Got pictures and/or films of Iran?

by sima

Here is a great opportunity to show your photos or films and be part of an interesting and worthy effort. My friend Shapoor Vali just sent me this email:

“’Exploring Iran,’ an Iranian/Persian cultural evening sponsored by Coalition for Peace Action of Princeton (Reverend Robert Moore, Executive Director) will be held January 27 in Princeton, New Jersey. The program will include an introduction to modern Persian literature, music, and slide/video show about Iran. We are trying to put together a visual presentation of Iran that reflects both the geographic and the socio-ethnic diversity of the country. We are looking for visuals that maintain their resolution quality when projected on larger screens.”

This is an effort to put together a program that can travel to different towns, giving American audiences a little introduction to and taste of Iran. The idea is to create partnerships with local organizations and townships to present these evenings. The events will be composed of a core program (talks, music, pictures and films) augmented by contributions from local Iranian communities. If you would like to contribute photos, films, or anything else to this effort contact Shapoor Vali,

Let’s hope breathing a little life into that lulu khorkhoreh called Iran (courtesy of various American establishments) will have a good effect on the American public!


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thanks for sharing the information !

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From east cost, thanks for sharing the information. :)