looking for recommendations from the world travelers

by sbglobe

I am going to Brussels for a week to visit my sister in late October. While I am there, we are planning to go to Amsterdam and Paris with train. Because of time limit, I do not think that we will be able to stay in either city more than a day. I was hoping those of you who may know either of these cities can make some recommendations in what to do while there. I rather to stay away from places that are too “touristy”. Thanks for any tips!  


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ahleh haal hastam but not kheli :-)

by sbglobe on

Thanks Ostadd! Thanks Souri jan for all suggestions!


Places to visit...

by Ostaad on

In Amsterdaam, besides the places JJ mentioned, make sure to visit the "red light district". In addition to a lot of "eye candy" the best food, mainly Chinese, Thai and other kinds of international food abound - Dutch food like the British food does not worth a damn (don't worry the place is super safe and believe or not a lot of families visit it too). If you are "ahleh haal" check out the Bull Dog and other "coffee shops" - you will be thanking me for the rest of your life. There are also the new line of psilocybin or mushroom stores for those who are "kheli ahleh haalan".

The Thalys, which is the super fast train between Amsterdam and Paris has two trips a day and it takes 6 hours from Amsterdam to Paris. The good news is is stops in Brussels (Bruxelles) too. So Three hour from Paris to Brussels and another three hours to Amsterdam. Digheh az ghoda chi meekhay?


In Paris, beside the usual museums and myriad of food and art places. Send you sister shopping on The Champs-Élysée, and make sure to check out the Crazy Horse, right there at the foot of the Arch de Triumph (very pricy, but worth every centimes), I promise you'll have sweet dreams for the rest of your life.  Stay away from the Pigalle and other tourisy "entertainment places" like the Moulin Rouge, they are strictly for tourists and are not worth it.

Bon voyage and don't forget to bring some soghaati.


Water Bus !

by Souri on

In both city, they have those water bus which take only one hour or so, to get an overview of the city.

While in Paris, I love the Quartier Latin, it is at the heart of Paris, where is Notre-dame-de-Paris Cathedrale and the Ile-Sain-Louis street which is situated between the two branches of the Senne river, very romantic, and you can dine either at "Nos encetres des Gaulois" in Ile-Saint-Loui st. or one of those good restaurents of Saint Germain Boulevard.
Of course for a more fancy soirée, you can choose the Crazy Horse !!

Oh, once in Paris, never  forget the Sacré Coeur (Mont Martre) it is more beautiful in the evening and you can have a drink at "La Boheme"
where Aznavoor began his carrier first.


Thanks Guys!

by sbglobe on

No I do not know French but my sister does - so no worry there. I am sure she is planning something too but I want to be a bit prepared as well - Thanks Again! Shahnaz

Red Wine

About Paris

by Red Wine on

Paris is one of the most spectacular sightseeing cities in the world containing a wealth of history and culture and i am sure you can not see all parisian beauties just in one day specially if you don't know french .

I recommend to you ;

Eiffel Tower :


Paris Moulin Rouge Show :


Seine River Cruise :


Enjoy it and have fan :=) .

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Go to the Van Gogh museums:

And the Rijksmuseum (to see works by Rembrandt and other Dutch masters):