Re-election of Dr. Amir Khadir to the Quebec Parliament


Saead Soltanpour
by Saead Soltanpour


Dr. Amir Kahdir , a neurologist
, an Iranian Quebec Canadian socialist  


Report by Saeed S0ltanpour
rahehal TV prog.

Tue. Sep 4 , 2012 which was a rainy day , we drove to Montreal to covert the election and to be at Amir Khadir victory event.

I had sent a request in French and English On Sun Sep 1 to Dr. Amir Khadir, after covering the CUPE and OCAP press conference in Vaughn in front of Liberal Candidate for Vaughan at 10 am .
we arrived at 7:30 in Montreal . the event was at Olympia theater at 1004 St. Cathrine St.
there was some road closures on St..Cathrine. We had to ask address from 2 cab drivers .
we got there at 8:15 . we got in from Media door. there was no room for camera at the stage set for the media.


we set in some corners.
it was so much noise ,  cheering and booing inside the theater . when the TV showing Jean Charestژان شاره  , the crowd booing , when the TV showing the result for Quebec Solidarity , the crowd going crazy with the sound of the music.
after the finalization of vicotry of Francois David , she and AMir khadir arrived in the salon Francois David elected for the first time , Amir Khadir was elected as 2nd term
the votes of the party is doubled.

I congratulated Dr. Khadir and our joy of his reelection as an people politician as an Iranian Canadian which is a good role model

for those younger generation who are willing to be in politic. interviewed Dr. Khadir, his sister , Dr, Arezo Khadir and his fatehr , Jafar which I will air on Thu. Sep 6
also, I interviewed Mrs. ELahe Sholkraei(Mashof) , a feminist and political activist who was a candidate, too
DR. Arezo Khadir and me
Dr.Amir Khadir and me
Elahe Shokraei(Mashof) with victory sign
General election # of candidates # of elected candidates # of

votes % of popular vote

2003*73 0 40,422 1.06%

2007 123 0 144.418 3.64%

2008 122 1 122,618 3.78%

2012 124 2 263,233 6.03%



Dr. Amir Kahdir , a neurologist
, an Iranian Quebec Canadian socialist  


Amir Kahdir was the most
popular politician in
before the students protest . Amir Khadir supported the cause of students.   He also tirelessly fought for the construction
corruption Mafia _government shady alliance which pushed Jean Charest to accept
the inquiry which leads to one arrest for now.

Israeli lobby in Quebec tried behind to prevent Amir Khadir from re-election
for his stand on Palestinian human rights which are systematically abused by
the Israeli governments ,the violation of the Palestinian rights which some of
them has been condemned by The UN in the past and ignored by the Israel
Government  .

Amir Khadir has always stands on the side of Iranian people by condemnig the violation of Human rights in iran  



after the interviews we tried to reach to party Quebec rally for the victory of Mrs. Paulin Marois at 57 St. Cathrine . when we got there , the street closed down by police for the shooting . we heard that the terrorist was the attacker was shouting " wake of English Canada , there were two injured which one victim died later on .
Wed Morning we went to the crime scene . police still was investigating . there were tens of police cruise and command post. there was no word if the attacker has acted alone or it was an organized crime by a group of anti separation .
however, the violent action of the person is condemned , while PM, NDP leader and Liberal leader has issued statement , there is some question raising on the future of Quebec and Canada to seek non violence and democratic ways to negotiate the differences and to stay in Canada.
the link of web for the pics is //

a real question is why the police could not be tipped off in advanced on a such sensitive voting day in Canadian history to prevent the man from his violence and terrorist act which will have a lot of negative consequences in the Quebec politics and Canadian politics , too


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You are very welcome

by Souri on

Actually Mr Khadir and his wife and also Mrs Shokraee, are good friends. Very great and integrated people who are the strongest icons of the Iranian community  in Montreal.

But I, and my whole family have voted for Mr Charest.

Quebec will never go nowhere without the "Liberals". Charest departure from the Quebec political scene, is a loss we deplore strongly.

Good luck.


thanks for the correction

by Saead Soltanpour on

Dear Souri

thanks for the correction.

the pronounciation of the names in French is not easy. but you are right

all the best

Saeed Soltanpour

روزنامه نگار- تورنتو

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How to spell politics in French Canada.......


His name is Jean Charest , not Jean Share

by Souri on

This is not the first time that you pronounce the name of the persons , wrongly! Learn first, what/who you are talking about, at least!