERS go when they want a general idea of the topic. Then they start doing SERIOUS research and that’s where we come in. So here are our hits on the first page of google, but bear in mind that the ratings seem to change every few minutes, so don’t hold me accountable for exactitude.

Ahmadinejad Tehran gays 1

Laleh Sadigh 1 female car racer

Iranian sex 1 I can’t help it, it’s not my fault. It's about sex change operations

Iranian poetry 1,2 I'm not kidding, I didn’t make it up

Velayate faghi 1, 2 one of my personal favorites. Khomeini’s book on Islamicist totalitarianism

(Actually, I just realized #1 and 2 are both mine, on two different blogs. One is Natalia's and one is mine and both are current! This is so exciting!)

SCE Canpaign 1,2 Stop Child Executions

IRI apologist 1, 2

IRI stooge 1,2 (disclaimer)

Persian Farsi debate 1, 2 a topic very near and dear to my heart

Persepolis Maryam Satrapi 2 It is Kadivar (of course)

Shamloo 2 I swear I didn’t make this up either

Iranian film 2 I can’t believe I’m in this just because of that stupid article I wrote four years ago, so are Bruce, Nazi, and Kadivar (of course)

Freddy Mercury Persian 3 I learned he was not Persian, he was Parsi

Tarof Iran 3

Shirin Neshat 4 foremost Iranian artist in the U.S. I

know, I was surprised too.

Dick Davis, Shahnameh 4 best English translation

Sadeq Hedayat Blind Owl 4 This was also a big surprise.

Iranian American intermarriage 4

Persian pornography 4 A landmark work of journalism by Jahanshah Javid :o)

Iran Contemporary Art 5 well, who would've thought?

Iranian monarchist idiot 5,6 (disclaimer)

Mossadegh 6 I swear I’m not lying

Shapour Bakhtiar 6

Kiosk band 6 A kiosk is also a stall such as for selling newspapers, so actually this is a VERY high rating.

Farah Diba Pahlavi 7 interview, sure to attract the curious

Makhmalbaf 7

Kiarostami 7

Ebadi Nobel Prize 7

Persian porn 8 it’s in Anyway, very racey

Googoosh 8

Iran 9 I swear to God it's true

Iranian cartoons 9

Iranian women sexy 9

Ahmadinejad idiot 9 (disclaimer)

Persian cooking 10

Forough Farrokhzad 10

Iranian gardening 11

So then I went to today’s homepage to get some more hits to look up but I noticed there were so many works of fiction written by contributors that I decided’ to also go to page 2. I never even opened the articles. Here is what I found:

Amoosabzi foroosh 1 It is a song. The hit is on the

homepage from today’s quiz which I think I stand a chance of winning even though I hardly understand a word of it..I googled the lyrics

Azadeh Moghsoodi 3 violinist, documentary, sure to be a popular google hit

Association for Iranian-American Writers 6 The hit is from today;s homepage, there are two of them. One is by jj and you can see him smiling, the other one, I don't know the guy who did it, maybe you do

Abjeez Band 7

Strangely, they all begin with “A”.


Why did I do this? Damned if I know. And the spacing was murder..Jumped around like Mexican jumping beans. It must be for love, and well, everybody here knows I have a screw loose anyway. But you get the general idea. :Let's behave ourselves. The world is watching us. :-D


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Rosie T.

Rahbar? I don't get it. What does it mean?

by Rosie T. on

Tomato brain? A cousin of Nefrat?

As for googling sometimes they catch 'em right away and other times yuo have to wait a while but I'm sure it'll show up soon.As for the other matter, I won't say  "I t-ld y-u so".


I did a google search

by Mazloom on

I did a google search for “Iranian tomato” and “tomato recall” and I did not find my article in the first few pages.

I know you told me. I ignored it. I was not familiar with article submittal. I emailed my article as a doc file attachment, then discovered several mistakes. I discovered the automated article submittal. I corrected the mistakes and added several additional lines, including some about price of commodities in a free market economy. I resubmitted my article by the automated system. I asked rahbar not to publish the emailed article, and that I had submitted it by automated system, but rahbar published the first one.

I’ll ignore you no more, I think.

Rosie T.

No it's not, Mazzy. Not by millions. Sorry to disappoint. But

by Rosie T. on

the one that IS being read by millions is the one about tomatoes.  Because it's very topical, you see.

Google Iranian tomatoes.  It'll be as good as pistaccios.

And PS Send me your goddam articles for proofreading, will you?  There are so few mistakes, I'll do it the same day and it'll take me ten minutes.  Don't be a tomato brain.  Do as I say.



by Mazloom on

I just google searched for "Iranian kidney stone" or "kidney stone Iranian" and guess what? Either way, Kidney Stone Extraction by yours truly comes up on top of the list. I’m so ashamed of myself, and so proud at the same time. Shame on me! Afarin! oberoomoon too donya raft! My writing is being read by millions. Cool! 

Rosie T.

And I know, I know, I just know....

by Rosie T. on

that SOMEONE is going to tell me that I have a lot of nerve telling Iranians what to do and I think I'm the Queen of Sheba and I'm arrogant and stupid, etc.. In "civilized" language, of course, Please don't do it.  The blog's a joke.  And it's not a joke.  Because that's the way jokes are.  It took me 18 million hours to write the thing.  Please don't attack me.  Do something more constructive with your time, okay?


Good morning Rosie,

by hey (not verified) on

Talking about Google and some data regarding Iranian.com here is another link: