Last tango in Tehran as Greens go Red

saadat bahar
by saadat bahar

Friends, Iranians, Countrymen

With the approach of Red Wednesday, the Green Movement should again demand free, competitive and all-inclusive elections. This is an important part of a solution to the current crisis. The Movement should at all times, all circumstances and all places demand free and competitive elections.

On Red Wednesday, Green supporters should also demand:
- Freedom of the media
- An end to the police brutality
- Release of political prisoners
- Freedom of political activity

These demands should be pursued through non-violent ways and means. Physical violence and verbal abuse are contrary to the interests of the Movement.

Green activists will celebrate the national Red-Wednesday tradition. They will demonstrate their social and political presence. They are aware that their opponents will try to cause harm and inconvenience to the people, or carry out destructive and anti-social behavior in order to defame the Green Movement.

Long live the peaceful Green march
Long live political tolerance
Long live the Iranian enlightenment


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