Nowrooz Music (1): Gol-e-Pamchaal


Nowrooz Music (1): Gol-e-Pamchaal
by Sadra

"Gol-e-Pamchaal" is the oldest Nowruz-time song I can remember. Though it was originally performed by Rouhparvar and later  Nasser Massoudi, singers from Rasht in Gilan Province, it was later performed by multiple artists, male, female, and children.  Something about this song is very uplifting and joyful.  Here are a few different renditions of the favorite Iranian oldie.  Enjoy and peesh be sooye Nowrooz-e-Pirooz!

Sheila Nahrvar:

Parisa Daneshvar's Children Ensemble:

Shaghayegh Kamali:

Nasim Khozein on the violin:

Hooman Tabrizi on the piano:

Bijan Bijani:

Farid Farjad on the violin:

Mohammad Khordadian Dance Company dance to Gol-e Pamchal:


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