Ready for democracy? Iran Survey 2008


by Schahram

Just imagine, all Iranians could express theire opinion about the political and cultural situation in our country publicly and online. Not tomorrow or in a few years, but right now.

My name is Schahram Schamsawary, I am a Facial Surgeon living in Germany. I have started a short survey about Iranian´s attitude towards politics concerning our homecountry. We Iranians have vivid discussions about our own, but do we really know, what iranians think? What do they think about about religion, democracy, the revolution, what do they wish in the future? Do Iranians in Iran have different opinions about these topics compared to those outside of Iran? When I visited Iran in 2003 , I put pictures of young people, especially from young woman online (with the friendly support of to draw peoples attention to the young people´s and woman´s situation. The more positive resonance was amazing, so I decided to go ahead with this second project.

Let me tell you a few words about who I am and about my intention. In my view Iranians are more democratic than any other people in the middle east. I think, that the media in Europe pay nearly no attention to that fact. So it is us, that we have to draw the media´s attention to that fact. It is not enough to keep this information between us. So what we should have are numbers and facts. This is why I decided to start this big survey. The more Iranians take part, the more we can do for us. Please notice, that I neither belong to a political party or organization nor I want to belong to any of them. I am working on this project alone, I belong to the free iranian network community as you. Please move this message forward to everyone you know, in the world and especially in Iran, who would take part.

I am inviting all Iranians to take part to find out, what we really wish for Iran. If I could convince you, please click on:

// or the direct path to the survey:

For Iranians outsiede of Iran:


For Iranians in inside of Iran:


The first results will be published in 8 weeks.

Thank you very much, for taking part,

Schahram Schamsawary


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I participated... I don't

by Anonymouso (not verified) on

I participated... I don't know how many others have?


Already four people have

by Schahram Schamsawary (not verified) on

Already four people have taken part in that short time. Considering the early time in the morning.. Mamnun, please keep on taking part and ask as much family members and friends to take part or help them. I will publish the results here in 8 weeks.

Schahram Schamsawary