Why are we Still Eating Khomeini's Myth?


Why are we Still Eating Khomeini's Myth?
by SofiaM

This week, Western media has been saturated with a variety of news pieces focused on one topic – the Islamic Republic of Iran’s nuclear program. Pitting the two sides against each other by reporting that the West fears a nuclear attack, while Iran insists its nuclear program is peaceful, these news agencies offer audiences sensational, but empty stories – political gossip, if you will. But what truths lie beyond the headlines?

The late President Kennedy said, “Belief in the myths allows the comfort of opinions, without the discomfort of thoughts.”

The myth here is the following; The Islamic Republic is pursuing nuclear capability for peaceful means.

It has been especially difficult, in my opinion, for many Iranians to see beyond this myth, and understandably so. Although we overwhelmingly stand staunchly opposed to the Islamic Regime, we somehow have a soft spot when it comes to its nuclear capability. We keep saying to ourselves, ‘of course Iran has the right, like another other state,’ convincing ourselves that a nuclear Iran will actually benefit the civilians.

Let’s remember one thing – it isn’t nuclear energy which fuels the Islamic Regime, it is fear. Domestically and internationally, since 1979, the Ayatollahs main exports have been terror and intimidation. Why? For power, and for control. The regime has had a strangling grip at the throats of Iranians for decades now. No rock music! Facebook is satanic! Objective journalism is a threat on national security!

But in the age of globalization and internet, social media and smart phones, it’s fair to say that the Clerics feel they are losing their grip. Communication between the free world and oppressed Iranians is at an all-time high – Iranians see the glory and bounty of secular democracy, and the information age has propelled their desire, drive and courage to defy the tyrannical Regime.

As the Islamic Regime loses its grip, and in its grand tradition of becoming even more aggressive, it seeks nuclear military capability to reassert its coercive strength and dominance, a metaphoric safety blanket to deter further acts towards democracy and freedom. A Nuclear Islamic Regime will be less accountable than ever to its people, and inevitably more oppressive. Why? Simply, because it can. The rest of the world will only secondarily feel the wrath – nuclear Ayatollahs will export more than just fear, if you catch my drift.

This week, the IAEA is to release a new report on findings concerning Iran’s nuclear program, and news of its nuclear militarization process. As Iranians concerned with our homeland, and our people, we must be the first to stand against the nuclear program at the hands of the Ayatollahs. Only we can be truly mandated with the responsibility to care for our own.


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We eat khomeinis myth because of this

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


Its in the national interest of the west.

Mash Ghasem

حق مسلم ما آزادی است، نه اتم!

Mash Ghasem

حق مسلم ما آزادی است، نه اتم!

محمدرضا نيکفر

اگر در ايران زمين‌لرزه‌ای رخ دهد که به يکی از مرکزهای اتمی پيدا يا
پنهان در کشور آسيبی برساند همتراز با آنچه در فوکوشيما (ژاپن) می‌بينيم،
آيا شانسی برای مهار کردن خطر وجود دارد؟