How to seed pomegranates for Yalda!


by Sadra

Happy Yalda everyone!  It wouldn't be a proper Yalda celebration without pomegranates, would it?!

Years ago, we could never find fresh pomegranates in American stores.  These days pomegranates and pomegranate juice are all the rave in America!  Excellent!  I'm sure Iranians would like to think that we have had something to do with this!  The delicious "fruit of heavens," as Iranians like to refer to pomegranates, are a bit tricky to seed, however.  They could make a mess as too much pressure might break the juicy seeds, or they might take forever to seed.  I would like to show you a few video clips of Americans showing us how to do this.  Even if you already know how to do this perfectly, these might be fun to watch.  Eat your seeded pomegrantes plain, with a sprinkle of golpar ("mountain pride" or "Persian majoram"), or with your favorite pastry or vanilla ice cream.  Happy Yalda!

This guy does it the way I have seen it done in Iran:


This Gourmet chef says she learned how to do it right in Spain (a more glamorous and "gourmet" way of the same method):


This guy's "secret" is to seed them in water:


This chef also seeds them in water (I think that guy's secret got out!):


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Thank you Sadra

by divaneh on

Thank you for educating me more. I always thought they only eat eggplant like that.


For divaneh

by Sadra on

How to eat a we go!



I know now

by divaneh on

Very good. I now have to find out how to eat a water melon.


Too many membranes left through the top 2 techniques!

by Monda on

Not only I hate the bitter effect of membranes interfering with my enjoyment, but also you'd be left with lots of seeds still stuck in the shell.  A big waste if you ask me.

My prefered methode is the 4th clip.  

 Thanks Sadra!

P.S. My other objection to the 2nd one is I don't like her advice on adding sugar or alcohol to no anars.  Nothing should come between those wonderful juicy seeds and My taste buds. 

Louie Louie

My way of seeding is good

by Louie Louie on

Theirs is very polite, mine is just violent. I attack the poor thing savagely. I end up with a face all bloody and nasty and the kitchen gets to look like a murder scene :o))