On Qajar Courtiers and Pornography


Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

Mazloom just kindly rranslated his recent blog for me whicch posted a satire tracing Obama's Iranian descent back to the days of the Qajars. (Sorry, this link won't paste).

Since the conversation lately has been so much about sex and relationships here, I couldn't help but remember an article I read on this website four years ago about the Qajar courtier Vali Khan's memoirs of his outrageous sexual exploits, and other topics in Persian literature of equally ambiguous male sexuality.

This is a very special article for me because it was actually the VERY FIRST ONE I ever read on this site and it was recommended to me by a really straightlaced Iranian insurance salesman in Los Angeles who I was in contact with by e-mail and phone that summer while I was studying Persian in (of all places) Columbus, Ohio.  And just how did Rosie, that wild and crazy New Yorker who had not long ago begun her Persian studies, wind up in contact with this man?

Yep, you guessed it. On  iranianpersonals.com, Only I wasn't Rosie then.  I was fellinlovewithiran.

My friend and suitor was very disturbed one day and he sent me an e-mail saying, you MUST read this. What IS this? IS this possible?  I didn't know people DID such things!  I didn't know people WROTE about such things!  Especially Persian people. And on THIS website!  Robin, is this good? Is this bad? What do you think?  What should I think?

I read the article and laughed and assured him that the sun would still rise tomorrow.  He believed me.

I'm happy to be ABLE to recommend it to you, both because it's so nostalgic for me and such a GOOD article, and because FINALLY since the institution of blogging, we actually have built a community where we can publish thiese types of things again and discuss them as adults without gettng death threats.

The issue of pornography and censorship has always existed and in the Internet Age it poses problems which for parents and others seem unsrmountable.  And although I often satirize them I understand full well that htese issues are CRITICAL.  Actually I plan to write an article on it in the not-so-distant future. 

I believe in the Internet.  I believe in it becaue I have to, because I believe we have no other choice. I believe five thousand years of progressively more destructive technologies have finally provided a technology which, if we use it wisely, can help establish truly democratic global communities and processes which erode conventional hierarchies and bring true power to the people, for the very first time in our history.  And power to the people is power to the future of the planet.

And the first step toward that power is the ability to be able to discuss these serious issues as adults in an environment of safety.  We've all worked hard to achieve this, especially Jahanshan, and we've succeeded.  So let's celebrate today with a toast to Vali Khan, the Qajar courtier who "busted my cherry" when I was still a virgin to iranian.com

Oh yes and, of course,  if you are under eighteen years of age, Rosie recommends: ask Mom first before you read it.  :o)


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Rosie T.

When Mouse said he was leaving I said he will come back

by Rosie T. on

because he needs the cheese, we all need the cheese, and nothing is cheesier than this site.  I think you're aware of my more recent blog. This isn't about lightening up. It's about serious serious serious stuff.....it isn't about just a barb here, a misuncerstanding there..do you really want to know? I will try to explain in as diplomatic a way as possible (dipolmatic in terms of protecting the three "friends"  Imentioned, if it were just about me alone, I would talk about it til my face turned blue, this is a public forum and I am as transparent as the situation needs, even when it has to be personal, my recalcitrace about details as to why Im leaving is because of them, not me..)

but thanks so  much for posting here and trying to make me laugh.  You are right, I'm far too tense...but not for trivial reasons, trust me...but thanks and thanks again.  :o)

(well at least that was a smile).


to Rosie T.

by Anonymoussssdddsss (not verified) on

it's a joke lighten up. everyone on this website is just to tense. i'm trying to make some people laugh. why is everyone being so judgemental and harsh. i just wanted to have some people smile. things like that do make people laugh. if you are in pain then try not to think about it, and laugh a little it'll do you some good :)


Anonymoussssdddsss jan

by A+ (not verified) on

you are so funny, I could not stop laughing, oh my god,I laughed so hard! Anonymoussssdddsss you should write more, this is what we need more laughter.
god bless you.

Rosie T.

cheese i haven't the figguest notion what your point is. Am I

by Rosie T. on

supposed to? Are you ridiculing me?  Is this wise? I'm in a lot of pain.

A lot.



by Anonymoussssdddsss (not verified) on

i think we should all stop fighting and eat some cheese, but not too much of it or else you'll get constipated. trust me...been there tried to push out that...wheww! well i still like cheese and you should too. well bye. ♥♥save the world from cheese extinction♥♥ hahahahahaha....its a giraffe! i love you all..and cheese.♥pats for patrick!♥

Rosie T.

Souri you're smarter than the rest of us combined because:

by Rosie T. on

you aren't clouded by intellualizations, artistic pretersions, yearnings for attention,  OR hard and fast, rigid opinons which most of are (one or any combinationthereof).  That's my opinion of you. No need to reply, we can move on (or not) you wish.


PS Didn't I tell you that poster would be gone momentarily. Well...Voila!


Rosie jan

by Souri on

Thanks for your nice words.

My reaction to this "hate speech" was as normal as any other simple person who respect all human being.

Don't give me so much credit, my dear. I'm sure you would say the same to such indecent person.

Yes dear, I'd read that blog of yours too. It was too embarrassing for me, so I preferred to stay quiet "khaamoosh" !!

I'm very grateful for your generous opinion about myself. To be honest "really honest" I don't believe I am so smart ! I am only sensitive and maybe much more intuitive than many, but for sure not smarter than the average of the people here.


Rosie T.

Souri don't care what this"person" says about me but FLAGGED

by Rosie T. on

this post to jj already and assume it will soon be gone.I told him to delete it ONLY because of the HATE SPEECH against lesbians. I told him that I couldn't care less what this "person" has to say about me and whether it remains in a public forum.  I almost never flag insults toward me, only toward others.

But thanks for your kind comments and your good teachings to this "person" about hate speech toward any group.   I've recently said publicly that you are smarter than all of us put together. Don't know if you read it but I said it this week. And I meant it.  I really did.

Thanks agina,



To (I hate Dykes)

by Souri on

How dare you talk to the people in this way ? I can't believe they allow this comment to be posted. I flagged it as offensive !

Your comment has nothing to do with Rosie's blog, rather it comes from a personal feeling of "hate" toward her.

Who Rosie is, in fact is none of your and our business. We are here just to debate and argue the "opinions" of each others and not to "judge" the people.

Being rude and aggressive and vulgar never give any credit to anybody.

Who would buy your idea about Rosie's personality here ? Nobody !

Then why you don't keep your dark vision for yourself ? Why this need to bring down people to your own level, to feel more comfortable ? You don't  even know the little rules and base of a simple argumentation.

Rosie is none of what you tried to described here, she has a unique personality that  I'm sure attract many intelligent man (which of course don't include you) !

As Hafez said :

" Gar khata goft hassoudi o rafighi ranjid

Goo to khosh baash keh ma goush be AHMAGH nakonim "

Go get more wisdom before coming back to this page!