LIBERALISM - the core problem of Iranians


by Schahram

Old story... Our actual “Iranian” problem -- the Iranian “opposition” -- is totally paralyzed. And we have no leader. What is the reason? From some of the people's comments I have sensed that we also have found out that our problem is British LIBERALISM (John Locke).

One of my friends recently has made an interesting discovery. Maybe he found out something which can change the Iranian problem with one action. I am serious. My friend started to write a series of articles first in German, not Farsi. I want just to list a few points. The main thesis is, that Iranians have not understood until today:

1. That the roots of the 1979 Revolution 1979 was the Constitutional Revolution of 1905.

2. That the 1905 Revolution was in reality a struggle between Russia-backed Shah and the Liberal, British-initiated, Constitutional Movement

3. That Liberalism is an ideology like all other ideologies (e.g. communism) and that they use words like Human Rights, Freedom, Democracy as communists used the word “Workers Rights” etc.

4. That the aim of Liberalism is Democracy, but not in the sense we Iranians think, but just to control the exploitation of a country via elected politicians. The Revolutions in England, France and Iran were just aimed to break up traditional structures, to destroy nationalism under the Shah and exploit other countries. Alas: LIBERALS can never offer a proper solution for Iranians seeking for freedom.

5. That Democracy has already been achieved in Iran, because Democracy only means: elections every every four years, a weak president, a parliamant, different bodies checking each other. As we look at the ideological definition of Liberalism, one thing is most important: the protection of property through the state and the right to accumulate as much wealth as you can. Something they have achieved in Iran in 1979.

Why do Iranian Liberals go to the White House? They talk to Obama about what? What can they offer, these “Moderate” Islamists? Can they be better then the current situation?

Liberals cannot be part of an IRANIAN SOLUTION, they are PART of the PROBLEM!

We have started a very fruitful discussion in on a German website. We would also like to start a similar discussion in the US and Iran itself.

My request:

1. If you are interested please read the article series (3 parts) in Farsi, which I could send to you during the coming days and weeks. The first part contains the history of the British Revolution in the 17th century. The following two parts will deal with Iran and British Liberalism, also a historical analysis.

2. Do you have a network of young editors, who can spread the word?

3. We also are thinking about Iranian radio/TV Stations in the US. Do you have a network there? We want “our politicians” and intellectual “Elite”, from Shahzadeh RP until Islamists, at least to take a stand.

Thank you very much


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What it "really " means is that,

by Zendanian on

Carl Schmitt has found yet one more "follower."

Carl Schmitt as the 20th century's ultimate anti-Liberal theoretician. See below:

Carl Schmitt



Dear friends,  thanks

by Schahram on

Dear friends, 

thanks for comments, but this "article" was not meant as a starter, but just was part of a short "conversation" between me and Jahanshah. The "real" article serie will follow hopefully soon, I hope for discussions. I know, the theory, that liberalism is part of our problem sounds provocative, but maybe some of us will understand, what it really means..


Unconditional political freedoms: tis a good starting point for

by Zendanian on

our seemingly permenantly despostic political culture in Iran.

Of course such notions of unconditonalilty has its roots and origins in Liberal thought and tradition.


Liberalism, or at least a good portion of it is a MUST for Iran

by Zendanian on

Contrary to all authoritarian schools of thought (from "Left" and Right) Liberalism is a big part of the solution to our political problems in Iran.

Also contrary to some popular belief, in Iran we don't have a "single" obstacle or problem stopping us from acheiving freedom and equality but an array of issues, political, structural, historical,...

1905 Constitutional Revolution was a direct continuation of the Babi movement in Iran (just see how many Babis or Babi inspired leaders were leading that movement). Babi movement itself was an outgrowth of social contradictions in Ghajar Era. In Western social sicence such movements are also refered to as Millenarianists.

A significant and positive aspect of Liberalism that WE STILL LACK in Iranian political culture is the notions of toleration, specially toleration of the opposite views.

Of course Librealism has always been weak on issues of economic equality. But then again no one is perfect.

It is the task of our generation to synthesis the needed amalgamation of political discourse and set of social actions to establish a society free from oppression and poverty. Cheers


Why are Iranians in the US disorganized? One word ...

by MaryamJoon on