D'oh! "The Ayatollaaaaaaaaaaaahs" -Sung at high pitch

D'oh!  "The Ayatollaaaaaaaaaaaahs" -Sung at high pitch
by SofiaM

Last week, Iran imposed a sanction of its own, banning any and all things related to “The Simpsons,” an American cartoon series currently in its 23rd season. A far cry from rational, this action is simply one of many pointless and delusional measures taken by the Islamic Regime. The absurdity of the situation goes well beyond the issue of censorship, and civil liberties - this also raises another question. As inflation and poverty skyrocket, why is the Iranian Regime wasting such limited time and money on this? The masses are unemployed, drug use is at an all-time high, and the suicide rate is growing – yet dolls and cartoons have the leadership’s attention. After all “The Simpsons” is nothing more than a popular entertaining cartoon, not a “tool of the West,” and certainly, not a pollutant of Iranian society as the oppressive Regime might claim.

Rather, in Iran where the Regime itself pollutes society with human rights abuses, hatred towards other groups of people and incessant darkness, “The Simpsons” brings nothing more than humor, and a little bit of light – just picture the opening credits, where the clouds part…

This is just another example of how the Regime acts irrationally, irresponsibly and pathetically. What’s next, Teletubies? Unless of course those colorful fictional characters that sing and dance are already illegal for, well, singing and dancing.


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the IRI has the power

by SofiaM on

The IRI has the power to help or to hurt the Iranian people. The problem is that human diginity is NOT a priority for this Regime - happiness is essentially illegal if not within the bounds of Islamic tradition. Nothing hurts Iranians more, than the Regime itself... 

Maryam Hojjat

IRR/IRI can soley do the censorship nothing

by Maryam Hojjat on

more to make a difference in the lives of IRANIANS particularly where it come to job creation, economy, environment, addiction prevention and........