Why I Continue to Engage KS in Dialogue


Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

Why I do it. In his own recently posted words. Please read to the end...

KS...Killer Shark/KiaroStami....King Solomon/Kaposi's Sarcoma..

"I am here, because I am you, your neighbor, your shame, your fear, your hate, your past, your present, your future, I am your mirror, I am the friend you once had, I am the person you betrayed, I am the person you stoned to death, I am the first stone cast, I am the child that hung until the red left his lips, I am the mother who had to claim the body of her child, I am the father that could never wash his son’s body, I am the cold winds that ran up your back when you sense injustice, I am the emotion that makes you stare with fright and intrigue at a person as his life leaves his body, I am everything you do not want to be, I am a Muslim, a Jew, a Mazdaki, a Christian, a Sufi, a Bahai, I am hate, I am love, I am anger, I am sorrow, I am hope, I am your denial, I am your efforts to distance yourself from Islam, I am your excuses, I am your broken grave stones, I am your unmarked graves, I am tears, I am the desire to send steel rain to the IRI, I am your vengeance, I am your desire for a pound of flesh, I am your desire to distinguish yourself from Arabs, I am your contradictions, I am unfair, I am your humanity on a cusp, I am your irrational desires, I am your divorces, I am your failed efforts at love abroad, I am your failed attempted to fit-in, I am your changed names so it can be pronounced, I am your efforts to include your non-Iranians friends in the conversation, I am thousands of souls that never came back from the War – I am you! "

I am your laughter as the warm waters of the Caspian crashes against your feet leaving a million water nymphs squirming under and over your feet, I am your request and desire to stop and get warm, fresh kolocheh as you arrive in Mazandaran, I am the pain that brings a smile to your face as you walk over sharp seashells trying to reach the water, I am the purple skies over Perspolis, I am the wait for the order of jegar with salt bought at the street vendor [jegaree], I am the pieces of seeds[tokhmeh] spat from the upper balcony over the heads of the audience sitting in looj, I am the barley soup with a piece of bread being eaten on a cool winter day after the movies at Cinema Takhteh Jamsheed, I am the laughter of kids at a school playground at zangeh tafreh, I am the inner urge to “gher” when you hear bab-karam, I am the anticipation for porshikee, I am that bastanee ghefee, I am that fires coming from the tumble weed at Chahar shanbe souree, I am the crisp new bills you got for nourouz, I am the nouneh khameayee sold near Majlis, I am your how you feel when you mother asks what you want her to make you for dinner, I am the deep snow in Hamedan, the dates on the ground on the streets of Bam, I am the round faloudeh Kerman, I am the best ash you had in Tabriz, I am the summers in Astara, I am the mountains of Alborz and Zagroos, I am the hot, hot summer muggy nights of Abadan, I am the korsee at your grandma’s house in the dead of winter, I am the first gojeh of the season, I am the night skies over the Kavir, I am you!

If you have any further questions please ask yourself first before you ask me. Thank you.



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To "Anonymous": Please help me!

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Thank you "Anonymous" Jan for your encouraging words. Yes, I am now a whole new Kouroush, thanks to this deep passionate love I feel for Rosie. Please convince her to say YES to me. Otherwise.... oh man.... I might ask Nadia's hand in marriage instead! And Ve don't vant that, do ve?

Nadia is like my sister. I have a diferent type of love for her. But I might cross the line if rejected by Rosie T. You see what I mean? Thanks, buddy!


this is hillarious! I love

by Anonymous (not verified) on

this is hillarious! I love this new kouroush!


Has the world.........

by Nadias on

gone completely mad? What is going on? It is turning into a circus show.



While waiting .....Ode to Nadia

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

I offer this to Nadia... in case Rosie says NO to me!
Here we go:

a feline lost to certitude, servitude –breaking bounds,

Your memories, never forgotten

fleeing in the concentric, convulsive motion, churning in her soul,

shivering in the glamour of your past, echo

mirroring pools, dust wrinkled hand laborious campiseno

under the dust , striking blows seeking a breach in chains servitude, lost in her past

Discarded in her future

not known in her now

you are the clear torques pool of Cortez, never knew

mesmerized by love of land family Dios,

search out a path for me in this land bestowed to abusador
among the mirror pools reflecting a lost past – new fresh beginning.

at the flow of blood-red tears in my eyes

not see them in their kindred souls

not to take the well-worn path of history, conquest, labor - death

not see them in her shoes, kindred

silent gasp, pleading seeking a path – no response in those echos,

a hollow echo pitching back whipping her punishment, guilt, commune empty, a silent God with no more heads to turn for reply

burning orders, scorching dignity a man heavy hands no vision no mercy – a path on to his own

you - means to his end kindred spirits, a vessel to carry legacy, no echo no mirrors no wind

a duskless sun pours forth a song in the heat of the desert, an Eastern wind whipping through the reflecting turquoise pools a hand comes forth latching hard letting you

free , release, stand breath

you, alas

sense in my veins pulsing a past vision coming true in a free trade wind of love, passion, screaming of empty souls, thundering with a final voice

coming through the Arch,

In time with my every heart beat I see in their kindred eyes

Grounding love in a worn but not broken pestle

holding my baseas they pour our past, our hope, sprinkling love on their souls

(Will YOU marry me if Rosie says NO??? Hush Hush xox)


Will you marry me, Rosie?

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

People, help me. Read my poem and understand what I feel for Rosie:

O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!
It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night
Like a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear;
Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!
So shines a snow-white swan trooping with crows,
As this fair lady o'er her fellows shows.
The measure done, I'll watch her place of stand,
And, touching hers, make blessed my rude hand.
Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight!
I never saw true beauty till this night.

And to my Rosie:

If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this,
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To smooth the rough touch with a gentle kiss.


And continues ... while waiting for Rosie's response!

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Aww, Bach, Bach!

Kouroush Sassanian

Rouzhayee Zendegee continues . . .

by Kouroush Sassanian on

Aww, Bach, Bach!


Will you marry me, Rosie? Will you?

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

I've changed. I love all Muslims. I love Arabs, Jews (that I already did), other Zartoshtis, Buddhists, atheists, everybody. For you, I'll do anything.

Waiting for your response,

Kouroush xox


Please listen to Me Rosie

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Everytime that I log in, I become a different person. It is as if my old self comes back.

Again, I want to be a good person. If I get out of line, please correct me.

Again, Tough Love is what I need. Please encourage me


Oh, Rosie

by KouroushSassanian (not verified) on

I think I'm in love with you! What should I do? HELP!!!!!!!!!!


Rosie Jan

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Please do not encourage my bad behavior. It makes me jealous and angry when you stand up for someone else and argue against me, even though I may not be using my real name.

You have to understand this: Even though I may be using other names such as Kafka, when you come against Kafka, you are coming against me.

Again, please do not encourage my shortcomings. If there is one type of love that I need, that would be tough love!


Listen to Rosie and learn from her, children :-)

by Kafka (not verified) on

"you guys still don't understand why Kouroush says he's a mirror of you in your best and worst incarnations." WOW!

People, people! Listen to our resident missionary, Rosie. Learn from her. Understand her. We still don't undertstand why KS says what he says. We should listen more caqrefully to Rosie. When are we going to progress and become more like Rosie! ~ Scratching my head!
If you think I am KS, just read Rosie's analysis of our styles and follow her lead. Follow her, everyone. Follow her! We finally found our prophet(ess)! Rosie is the second coming of Christ! Oops, I mean Mahdi! Rosie is our Saviot! Oh, Rosie, save me too! Save ALL of us!




To All Cyber Humans

by LostIdentity (not verified) on

Your major issue is that you consider all these beings (THAT IS NAMES of POSTERS) in this forum as individual human beings. Well, that is , forgive me to say, utterly wrong. If you like to have peace of mind, I sincerely suggest all of you to take all the postings as "IDEAs" rather than true representation of opinion from individuals. I believe all people here have their mission. They know what they are looking for and for sure, you will only find a few to actually browse these threads to LEARN. If you are part of that few, you will be burned real badly. It's saddening that we let our wrath loose on people behind the curtain of internet.

Oh, If you are here to find friends, you are in wrong place.

Peace to all mankind;



by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

It's Rosie's affection for me that makes her so compassionate.

I hope that I am deserving of that. Thanks again Rosie


Rosie, your poetic

by Anonymous. (not verified) on

Rosie, your poetic discourse, and tempermental personality, prevents you from being objective. That's all I have to say for your case.

Rosie T.

Some general comments and Azarin / "XerXes"/Steel Rain

by Rosie T. on

A few people "got it", got my point in posting this piece by KS and I guess that means it's worth it. I especially want to thank Azarin. As always your writing is beautiful. I posted on Abarmard's blog that if you want to contact me off-line you should. Hope it's going better


First of all my hope is that if MORE people WOULD appreciate the numerous positive creative aspects of KS's writing and express it, he would devote himself to poetry and literature instead of hate invectives.  Nurture his creative, not destructive side. But some people are so POLARIZED here they won't even admit that this piece of his is even a GOOD piece of writing. That seems to me a shame..


Now, so much of this blog is about conspiracy theories and people accusing each other back and forth about not being who they say they and if it's true then the multiple posters are DEVIOUS and UNETHICAL and if it's false (and some of the accusations seem ABSURD) then the accuser is paranoid. But you guys still don't understand why Kouroush says he's a mirror of you in your best and worst incarnations. KS's Islam-bashing is PARANOID. Look at the TITLE of his first two blogs, he says be afraid. And so many of you are paranoid. KS is scorpionic, biting, devious at times and you accuse each other with the same vitriole.

So I stand by my post. I dialogue with KS because he has poetic insight, he's shown some progress, and he is the open wound.


I have to also say the discourse in general is getting a bit ridiculous when you have people somehow logging in unregistered under other people's names...and a XerXes person with the capital X's who doesn't sound anything like the XerXes I know who is familiar with my politics. How can I serously respond to things in the midst of such chaos and confusion? I'm thinking from now on I may have to just respond to registered users. At least on this thread. And you don't think that KS's confusion mirrors your own?

Finally the line about steel rain is KS saying he REFLECTS and VOICES the rage and anger of so many people who DESIRE steel rain, not that he ADVOCATES it, he mirrors the DESIRE. Anyone who doesn't see that didn't "get it." That's what he MEANS by "I am you." I am your fears, rage, split, etc. etc. Well...like I said, a few people "got it" so I 've done my job. KS can and SHOULD be ignored by many when he goes off on certain tyrades but to DEMONIZE him is just an excuse for the failure to look at one's own self. We're all part angel part demon, it's an age-old struggle, its Ohrmazd and Ahriman....no one person is THE DEMON INCARNATE.

Azarin Sadegh

to Miz mammad: She and I

by Azarin Sadegh on

Hi Miz,

Thanks for paying attention to my writings and sorry to disappoint...No, I am not "She". Still, since I am a software engineer, then I defintely know something about the IP addresses (like everybody else here), but at this point, it should be the only common point between She and me!  but yes..you're right! For sure, I have a few loose screws (I confess here :-), but none of them is gambling.

Plus, I am at the same camp as David Etebari (another proof of having loose screws) and I even tried to convince JJ that anonymous commenting is not a very good idea, so it is normal that I try to follow what I preach, so I almost always log in before commenting and I have never commented under another name.

Thanks again for having a high opinion about me, but please don't!


PS: Sorry Rosie for this out of context comment!



by manoochehr_RA.2 (not verified) on

Thanks for being honest about it
We all knew that you were one and the same


Sorry, Freudian Slip

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

I meant Kafka


Rosie is a civilizing missionary

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

This fuss is about Rosie's wanting to attract attention to herself. But more profoundly, it's about her colonialistic attitude toward my friend KS and all of us Iranians who come to this website.

Rosie is on this website as a civilizing missionary for the backward Iranians. She tells us how to behave, how to treat each other lovingly, how to all get along, how to heal our "wounded" selves, how to become whole, etc, etc. And she shows us off her knowledge of myths, archetypes, feminism, post-modernism, Kafka, Iranian history and traditions, Rumi and Hafez, psychology, politics, anthropology, astro-physics, you name it. She wants to impress us.
She preaches us to be "tolerant" of each other and "balanced" in our responses, yet as soon as you criticize her, she gets nasty and even vicious. She fought with "Nazanin" and myself (on another thread), simply because we criticized her. (She cleverly made her vitriolic statements to me deleted by a moderator). The lady does not like to be contradicted. She has no tolerance for anyone who does not admire her. She also has a temper. She needs anger management. She sympathizes with KS because she is exactly like him. She might not be antisemitic, but she behaves arrogantly toward us Iranians. She wants to educate us. She wants to pacify us. She wants to turn us into "civilized" people. She has the mentality of a colonizer. It's time for all of us to wake up. Why doesn't she behave like everybody else on this wesite? No one else is trying to save us from our "abyss" and "wounds"! Right?
I'd like to suggest to her to go back to her therapist and tell him/her that she has the "savior complex", that she is an "exhibitionist", that she is only "tolerant" of those who flatter her, that she suffers from "intolerance" and many other psychological issues. I hope she understands that many readers of "iranian.com" are offended by her colonialistic attitude. We've had enough of foreigners learning our language and culture, not to enjoy us for who we are, but to CHANGE us and MOLD us into what they think we should be. Enough is enough!


Yahirih was a typo!

by Tahirih (not verified) on

I am Tahirih by coice and Yahirih was a typo.
I really want to believe what Jamshid said and I will try to be fair ,but I will read his comments and will follow it to see if he is being true to what he says.
If you really are true then it would be the end of this misunderstanding.
We are all mar gazideh!!!

With the hope of unity of all of us,


Thank you jamshid, i find

by trustMe (not verified) on

Thank you jamshid, i find your post honest and heartfelt and wish you well, you are a friend.

Tahirih and Yahirih, these are 2 names i see with posts to jamshid. i am not sure if you misspelled Tahirih on your last post.
Please listen to what Jamshid is telling you.


Re: Tahirih

by jamshid on

What do you know about my character to pass judgement on me? 

1. I said "most of you ... have little exposure to those who have been hurt by IRI..." I didn't say All of you.

2. Do you think you are the only one who has suffered at the hands of the IRI? Do you know that there are some who have suffered a whole lot more than you despite of the losses of your dear ones?

3. You accused me of using the "F" word. Please provide a reference, because if you can't then you owe me an apology.

4. You told me that: "Ok you are not Hezbolahi!..." That's it? You accused me of being a hezbollahi, of being a member of the same crowd that has hurt me and my family, then you discover you were wrong, and all you have to say is "OK you are not a hezobllahi"???? What about an apology for the sake of politeness?

5. Another quote from your post: "you (jamshid) back them (hezboallahis) up when Mona or I use any bahai ideas in our comments..." And when did I do that? How can someone like me who has slammed Islam and Islamists so many times and who is constantly the target of hezbolahis' attacks, now all the sudden back them up?

I don't believe in religion, period. You don't seem to understand that when I criticize religions (Islam, chiristianity, Hindusm, Bahai, etc), it has nothing to do with "backing up" hezbolahis! It is a philosophical objection to religion in general.

6. Quote: "Your reaction to us Bahais is the same as them..." WHAT? "Them" are hezbolahis who want to eradicate your religion. "I" am a secular none-religious person who believes in freedom to worship and believe in whatever religion you want without fear of persecution.

If I criticize religion or god at a philosophical level, that does not put me (or my reactions) in the same category than hezbollahis. They are in totally different categories. I have the right to be respected by moslems and bahais alike when I criticize religions.

7. One more quote: "Having a hard life or going through suffering does not give you any rights to vebally abuse any other group..." Well, who is verbally abusing whom? Please stop this.

8. My support of Curious Joe was not political. Religous people, be it moslem, bahai, chirstian, or whatever else, have a tendency to believe that they have figured it all out, all the mysteries of the creation/god, and that they just "know" it all, and that they are enlightened and "touched" by god. Well, THAT PISSES ME OFF and I am tired of these self-thankfulness attitude.

At philosophical argumentation level, I have the right to criticize self-preaching religions people, as much as I have the right to do the same with any self-preaching political activist. I firmly believe in this right while at the same time I respect and even defend the rights of the very same people I criticize to worship whatever god they want.

9. And lastly and most importantly, I got nothing against Bahais. Some of my best friends were Bahais in my college years, and I have seen only good things from them. There are many in my life that I had even recommended them to study Zoroastrism or Bahaism as a better replacement for Islam.

I can say with confidence that you would only need to ask me, and I would do anything for you, if I knew it would forever put an end to your crying yourself to sleep at nights. My heart is and forever will be with you and with all others who are being oppressed by the IRI.

Now let's put this little misunderstanding to rest.



by shayda (not verified) on

He is smart. That's sexy.


To Jamshid :

by Yahirih (not verified) on

This is the language that curious joe used talking to Mona;

"You are one of the most fucked-up bullshit talkers (araajif-goo) on this forum. What do you mean by saying: "God is the great Physician Who alone can rightly diagnose the world’s sickness and prescribe the appropriate remedy."

First of all, there is no such a thing as God. The whole concept of God is a mere figment of human imagination – just to fool you and get your money. If a huge nuclear explosion or a comet hits the earth tomorrow, we’ll be all vaporized and gone, including your comments and my philosophies. The world's historical/hysterical sickness (through the succession of Moses, Jesus and Mohammad) needs a JOLT for people like you to WAKE UP and stop living in fairy tales and Disneyland of God, Religion, and Mickey-Mouse".

And this is what you said in his defence and approval:

"Although I sometimes don't agree with your political views, I do agree with your religious view. I definitely agree with your response in your last post. A sit-down-in-your-place and just shut-the-hell-up and buzz-off type of "power" response to some of these religious ignorants, is sometimes the only way to show them how misled they are.

In fact your response was so good and "roo kam kon", that I am formally requesting your permission to use your words exactly as you used them, in my future posts when it is called for"

Should I say more about your character and his!!!!!!!.


"Kafka" = "Kouroush Sassanin" (KS)

by Curious Alan (not verified) on

Latest update on KS's new names

Thanks everyone


"She" sounds a lot like "Azarin"

by Miz Mammad (not verified) on

I thought Azarin was a lot smarter than that. I guess she is buying into this B.S. by K.S.

I kind of always felt that there was a screw loose with her. Never could put my finger on it till now



by Internet.Geek.Ca-98 (not verified) on

it is not that difficult to do
Just trace it back
If you have some basic knowledge, that's all it takes
Use DOS - Good Luck


Las Vegas Gambler - Confirming You

by Internet.Geek.Ca-98 (not verified) on

Want to confirm you
I traced back too
Same computer for both
"Kafka" and "KS" (Kouroush Sassanian) are both the same person



by A (not verified) on

LOL! I agree she needs a different avatar, I'm sure she is much more flattering in reality. A reader from Iran asked on her Leila Poem , if this is a pic of one of the Shah's sisters when they were younger, Hmmmm... methinks there's a slight family resemblence??:o)