Who Really Runs This Website? REVISED


Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

Democracy or javidocracy? Not jj's problem anymore, our call.

(Note: This blog talks about moderation because last night that was so on my mind  but it also applies to issues of censorship and bis, as well as any issue pertaining to the actual systems of just running the website-RG)

Discussions pop up like mushrooms. JJ should do this. His responsibilty. No WE should do that. Our responsibilty. Standards up to the individual. I shoyld do that. Moderation too rigid, moderation too lax. It's up to US, it's up to ME, HIM. There's one going on right now on Javaneh's blog, iranian.com is tops. Going on and on.

These discussions totally miss the point. The point is there is a mechanism for them and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM SHOULD BE BLOGGED. It's not about US or HIM, it's about all of us and he's one of us. Or should be. That's why he took so long to institute moderation, he hoped the collective could govern itself without his imposing too much, he told us so so many times. Now he's taken on his part of the responsibility, what's next? The more things are brought out into the open and scrutinized publicly together through blogging, the more quickly they will be resolved and the system will improve rapidly and there will be less need for such discussion.

To my recollection, I have never seen a blog about how this website is run ignored by jj. He usually keeps them featured for days, always replies either on them or immediately afterwards. The problem is there aren't ENOUGH of these blogs, just mushrooms popping up in disorganized fashion. You say oh he reads every thread...always replies to me there..yes no maybe...but still missing the point. That's not a COLLECTIVE scrutiny, it's limited to the people on that particular thread. Not TRANSPARENCY.

You want an excellent system of moderation? . You have to ensure collective participation by shouldering the burden using the ORGANIzED system provided. This website was founded on freedom of speech, I am sure jj wants it to be an ongoing experiment in democracy...but if you don't help him....?

My two cents. If you want to take 'em take 'em. If you don't don't. I still want to offer my best as long as I'm here. Btw, for the relative newcomers:the moderation and discussions on threads are a THOUSAND MILLION TIMES better ithan last fall. Could be a magnificent triumph of collective democracy...should be...but at this point...whose call?


(I originally said I wouldn't participate here unless the blog took off but it's so buried under the unfeatured (a note about that on the thread) that I really have to because it will be dead by tomorrow, even before. So I wll respond).


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Rosie T.

I am sorry I need to wait til Monday to answer the points

by Rosie T. on

 raised here. You too Javaneh, there is clarification. But I can't do it today and yesterday there was a glitch and I was unable to get in the website. Please come back tomorrow> The issues you raise are very important.




any thing i post and my friend post always get deleted

by Jasminebaha on

Latest News From Iran, War and Ekbatan Was deleted : (( not sure if this web site is run by an Aryan or JEW and Muslims in Iran...


Very Sad and ym friends are not posting anything in here from Iran.



People who keep the truth out will suffer in time take a look at Iran let it be lesson to you all. Take a look at manhattan... this could happen anytime anywhere when bad people are in power Yes even in internet.

Rosie T.

I will reply shortly and explain why I changed my mind about

by Rosie T. on

it, to the three posters.





by 99 (not verified) on




by javaneh29 on

I agree with the point I think you are making. Assuming we want to have freedom of speech we must all take responsibility for oursleves and how we conduct oursleves here. Not JJ's reponsibility to police or protect. It is one of the things I have come to appreciate about Iranian. com.



I know you're off this blog but

by The Percentage Guy (not verified) on

45% with you
30% confused
20% undecided
5% Republican