Azerbaijani Students Demand Education in Their Mother Tongue in Iranian schools

by Savalan

The Azerbaijani-Turks have been demanding the right to education in their own language, Azeri-Turkic, through peaceful means, from writing collective letters to Iranian authorities to staging peaceful, non-violent demonstrations.


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Mother Tongue vs. Separatism

by jirandoust on

These poor kids seems to have a lot of difficulties speaking Farsi. By all means, let them read and write in their mother tongue. It's their right, no questions!

But the game changes the minute you mix that with separatism. Azerbayjan has been an inseprable part of Iran. Don't evn think about separating it from Iran. Do you hear me, Natanyahoo? 

Babak K.

Dear Savalan, When my

by Babak K. on

Dear Savalan,

When my wife was in the hospital to give birth to our twins, I notice something amazing in the hospital.  Everywhere in the hospital all signs were bilangual, meaning in both English and Spanish.  It is unfortunate that my fellow Ayro Iranians are too narrow minded to realize the importance of mother's language for every kid.  My kids speak Farsi and english, likewise I wish all Azarbaijani kids can learn Farsi and Turkish at the same time.

First Amendment


by First Amendment on


Azerbaijani Turkish, Language of more than 30 millions in Iran

by simitenbiri on


thank you for bringing up the issues related to discriminations
agains Azerbaijani Turks. Withouth discussing and informing the wider
Iranian population there is a great possibility of big clash due to
misinformation in near future.  The emotions runs hot within
Azerbaijani community and activities have been increasing.  But
response from Iranian government and most position forces have not
changed. They appear to beleive that if you ignore the problem it
would go away.

reality is Farsi speaking population have very limited understanding
about issues faced by milions of Turks, Kurds and other non Farsi
speaking population.

level of debate has been very law on this subject. Perhaps this is
due to the fact that Fars intelligentsia and media has an ultra
nationalistic tendency and many would like to see Iran as the
continuation of an ancient Persian Empire, rather than helping to
bring Iran to 21st century.


First Amendment


by First Amendment on

That's better...........non-violent..........peaceful means........


There is no Freedom in IRI, so I feel sorry for them

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

otherwise the principal of learning and being educated in the common national tongue first and then other tongues in own time is what is done all over the world. Chinese first learn in mandarin for all the regions before their own local language Indians first must all learn ordo for all the regions before their own local language.  Scots/welsh first must learn english for all the regions before their own local language.  Americans first must learn English, for all the regions before their own local language spanish/portugese etc