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There are currently at least two active threads concerning Israel/Palestine and the recent history of the Jewish people on this website. One of them is a blog by Medhdi Mazloom and the other is a photo essay called Being There by Alireza on the concentration camp of Sachsenhausen.  (Sorry, can't paste links). I am active on the second thread.

I would like to ask you to please at least SCAN up the thread BEING THERE  on the homepage from the beginning to get the gist of the conversation.  Then I ask you to please READ my two long posts, one early one, subject line beginning OKAY GENIUSES, and my recent post, To All, PLEASE Read.

Please do not comment on my thread here on this my blog. Please reserve your comments for the two active threads if you are disposed to participate on this issue

Thank you.  Motshakeram. Todah Rabah.


PS I note that there is now a featured blog by Zion, on "Pallywood." 


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by Anonymous* (not verified) on

Thanks Rosie jan for responding.

I did some search myself. It seems, this is a new site has established by United Stated government. I am sure all smart Iranians around the world could guess what the agenda is.

I have find two links. One is interview with chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors "James Glassman" which he talks about this site; the second link is very interesting. They just have opened an account on Facebook due to its popularity between young generations. Here they are:



Rosie T.

Hi Foaad our posts just crossed...

by Rosie T. on

so I'm editing out  this one and just reading yours!


Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! :o))))



by admin on

A few things:
Sounds like the navigation toolbar (Firefox) or the address bar (IE) is not on. Check the menus options for that.

In Firefox go to "View" -> "Toolbars" and make sure "navigation toolbar" is checked.

On the input formats. This is actually a tough problem because we're trying to support people cutting and pasting text from WORD or other sources which produces bad code on the input window. I just cleaned up your other blog entry and a bunch of extraneous HTML code was in there, not sure how they got there. Here's some tips until we figure out a better system (or take away options from this one to make it more predictable):

  • If you don't need it, disable "rich-text" mode and just type in plain text. The spaces get handled fine and the links automatically work.
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Sorry if it's confusing it's on the list of things to get improved.

Rosie T.

Dear Fish, ParsLoop

by Rosie T. on

I don't know about them and I can't ask jj about them because he won't talk to me because he's mad at me (LOL) but I would assume they have an agenda because every government agency has an agenda but at this point the really dangerous ones in the govt. are Bush//Cheney and minions and Congress when they are pusilanimous and cower to them. I believe the State Dept., like the CIA and the military, are so disturbed by the actions in the Presidency that any agenda they may have is not the imminently dangerous one..

and IMHO the agenda of the State Dept. has always been and always will be for the foreseeable furture an odd mixture of world friendship and world domination which cannot be separated, two sides of one same coin. And that's all I can really say about ParsLoop. I can't even research them until my computer's up. I'm in a pay by minute I'net cafe.


Rosie T.

Hi Foaad I can't paste links because I'm in an I'net cafe

by Rosie T. on

vecause my computer's down and I have to use the computer here ibecause it's much cheaper than other I'net cafes and there is something wrong with the computer , it doesn't show URLs whatever page I'm on.

I know how to paste links. I just don't get URLs here.

But I can tell you if you look at my prevous blog Drama Queen there is a message for you 2/3 of the way down about a real problem that is NOT because of the computers and you can see it in action.  We talked about it before.There were supposed to be THREE paragrapsh at the end and they showed up in the "draft" esection as three every time but the final version had one long "clum" and no matter what I did, voer and over, even if I gave TEN speces between the paragraphs, I never could separate the clump.

And it's DEFINITELY not the computer because it happens with the one upstairs too.


Whatever happened to Hajiagha?




Rosie jan..

by Anonymous* (not verified) on

One non related question - maybe you have some knowledge about it.

What is this new site "ParsLoop"? Their add is all over Iranian.com!

In their English section, if you click on "About Us" they say: "ParsLoop has been started with funding from the U.S. Department of State"!

Is this something like Iranian Radio and TV which have been sponsored by US government for specific goal?!
Just curious!!!


Why can't you paste links?

by admin on

Just copy the URL, it will turn into a link.