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Saïd Amin
by Saïd Amin

On February 29th I received an email from Jahanshah, titled, “For Sale ☺”.  Hmm. It looked innocuous enough. I figured that Jahanshah was likely trying to help a friend sell some furniture, property, or something else. I opened the message and literally re-read it 3 times to make sure that I was in fact reading his words correctly. 

“hola Said, I'm ready to part ways with iranian.com :)"

Huh? Say what?! My jaw dropped, and remained in that position for a good 5 seconds. I was absolutely shocked. My immediate thoughts were…

1) Is it April Fool’s Day? He’s got to be kidding, right?
2) Maybe he’s drunk and is just talking smack.
3) Did I upset him somehow?
4) No, seriously, WTF?!
5) We need to speak ASAP.

Once we connected on Skype to discuss his email, I realized that none of my initial thoughts were a factor in his desire to move on. Simply put, he sounded like a man at peace with his decision, and more importantly, incredibly excited to tackle a new challenge. Initially, it was hard for me to accept this, as it was so sudden and unexpected. Yet, I could not help but to feel excited for him, and his courage to start a new venture. Given all that he has done via Iranian.com for the community, the least I could do is be supportive (even if selfishly a bit disappointed). 

I’m stating the obvious for most of you, but for those who do not know Jahanshah Javid, he is the founder and editor of Iranian.com. The site has been serving Iranians worldwide, particularly the diaspora, for an incredible 17 years. I repeat, 17 years! In internet/technology terms, this makes Iranian.com a true web icon and a pioneer in the world of user-generated content and community building.

Like many of you, Iranian.com has served as a huge inspiration for me. I view it as a public institution of sorts, that empowers all of us to be informed, expressed and connected to Iranian culture. To best convey my feelings towards Iranian.com and Jahanshah, here is a quote from an interview he did with me in 2004:

“One winter day in the year 2000 while surfing the Internet (*ahem* at work of course), I stumbled into Iranian.com. The concept, content and geographic reach of this netzine was just amazing. I mean, Iranians from all over the world were writing in and accessing the site on a daily basis! *whoa* I had never before seen such an effective and moving online Iranian community. This was the first time that I really absorbed/appreciated the incredible reach and effectiveness of the Internet as a medium to unite and inform people (we all owe a BIG thank you to Jahanshah Javid for giving us such an amazing forum!).”

So what now?

We all continue what we have been doing here on Iranian.com for almost two decades; talking, sharing, laughing, crying, debating, and enjoying Iranian culture. None of this will change. What will change, by year’s end, is an improved platform with robust tools that further empower us to share, discover, discuss, moderate and tap into the pulse of Iranian communities worldwide. I will share more in the near future as we approach the launch date and I certainly welcome any suggestions you have for the new site.

Thank you all for making Iranian.com such a special and unique place; I'm thrilled and humbled by the opportunity to have a positive impact. Should you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments section below. 

Life is good!


Esfand Aashena

Mr. Saïd Amin!

by Esfand Aashena on

Saïd agha, congratulations on buying JJJ's shares and becoming the sole owner of iranian.com!  You must be rich!

I see that you're asking for suggestions and stating:

 What will change, by year’s end, is an improved platform with robust tools that further empower us to share, discover, discuss, moderate and tap into the pulse of Iranian communities worldwide.

Well!  Isn't that nice!  Just so you know, some of us myself included, are immune to these type of language and can decode it easily!  Please review this blog and see how the "Real Estate double speak" was decoded! Also please visit Language Decoder Part II!

So when you say "improved platform with robust tools" we understand you really mean "different colors and fonts"!

To be honest with you the only change that will be considered improvement will be  "comment control" for users.  If you can deliver that to us (something that JJJ promised but never delivered) more power to you and thank you.  If not, then same old same old!

Jackasses and Trolls should not be allowed to come into people's hard worked blogs and contributions and pollute it with their nonesense with impunity just "because they can"!  Everywhere else in the blogsphere this is a done deal except here!

Anyway, good luck and others may jump and say things about freedom of speech and tear their collars apart!  I may or may not respond but my suggestion and request for you will remain the same.  I can provide more links about this "comment control" discussions on iranian.com if you're interested.  For now I'd be interested to know if you have such a plan? 

Everything is sacred

Hafez for Beginners

Under 40s?

by Hafez for Beginners on

How can the site attract under 40 year olds? I think that will help with a reduction of anger and hatred. 

Soosan Khanoom

Let me welcome you again

by Soosan Khanoom on

And wish you luck which I am sure is much needed .... 

: ) 


Mr. Amin!

by amigo19 on

Welcome and lets move on.Best wishes for the promotion of unity, tolerance,respect and brotherhood among all Iranians,especially between the members on this site.I would like to have a change on the motto of this site, let it beEverything is sacred! I mean everybody should share what they believe is the best without attacking or looking down at other ideas.Cheers!


Dear Said

by ramintork on

My best wishes.


Do Not Shoot Me

خیر مقدم وخوش آمدید

Do Not Shoot Me

 لطفآ طی فرمانی عفو عمومی اعلام کرده تا همه اعضای قدیمی به این سایت بازگردند. 

 برای آن کسانی که قهر کرده اند وازاین سایت رفته اند هم لطفآ ایمیل بفرستید و خواهش کنید که دوباره این سایت را در نظر بگیرند.  

با تشکر فراوان 


Mr. Amin

by jirandoust on

Some people here talk like they have known you for ages. Maybe they do, but Sorry, I don't know who you are. I have been an IC reader and every once in a while commenter for god knows how long now, but unlike all these folks who are congatulating you left and right as if they have known you all their lives, I have no idea about you or your previous association with IC.

I don't mean to be rude. So Please forgive me for being so blunt about this. But IC in spite of it's shortcomings, is most likely the only forum out there that truely follows it's "Nothing's Sacred" motto. That makes this site very unique and important to most of us. So as an avid reader of IC, I think it would be fair for me, along with everyone else on this site, to ask the million dollar question: what will become of our IC now that is "under new management"? What changes, if any will take place as the result of this Acquisition/transition?

So for all of us readers, commenters, observers, radicals, pcifists, etc.  on this site please give us some background about yourself, your vision for IC and any changes we may see on this site in the future.

Thank you in advance and wish you luck in your new endeavor!

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Congratulations and Best of luck

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Said,

Congratulations on the purchase of the Iranian.com.

Moderating the IC will be a tough, and at times a thankless, job. I wish you success and best of luck. What has made IC "work" is JJ’s amazing honesty and integrity. Despite the fact that many of us have great differences with JJ’s politics (and sometimes with his judgments and decisions), almost all of the decent main posters respect his integrity and fairness.

So, basically be fair or try to be fair to the best of your abilities. Once the main contributors reach the judgment that you are honest and fair, then it will be peachy and easy.

Best of luck,




سعید عزیز:



که جهانشاه شروع کردند و ادامه دادند بسیار با ارزش و پردرد سر ولی ثمربحش ست.
  شما اینرا آگاهانه   پذیرفته اید و این نشان می دهد انگیزه اتان
قویست و ازتوانایی خود با خبرید. امید که کارها طبق دلخواهتان پیش برود.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Regarding blocked people

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Dear P_J, you are right about some people. However many blocked people are not psychos and are generally good people. My hope is they are allowed back. Then if someone goes psycho they could be blocked.


Greetings Mr. Amin, and welcome to IC!

by P_J on

I would like to congratulate you on your choice for acquiring IC, where we exchange opinion and sometimes let our frustrations out.

I also believe that JJ did a phenomenal job in keeping this site going for as long as he did, and I hope you do too.

I also would like to voice my opinion regarding the blocking of some of the contributors.   We obviously have some psychos that should not even be allowed the first time, but overwhelming majority of bloggers are descent and learned individuals, in my humble opinion.



Helloooo, We Are Persians!

by Faramarz on

Best of luck Said, and we will have fun, or die trying!

Nobody is scared, or was it nothing is sacred!


Hello & Goodby!

by Demo on

Sorry to say that this site is losing its momentum daily & soon we all will read your farewell message! Unless & unless something major is done quickly, like  by closing this commentator's account first! And that is not joke but a sincere request! Please do! Thanks & Goodby to all!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Said

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I guess by now you got more than your share of suggestions! You must be very patient to read them. Anyway I will give you my opinion rather than suggestions. I have been on IC for years as VPK. Before that I used other names and before that I posted as anonymous. 

This site has been going down for some time. In my opinion it is due to the following reasons:

  • Over zealous banning of members. There is not a week that someone new is not banned. Banning should be a last resort not a routine practice. The standard is: one person baits another one; the other takes the bait and goes off with an insult; the person taking the bait gets banned. In addition often the person doing the bait is also banned. One example is Mash Ghassem and SamSam.
  • There are some who monopolize all discussions; push out others and scream so loud nobody else is heard. I am not sure what the cure it but after a while people get sick of being insulted and called "IRI agent"; "Zionist" or whatever the insult is. So they just lose interest and move on. It seems like people are taking lessons from the "Sacha Cohen"; not my idea of a civil or decent person.
  • There is a lot of rehashing of old grievances. How many times do we need to read about Dr Mossadegh? How many empty declarations from MEK? It will be good to have some topics that are relevant today.

These are just my opinions and others may not agree. I don't know what the solution is or whether other people even agree with me. You are the administrator now so I guess you have to decide. Best of luck to you. VPK


سعید آقا کیست؟


وقتی نظر های دوستان رو یخورده خوندم متوجه شدم که برخی کم و بیش با شما آشنایی دارند

چرا من ندارم؟

برای کشف این مسئله مراجعه کردم به شناسنامه شما در همین سایت


1 year 15 weeks

ولی دیگر هیچ نشانی ...مطلبی...عکسی...هیچی دیگه پیدا نکردم

نتیجه اخلاقی آقا سعید باید آدم ساکتی باشه

کسی که یک سال و 15 هفته هیچی نگه...و ننویسه کمتر پیدا میشه

با آرزو های خوب

مطرب رسمی سایت


این لقب رو خودم بخودم دادم


Mohammad Alireza

You got it right....

by Mohammad Alireza on

I am glad to see you used the term "community" because that is exactly right; a cyber community, but still a community.

We have been scattered around the globe, which is good, becaue everything we learn from other cultures will enrich our own culture, and go towards creating a better community for all Iranians, no matter where they live.


M. Alireza



by Truthseeker9 on

I agree with Jason in everything he said. I know you will want to give this place your own touch and I hope you will enjoy it. 


Jenab Saïd Amin

by All-Iranians on

Thank you for your Hello Note. You are doing great. All-Iranians are sure that due to your good hard work and under your wise and caring management the Iranian.com in near future will become such a precious treasure that even you will hesitate to sell it out!

Anahid Hojjati

please use the good features of facebook and

by Anahid Hojjati on

hire some smart people who know how to get around annoying features of facebook. It would be nice to still have the article section which would be the space where the future editor will use her judgement (or his, I used her since Nazy jan was mentioned by Jahanshah), to select articles and feature them.

The blog section would become something between the present blog section that we have and a personal facebook. Each reader would see first and foremost (featured) blogs written by their favorite authors. There should still be a limit on number of blogs and posting since it is not ideal when in facebook some people post too many stories a day.  We would wish our facebook friends could prioritize which one of their 20/30/40 posts a day were more important for us to read.

Point is if we can have the new IC to keep good aspects of present IC and adopt those convenient ones of facebook (such as ease of post , etc) then that would be ideal.



by Albaloo on

Welcome and I hope that you are going to make this place more exciting.  



Wish you well ...

by reader1 on

for  future.


For the last 17 years,

by jasonrobardas on

  I have read this site and commented on issues once in a while ...The previous editor (JJ) was truly a gem!  He created a platform where everyone , regardless of his belief, could freely express himself . He was a liberal and tolerant individual who  showed impartiality and fairness . In otherwords, he followed the principles of journalistic ethics .

  I am hoping that IC will continue to be a democratic medium. I wish you the best Mr. Said Amin.



by yolanda on

Thank you for the introduction! Looking forward to the new platform or new format!

Good luck!


Future belly dancer in Kafeh Molan Rouj (approximately 3012-3018 AD)

P.S. Now I know this is a jaw-dropping transaction literally! Hopefully nobody's jaw got dislocated!




Welcome Home

by hossein.hosseini on

Saiid Jaan.

Could not think of any better person than you to lead Iranian.com to the next level.  Knowing how creative and humble you are, the site is in good hands, best wishes, Hossein Hosseini


Welcome - await your launch blog.

by MM on



Personal touch

by مآمور on

This is surely a good start, being in touch on a personal base with rest of us would be like having the manager on the sale floor!!

I wear an Omega watch

Anonymous Observer

JJ actually put a smiley face in his sales proposal?!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

He's really addicted to that symbol. Perhaps he can get some treatment for the condition down in South America. Medical care is pretty cheap there.


Welcome Saïd

by divaneh on

I wish you success in this venture and hope IC continues on its improvement path under the new management/editorship. I am glad that JJ has sold the site to someone with as much affection for the site as himself.

Good luck


Current belly dancer in Kafeh Molan Rouj


Mr. Said congratulations or condolences! It's too early to tell!

by fanoos on

We should wait a year or so before extending that to you until you have had ample chances in dealing with the most high-maintenance group of folks you could ever gather in one place, yours truly included!

One thing you are not going to have a shortage of is the abundance of suggestions by different people telling you how to conduct your business and run your operations regarding IC! Advice is always good but too much of it can become counter-productive!

But, as you are gathering your thoughts and strategizing for the future of IC please bear in mind and consider that any high class joint reserves some back rooms where its rowdy customers can gather around and engage in aragh khori, khanoom bazi, ghomar bazi, kicking each others @$$, and having fun, as long as, it stays in the back rooms and doesn't cause for the cops to show up!

With that thought, I wish you a great start and an easy road to a successful future for IC!



Ex-belly dancer in Kafeh Molan Rouj, 1960-1968.

Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

Said Amin: Welcome. My background is in the Arts. From that perspective, watching Iranians on Iranian.com get into frequent fist-fights and squabbles has always been amusing, if not disheartening. "Why can't they focus on their strengths?"

Strengths vs. Flaws: I do hope the new leadership affords new horizons for Iranians to celebrate the profundity of their heritage. Because, just as the Italians look nuts when they're in their world of politics (Berlusconi, case in point) yet - tens and hundreds of millions go to Italy as pilgrims of Art, Design and the celebration of the human soul. My little corner is Hafez - because it really tickles me to know that in the world of mysticism and spirituality - our culture's literature and poetry is like the "Georgio Armani" or "Da Vinci" of the fashion and design world. I love that, it's both very empowering and  humbling.

Again, I hope the site would enable us to focus at least as much on our incredible heritage, as on our flawed political strength. 

Welcome, again Said -  And thank you Jahanshah for keeping this going and alive for some 17 years.

Afsaneh Mirfendereski