Traveling To Iran?

by sobh

One of my friends is planning to go and visit his family in Iran soon. After all the recent turbulent and worrying news about Iran, he asked my opinion regarding how safe it is now to travel to Iran, I said, I don't know. I thought to myself, let's ask Iranian community outside of Iran and see what is their opinion and recent experience, especially those who have traveled to Iran recently. If you have traveled to Iran recently, please provide some insight, how were you treated? Were you traveling with your Iranian passport, or with your foreign passport (American, European etc.)? Did the government of Iran know that you have another passport? Have you had any problems getting In- and Out of the country because of your dual citizenship? 


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by amirkabear4u on

have god in your heart, THEY ARE SCARED OF GOD.

haha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Fairness and Equality in Justice


Do not worry if you are not on their black list

by erooni on

I just returned from Iran and had no problem .when you go and leave Iran they stamp your Iranian passport,but air line checks your passport to see that you are citizen of the country that you are traveling to.


You're not "accidentally hiking across the border"

by hass on

Are you?

Anahid Hojjati


by Anahid Hojjati on

Couple months ago, I read about a new book that had been published titled

عروض به زبان امروز 

sounded like an interesting book. It was nice that a friend was travelling to Iran in a few days and he agreed to bring it to me. I am thankful to this friend that today I got my book, almost hot off the press in Iran.


If you plan to visit Iran

by aynak on


and you are not a *known* anti-regime personality the only thing you have to be sure to do prior to your visit is to get all your paper work in place.  Even if it takes you a year to do, do it before going back or you may have a heck of a time getting it sorted out there.

1-Birth certificate  (has it been updated post revolution), if not get that updated.

2-National ID # (it is required for transaction in Iran, and almost everything, so get that as well)

3-Updated passport including exit seal.

Personaly while in Iran, I do not travel by air.   Train and buses are the safest.    And watch front-back-sides skies under your foot before you cross street, you have to be fully altert. :) On a serious note,death and injury on the road is among the highest in Iran, and for people away for a while it needs a bit of getting used to.   But by the 3rd day, I am jaywalking like the best of my fellow countrymen/women.

Again, this is assuming you or your friend is not a person known to them for being an active anti-regime *organizer*.    The keyword here is organizer.   On my first trip back after many many years of being away, I was surprised at how openly in Taxis and in public people are so   openly critical of the regime including Khamaneh-ee.   First I thought it was a specail trap (just for me), but observed so many that got the picture I am not as important to them as I thought I was.  The regime does not give a damn about that, (they simply can't otherwise they would have to arrest 50-60 million people).   But if they know someone who is out there --organizing--, even for non political matters, then watch out.

From my experience, when I enter Iran,  it is always, why the fck this place is so unorganized and chaotic?   By the time I leave, I know I have left part of me behind.



Thank you Abarmard... I

by Arthimis on

Thank you Abarmard...

I have not been back to Iran since my departure back in 1982!! I'm NOT MKO , but 

I once renewed my passport and Id. card almost 8 years ago since I thought I should have some kind of Iranian document for future ... and recently had to renew my Iranian passport and I.D card again in order to take care of a family issue!

On Both Occasions they gave me a 90 days permit to visit Iran without me even asking for it!!! Especially the second time!!! The strangest thing is that they have found my gmail address which I never provided to them in the first place!!!???? And twice they sent me emails about issues that they found my applications incomplete.

They also sent me two money orders as refund (in small amounts) for two applications I jointly filed with family members ... I guess they wanted me to cash in my Bank account so they can further have info on people like me ...

Note: Last year I was found by an old school friend (on line and later by phone conversations...) who had a similar situation as me and traveled back to Iran few years ago and was arrested at the airport by (lebas shakhsi)!! He spent a year in jail and was released with $100,000.00 bail after one year. He had to sell his life in the U.S. (and a business he shared with his older brother in Northern CA). He was not MKO. He just escaped war in 1984 and was caught at the border and served 6 months in I.R. jail back then. He escaped Iran after his release and never went back until he was given a new passport and 90 days exit permit few years ago from Washington, D.C.! But in his next visit after more than 20 years ,upon arrival in Iran he was arrested and lost so much !!! He is now back in Northern CA and started a very small business after losing one year of his precious life in I.R. Jail and all his life savings he worked so hard for in the U.S. to those criminal I.R. people...

He told me I was smart, not to fall in their trap and make the same terrible mistake he made by trusting those I.R. Criminals!!! And in my own personal case, I.R. will never see me falling into the same trap!!! I was never a MKO , I simply was and still am an Iranian who openly stood & stands his/her ground and says "F$@k You Islamic Republic" and demands for FREEDOM FOR IRAN AND ALL IRANIANS !!!

I.R., You can invite me as many times as you want with Free 90 days exit VISA (to my own country needless to say!!!!) , but I PROMISE, I WILL RETURN HOME SOON AFTER SO MANY LONG AND DARK YEARS WHEN YOU AND YOUR EVIL REGIME FALL TOGETHER, VERY SOON....





Read jeesh daram's comment.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Have no fear. We are many, they are few & angry out of fear, and getting fewer and angrier.

Visit Iran, enjoy visiting your country, and meeting your people, it is your birth right, it is your country. Dont let anyone to take your birth right away from you. 

I am certain that one day, I dare say sooner than most of you think, most of us will  be back home, working together to build a country for which generations to come will be proud of.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Dr. Mohandes

Sight seeing In Tehran... Be aware!!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Here is something interesting i wanted to share with you guys. I am sure those who have been travelling back and forth have seen this and are aware of the "scam" Since there are not any other way to describe it. 

I recently notice this clever strategy being employed by i guess some professional Gangs, fishing for money . I was walking down Vesal shirazi avenue one day and as i was coming up against this Intersection, i saw this rather shaggy looking Young fellow, Standing along with this typical "villager" looking, sweet older fellow. So he comes up to me and tells me that this is his dad and he needs money for his medication and medical treatments... I kinda paused for a moment and then i asked so... How much do you need.... He showed me the prescription and mind you only the top part of it... so i kinda went... ya know... what the hell... Here is 4000 tooman and then padded him on the back and said i hope daddy gets well soon....

I was walking along the same road couple of days later and i saw The same old guy... and right at this moment i was thinking... wait a minute... Isn't he that same old guy i saw just yesterday??? Until i noticed that there is another young man, That is right, Holding his hand and standing next to him.... I went ... Ayyy dele ghafell and i just smirked and kept on walking....


So Be on a look out for such incidents... Oh and there is another version available as well. the one where kids in the 7-9 years age range hit you up for breakfast money...

LOL. Jal al khalegh 

Esfand Aashena

JD جان بیشتر از اون مقالات بنویس. خواهش می‌شه!

Esfand Aashena

Everything is sacred

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

Dear Esfand Ashena, thanks, you have a great memory. This year was pretty good though not as eventful, I hope yours was great and enjoy the coming holidays as well.

Esfand Aashena

JD جان رسیدن بخیر!

Esfand Aashena

پس برای Thanksgiving به موقع رسیدی.  ببینم روز شکرگزاری امسال شما بهتر بود یا روز شکرگزاری چند سال پیشتون؟! 

Everything is sacred

Esfand Aashena

Hirre in response to your question please see my earlier blog!

by Esfand Aashena on

Naturalized Arrogant Citizens!

Everything is sacred


Before you go to Iran,

by jasonrobardas on

1) grow a long beard .

2)get hold of a set of worry beads(Tasbih)

3)Do not smile in the air-port.

4)Wear a palestinian scarf around neck .

5)keep chanting Koranic verses.

6)Avoid brightly colored clothing

7) Do not wear a tie.

8)wear dark color jacket and pants.

9)wear a grey shirt all buttoned up .

10) Do not use any jewelery

11) Create a prayer sign ,by pressing a coin on your forehead.

12) Carry a prayer mat with you (Sajjadeh)

13) look serious, self rightous, virtuous and definitely religious .



by hirre on

You have to be careful when you have a dual passport as someone here said... If you commit a crime or if they want to do anything with you, you have no support from the west because you are an iranian citizen.

Also one thing that has changed which I heard from a friend who is in Iran right now is that from 2012 they will remove the 3 months visa for people who have not done military service, so I guess the only way is to buy your way through (~$8000) or get a students visa?

A question that I have is if someone "cancels" his iranian citizienship, can that person still get a tourist visa, hence be treated as a "westerner"? 


thanks jeesh....

by shushtari on

khuzestan is an awesome place.....with great down-to-earth people.....I'm actually from ahwaz, but my mom's family is from shushtari.....I remember the taxis were green :)

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on


You are correct about the Facebook liability. That falls into ministry of information and if someone wants to check on you. But at the ariports the atmosphere is more like a bus stop rather than a sophisticated information center. 


By the way, I loved Shushtar and its historical sites. Stayed there for four days and met lots of great people. Khaneh Mostofee was a great hanging place with WIFI and good food....



by shushtari on

you're wrong buddy.....I knew a bunch of people who got in to deep trouble after the mozdors asked them whether they had facebook accounts.....those who have pissed on the mullahs online should be very careful....afterall, they even arrested hoder, who kept defending them here!

they have thousands of shepeshoo baseejees monitoring people you can't claim that it is all nice and dandy 



by shushtari on

you're wrong buddy.....I knew a bunch of people who got in to deep trouble after the mozdors asked them whether they had facebook accounts.....those who have pissed on the mullahs online should be very careful....afterall, they even arrested hoder, who kept defending them here!

they have thousands of shepeshoo baseejees monitoring people you can't claim that it is all nice and dandy 

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on


Two years ago when I travelled after 32 years I had similar concerns as you have now. Trust me, the entry is so smooth that once you pass the custom, you stop and wonder was it really so simple. The airport crew are no longer the bastians of the Islamic  values and its guardians. They are mostly simple officers, very quiet and not much emotions, nonetheless both time they told me "welcome" and that was plenty. The ones that you have to watch are the cab drivers and mosaferkesh that eat your brain out and constantly talk nonesense :)

It is safe to enter and exit Iran and no Iranian should sound lke the American friends asking me "where you able to go around the town without a permit?" There is still so much misinformation in the world. Again, I do not advise Reza Pahlavi or Maryam Rajavi to rely on my sentiments and pack up and go to Iran for a visit, but for just about most of us the gates are open, people are very subdued and intimidated, happiness is a rare commodity, laugther is almost obsecne.




by sobh on

DustAn aziz,

Thank you for all your great and useful comments and enlightenments. I'm also looking for more recent travel experiences to Iran, such as "jeesh daram"'s report (Thanks jeesh daram), how was entering the country, did you have any problem or did you see anyone having a problem (being questioned or taken away)? Have you heard of any such incidents?

Jeesh Daram

سفر به ایران

Jeesh Daram

باعرض درود به دوستان، دو هفته پیش از سفر دوم به ایران بازگشتم که علاوه بر ایران کشورهای ارمنستان، گرجستان، مجارستان و اسپانیا نیز شامل آن بود و دو ماهی طول کشید.  امیدوارم حوصله نوشتن شرح آن مسافرت دست دهد ولی در اینجا خواستم به کسانیکه مایلند بدانند گوشزد کنم که در چندین فرودگاه، گمرک و حتی مرز خروج به ارمنستان ازکارمندان این مراکز جز ادب، شکیبایی و احترام چیز دیگری ندیدیم. ارائه پاسپورت غیر ایرانی همراه با پاسپورت ایرانی یک امر بسیار عادی است و در موقع ورود و خروج به احتمال زیاد از شما سوال خواهد شد و بهیچوجه نگران نباشید و بلافاصله مدارک دیگر را ارائه دهید.  کارکنان ایران ایر و ماهان ایر در ایران یکی بهتر و مهربان تر از دیگری بودند.  شما حساب آن دولت ساخت انگلستان را با مردم عادی قاطی نکنید.   ناگفته نماند اگر سوابق سیاسی ضد دولتی دارید و یا عضو گروههای ضاله (ع) سیاسی بوده اید بهتر است روی تصمیم خود مطالعه کنید ولی نوشتن چهارتا مقاله به اسم جیش دارم و یا داریوش کبیر و ننه عذرا و غیره نه شما را قهرمان ضد استبداد میکند و نه دولت پیاز بار این حرفها مینماید.   آنقدر سرشان شلوغ است و گرفتارند که کی حوصله این حرفها را دارد.  حتما بروید و از نزدیک وطنتان را ببینید که به چه روزی افتاده است. صد رحمت به دوسال پیش.  ولی هیچ جا وطن نشود و هموطن همیشه عزیز است.  خیلی ایران ضعیف شده است و شرایط اقتصادی بسیار بد،  اکثرا گرفتار مسافرکشی هستند و کارگیر نمیاید.  اسکناسهای صد هزارتومان دیگر در جریان نیستند و ما چند تا از سفر قبلی که آورده بودیم را بانک به آسانی تعویض کرد.  هدف آنستکه شستشوی پول نقد را برای افراد عادی مشکل کنند ولی وابستگان دولت هزار راه دیگر برای صدور پول دارند.  هرکس بتواند و به ایران نرود تجربه ای را از دست داده است


Well again, the comment below is personal experience

by Abarmard on

I have been very lucky. My colleagues and friends also agree that there are no issues, no more than if you are visiting any other foreign nations/airports.

For example, if you are returning from Iran and have a lot of food and gifts, and lucky enough to be asked for checking your items at US's not much different.

Only Iranians don't view a foreign government asking them to show their belongings in an airport as an issue while have a fit when they have to do it in Iran.No disagreements just think that if you respect the police in Germany or Iran is wiser. This has nothing to do with being a sheep!

With all due respect, I have seen some travellers who are so obedient in Frankfurt airport and become so demanding once they set foot in Iran! 

Once you visit Iran you can see that overall security and attitude is far more relaxed than most countries. 



Dear Arthimis..

by Abarmard on

Traveling to Iran is very safe. As soon as you enter you feel that way too. This is not my personal experience alone. Many people who visit yearly can confirm that.

This is not related to the regime of Iran. You can still go to your country of birth and visit. No one will ask you one single question. No one bothers you in any way or form. Again, you may inquire more from those who visit yearly. It's not like that at all. It's your country, feel that way and be that way.

No reason to be afraid. The only thing that I believe would make a difference is if you were a member of MKO. Being a socialist, capitalist, Constitutionalist, or anything else is none of anyone's business and believe me, you have no records. Rumors such as "I have heard that they are now careful about so and so" are not factual. As Esfand has put it, the person "felt" it might be a problem but no records of such actions from Iranian government. It will be fine.

Back to the author, so tell your friend to relax and have a nice trip. Any additional information or more detail about the trip you may send me a message by IC.

The issues are not visiting there and being safe but rather the system in place. If you are a woman you may not enjoy the trip as much as a male...All the other issues that we are very familiar with.

Nazanin karvar


by Nazanin karvar on

۱:پاسپورت دوم مصونیت نمی اورد

۲: با ایران ایر سفر نکنید(ازتون خواهش میکنم- خیلی افتضاح شده(

۳: خوش تیپ و زیبا نباشین

۴: سوغات و بار زیاد همراه نداشته باشید- ماموران گمرک معمولا مثال بد هرچی چشم دید و دل خواست رو به شدت دوست دارن و بهش عمل میکنن

۵: خانم‌های چادری و آقایان ریشویی که در آنجا کارمیکنن بسیار عقده‌ای هستن و البته دیوانه پس لطفا کنترل عصابتان را داشته باشید--- تیز بازی و تحقیر و... مثل جرقه میماند در انبار باروت

۶:لطفا سعی کنید که مثل یک بره مطیع باشید

و خیلی چیز‌های دیگر... که البته این موارد فقط الف‌بای سفر به ایران هست 

لطفا فراموش نکنید که شما به مدارک مسافرتی‌تون به شدت احتیاج دارین و ظمنا دارید می‌روید برای کمی تفرح و نفس کشید که البته با خبر‌های جور وا جور و ادم‌هایی (هم وطن‌هایی) با رفتاریی بسیار عجیب غریب  این مسله خوش‌گذرانی برای شما کمی منتفی خواهد بود ولی با این حال بهتره که شما حد اقل به دست خودتان مشکل نتراشید...


پانوشت در مورد خودم: من با اینکه هیچ مشکلی ندارم باز از رفتن به ایران بسیار میترسم  ولی باز هم رفتن را به نرفتن ترجیح میدم به خاطر خانوادم...   

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

ما از کجا خبر داشته باشیم که بیش از سی‌ سال است که مملکت را ترک و این همه ملت و سرزمین ها دیده،تجارب اندوخته و فرهنگها به چشم دیده و آدمها شناخته اما دگر هیچ رویِ خوشی ندیدیم.

اگر می‌روید به سویِ ایران،برسانید احوالات و سلاماتِ ما را به شمیران .

عزت همچنان زیاد .



Question marks in your

by Arthimis on

Question marks in your "Parvandeh" (File) ?

I agree with PREVIOUS COMMENT 100%. Do not take any risk if you had any activity against the I.R. inside or outside! Due to recent political problems they are on high alert now and afraid of their own shadow... Cowards ... So be careful, They are not to be trusted ...

Last thing, according to U.S. Department Of State "Smart Traveler" (application available on smartphones...) 

A U.S. Citizen must notify "Swiss Embassy" prior visting Iran! This way, if one gets into trouble there, at least the Free World's authorities know where the person is held!!!

Finally, as of right now! according to U.S. Department Of State, there is a WARNING! check their website (or on smart traveler)

"Dual national Iranian-American citizens may encounter difficulty in departing Iran" - U.S. Department of State "smart Traveler" Website.


I would personally wait a little longer till things stabilizes ... Hopefully the Evil I.R. regime will collapse and all Iranians will be FREE again! (Amen)




Only if you were MKO member

by Abarmard on

Then they will check you carefully, otherwise no.


I will go soon

by Abarmard on

I will be going to Iran soon. No one can be certain about a sudden war or things in that nature, otherwise it's safe. Thankfully I have had no problems or bad experiences. Once there, things moves fast and the individual will let you know that you can stay for three months max (if have not done military service) and will welcome you home.

When I visit I use my US passport until I arrive to IKI. In Tehran I switch to my Iranian passport and they have never asked me for my US documents.

Leaving Iran is also very easy and without hassle. Just check in and you'll be on your way.

Hope this helps.


A friend

by hirre on

My friend travelled there a week ago, he tells me that after the recent events people have become more afraid, especially that there might be an attack coming soon. The security forces are probably on high alert for terrorist attacks and foregin military attacks. If you have "question marks" in your "parvandeh", then now is not the best time to travel to Iran...

Esfand Aashena

Travelling to Iran is always a risk.

by Esfand Aashena on

I was in Iran during the 2009 elections and at the height of the green movement and literally dodging bullets and fire at night on my way to the airport for the flight back to the US!

As for foreign passports they'll need BOTH your Iranian and foreign passports unless like in US you have a green card. They'll check your green card or foreign passport on your way back at the airline counter and exit passport officer.

Judging from your questions looks like you've not been there in decades or something and I can tell you years past, like during Khatami was the best years for Travel.  But people still go back and forth.

Treatment at the airport is almost like anywhere else in the world,  You just don't know how the officer you're dealing with is going to treat you.  You just have to do your thing and make sure you're papers are in order and then go with the flow.  Even if they hassle you stay the course. 

But in the end it's up to you and your friend and a very personal issue.  There are risk and rewards, risks being Islamic Republic, reward being visiting your family and loved ones.

Everything is sacred