Why I Continue to Engage KS in Dialogue


Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

Why I do it. In his own recently posted words. Please read to the end...

KS...Killer Shark/KiaroStami....King Solomon/Kaposi's Sarcoma..

"I am here, because I am you, your neighbor, your shame, your fear, your hate, your past, your present, your future, I am your mirror, I am the friend you once had, I am the person you betrayed, I am the person you stoned to death, I am the first stone cast, I am the child that hung until the red left his lips, I am the mother who had to claim the body of her child, I am the father that could never wash his son’s body, I am the cold winds that ran up your back when you sense injustice, I am the emotion that makes you stare with fright and intrigue at a person as his life leaves his body, I am everything you do not want to be, I am a Muslim, a Jew, a Mazdaki, a Christian, a Sufi, a Bahai, I am hate, I am love, I am anger, I am sorrow, I am hope, I am your denial, I am your efforts to distance yourself from Islam, I am your excuses, I am your broken grave stones, I am your unmarked graves, I am tears, I am the desire to send steel rain to the IRI, I am your vengeance, I am your desire for a pound of flesh, I am your desire to distinguish yourself from Arabs, I am your contradictions, I am unfair, I am your humanity on a cusp, I am your irrational desires, I am your divorces, I am your failed efforts at love abroad, I am your failed attempted to fit-in, I am your changed names so it can be pronounced, I am your efforts to include your non-Iranians friends in the conversation, I am thousands of souls that never came back from the War – I am you! "

I am your laughter as the warm waters of the Caspian crashes against your feet leaving a million water nymphs squirming under and over your feet, I am your request and desire to stop and get warm, fresh kolocheh as you arrive in Mazandaran, I am the pain that brings a smile to your face as you walk over sharp seashells trying to reach the water, I am the purple skies over Perspolis, I am the wait for the order of jegar with salt bought at the street vendor [jegaree], I am the pieces of seeds[tokhmeh] spat from the upper balcony over the heads of the audience sitting in looj, I am the barley soup with a piece of bread being eaten on a cool winter day after the movies at Cinema Takhteh Jamsheed, I am the laughter of kids at a school playground at zangeh tafreh, I am the inner urge to “gher” when you hear bab-karam, I am the anticipation for porshikee, I am that bastanee ghefee, I am that fires coming from the tumble weed at Chahar shanbe souree, I am the crisp new bills you got for nourouz, I am the nouneh khameayee sold near Majlis, I am your how you feel when you mother asks what you want her to make you for dinner, I am the deep snow in Hamedan, the dates on the ground on the streets of Bam, I am the round faloudeh Kerman, I am the best ash you had in Tabriz, I am the summers in Astara, I am the mountains of Alborz and Zagroos, I am the hot, hot summer muggy nights of Abadan, I am the korsee at your grandma’s house in the dead of winter, I am the first gojeh of the season, I am the night skies over the Kavir, I am you!

If you have any further questions please ask yourself first before you ask me. Thank you.



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WTF...Islam sucks...muslim

by Anonymous1978 (not verified) on

WTF...Islam sucks...muslim blow pigs...


Is it me or it looks like

by annonymous (not verified) on

Is it me or it looks like Rosie's neck turns further than most other human-beings' could?


Mr. Kouroush S.

by KHAR (not verified) on

Hate comes from your Fears cleanse yourself from Fear! "Imagine..." love and the "World Will Be As One!"


I just want to be a good person ...

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Without hatred. Towards any person. Towards any religion.

Please help me accomplish that. Thank you


We love him just the way he is . . .

by PejmanBerlin (not verified) on

This is getting old and it is not cute!

But, it does appear that he draws more attention with his blogs or blogs about him or his posts when people like you follow him. This blog continues to be the most discussed, so all the power to you. I guess all the power to you and your efforts to make people read his blogs or posts or blogs about him. While doing so you spread his message and keep these blogs alive!

Get it in your head, we hate Islam and everyone that draws from its "peyaleh." So, you can call yourself whatever you want. We hate the Islamic republic of Iran, Islam and the likes of you.

Javid Iran.



by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

I am trying to improve mtself. Please do not encourage my old self.

It comes out when I log in.


I like the registered Korosh best!

by PejmanBerlin (not verified) on

He says things we all think of, but are too afraid to say. The other korosh is lame! All this talk about zartoshi, jewish supporter is stupid. No matter what, we know and love only one korosh, the other can jump into arvand roud.

The one we love hates Islam like many of us.


I shall not live in vain........

by Nadias on

Emily Dickinson (1830–86).  Complete Poems.  1924.

Part One: Life


If I can stop one heart from breaking,

I shall not live in vain;

If I can ease one life the aching,

Or cool one pain,

Or help one fainting robin

Unto his (her) nest again,

I shall not live in vain.




Hi Kouroush (Myself)

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

It's me. I mean it's you. I guess it must be us.

You Dr. Jekyl, and I Mr. Hide. Or is it the other way round.

I guess I am trying to keep both of us honest. Be good now

Kouroush Sassanian

You forgot to mention . . .

by Kouroush Sassanian on

That all Seyyed must be deported to Saudi Arabia via a long march from Iran.  


To All those Who Read My Comments

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

I want to make sure that you fully understand what my background is:

I was devoted to Mammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. Also, I am a Zartoshti, and when I was growing up, I grew up among the Jewish people.

Consequently, I developed strong negative feelings towards Islam.

Please remeber that when you are reading my comments in this blog. Thanks

P.S. I also use multiple names throughout this site. Names such as Ahmad Bahai, Anonymouspb, Anonymous2008, babakoohi, Kos Sher, and most recently, Nader Vanaki, and Kafka.

I'll keep you posted of new ones if I use them.


To: Nadia

by A.nonymous (not verified) on

I was talking to Rosie. She is the manipulator one. As for you, you are only a follower, a paa-manbari.


You're a charlatan

by A.nonymous (not verified) on

and a disturbed person. Get help!


yek kasi assessment on Haji is correct...

by Nadias on

Haji also does not have the social skills to communicate and interact with women. Anonymouse created a blog for Haji in which to find a mate. Many on the website have tried to find him a suitable match.

I'm not sure what can be done to help him but he does need help to find balance in his life.

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



hahahaha.......how amusing

by Nadias on

I am most certainly not looking for a husband here or anywhere else.  The focus of my life is academic. I seek knowledge and understanding, not a mate.

Thank you for the laugh. Your absurd statement was simply too hilarious.

By the way my people are not colonizers, rather they were colonized by others most viciously.

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)


Rosie T.

Kaveh, the only thing I had deleted here was one comment

by Rosie T. on

that was an exact copy of one that had already been posted and was put there to harass me. That's it.  A couple of ridiculous comments saying you can't criticize Israel on this website (with an anti-Israel article on the home page at the same time) must have been attached to it as a reply and got accidentally deleted with it. And I posted about that accidental deletion.

I didn't flag the first defamatory statement about me on my own blog but why should I tolerate the same post being reposted? It came only a couple of posts after the original one.



To Rosie and Nadia

by A.nonymous (not verified) on

Please stop manipulating the readers of this website. Your comments and your racist and colonialistic attitude are most offensive to us. Why don't you two get a life? No one will marry you. Ok? Now, buzz off, losers!!



by yek kasi (not verified) on

Hajiagha is not half-retarded, as you say it. I think he is probably dyslexic, and that's why he has problems with the written language, even Persian. And he mentioned that he has defended Iran, in the Iran-Iraq war. Perhaps, he is suffering from PTSD or related issues.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I don't want to see anyone's thoughts or beliefs censored or deleted, whether they are anti-Moslem, anti-Jewish, anti-Zoroastrian, or anti-perspirant for that matter. The only possible exception I can think of is that half-retarded "cartoonist" Hajiagha, because his incessant drawings depicting anal sex and his comments that all women who don't sleep with him are prostitutes are indicative of some sort deeper mental illness.

While many of the comments posted on this website have been unquestionably disgusting and objectionable (to put it mildly), deleting them is nothing more than the electronic equivalent of sweeping the dirt under the rug. It is still there.

I, for one, want to know who and what I am dealing with.





by chicken II (not verified) on

You need to stop insulting Iranians. They are not stupid. Many of my Iranian friends are multilingual. Many of the readers and writers on this website are multilingual.

I don't appreciate your continuing insults of Iranians. You keep saying that they are less intelligent and therefore need to be talked down to. I disagree. I think that Iranians are very intelligent.


EXACTLY!! The FIRST time you are making some sense! Please take your own advice! Read the above paragraph over , 100 times the next time you open your mouth! or in this case, the next time you type something.


Reply: Another chicken......

by Nadias on

 This is what I said......

It is best to leave him be. He does not want to understand. It is in vain.

I hope that you are doing well.

PS: You need to stop insulting Iranians. Many of my Iranian friends are multilingual. Many of the readers and writers on this website are multilingual.

I don't appreciate your continuing insults of Iranians. You keep saying that they are less intelligent and therefore need to be talked down to. I disagree. I think that Iranians are very intelligent.



Because you treat us like we are stupid!

by Another chicken (not verified) on


It is better to leave him alone. He does not want to understand. It was in vain.

I hope that this well.


Thanks to you two Geniuses ( Rosie & Nadia) who treat everyone here like you are above us all.Maybe if you didn't talk down to everyone , you would get more respect. Writing in spanish and assuming we are TOO stupid to understand another language, is a prime example!!



by Nadias on

es mejor dejarle solo. No quiere entender. Es en vano.

Espero que estes bien.



Thank you, Rosie

by Kafka (not verified) on

for civilizing us, Iranians.

Ks "in his own anti-Islam blog his tone has become civilized"!!! THank you, indeed, Ms.Colonizer!

Your civilizing attemps are most offensive to intelligent Iranians and should be stopped by JJ.

Rosie T.

Again, Why I Posted This...

by Rosie T. on

for those who don't understand. 

Because I've been trying for weeks to get KS to focus on his creative side, writing literature, seeing that my tireless intellectual and emotional appeals for him to abandon his destructive Islam-bashing weren't working. I also think if OTHERS focus more on this side of him, he will cultivate it more.

He has just published a beautiful poem called "Ode to Nadia". It is a recent unfeatured blog.  He is not participating in the anti-Islam debate going on in another blog and in his own anti-Islam blog his tone has become civilized, even lyrical.

I also wrote this blog because there is great truth in what he says, that he mirrors your own splits and dark tendencies, not necessarily in all specific individuals per se but in the website discourse taken as a whole.

Also because I was the one who requested to JJ that he not feature KS's anti-Islam blogs because they were so hate-filled, NOT only by him but by many others who CHOSE to participate in this way and some of whom were far worse offenders than he, in Islam, Judaeo, and ZORO-bashing (a new one for me!) The worst comments have been deleted.

Finally I posted it because it's beautiful.



None of this alters the reality

by Jobran (not verified) on

that Rosie is hot.


To Ardalan

by Anonymus (not verified) on

Wrong. Rosie is not a plant. She's a desperate woman looking for a rich hubby. Believe me, she won't quit before she gets one. I'm available but I'm too afraid
of her TWISTED NECK! :-) Imagine, she walks toward you while her eyes are looking the other way. That's scary:-(

Rosie T.

No one has the right...

by Rosie T. on

to exactly copy something that was just posted. It is a form of harrassment. It is not my fault that the rest of the chickens had clicked on reply and got deleted with the 100% clearly harrassing comment. And anyway I'm not even a Zionist and you know it perfectly well and to keep insinuating I am is just anti-Semitism. It was probably anti-Semitism too, Kafka, when you accused me of Muslim-hating after spending HOURS and HOURS debating Kouroush (and others) all over the website on their Muslim bashing. Not to mention your lovely title "Miss Shalom."  On THIS website of all places...

But go ahead, But have it your way. Talk to each other. Talk to yourselves. This is my last comment to the bunch of you. Have fun.


Please try to understand Rosie

by bored to death (not verified) on

Why are you guys so confused? Rosie is the "decider"
here on the "iranian.com". She says, "Kafka's comment was flagged because it was an exact repeat of a previous one and this is harassment." You see, exact repetition = harassment. You have to be careful. Don't repeat yourselves, 'cuz that would be harassment. Repetition=harrassment. Get it? Or should I repeat myself and take the risk of being deleted by the "Decider"???


We hate censorship by this Rosie

by Dude (not verified) on

Who the hell is this woman ? I mean ... come on, guys! Is she an editor here? Why does she censore people who disagree with her? Is she the new dictator around the block? I don't get it.