How do we decide who is Iranian?

by Tahirih

I was reading the blog about arrest of six Bahai's in Iran,then I glanced over comments, and it caught my eye.

This" Irandost"person wrote:

""These people are not obeying the law. Is that a problem, It is for other people. Government job is to use the fundations that set up with majorty and respond to those whom they don't want to follow it.
They have choice to leave our country. They have done that. If they want to stay there, they either have to work with other 90% and change the law.
Otherwise, they are just whinning and complaining. I asked on my first posting, you should allow this thing play out.
Ok, let's assumed, they are right 200 or so of these people has been killed due to breaking the law and let's say, there 300,000 of them.
That is small % of them. It will match with same % of general population whom are criminals. You are telling me there are 0 crimnals on this population. They are all innocents and best citizen of country. I tell you odd is against that statement.
They are just too loud. This small % of criminal exist on all the societies.""

Please read it ,and tell me if I am being considered an Iranian ?I have a dilemma!! Since I have a handful of dust from the city that my father was born and it was sent to me by my brother as a gift to accompany my body in my final resting place.It was an statement by him indicating that my dust should get mixed with the dust of my beloved hometown and country.

Now this person has the nerve to call me an outsider! Am I really an outsider because I am a Bahai?




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Irandost you are a farce

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

You claim to be a true Iranian and working for the betterment of Iran, let me get this straight,

1- You provoke American's by taking hostages and they start the Iran-Iraq war.
2- You give all rights of Iran in Caspian sea to the Russians so as they vote for you in U.N.
3- Gulf states calling Persian Gulf, Gulf or Arabian Gulf and you sit there and eat it like candy
4- Now the Gulf states are claiming Iranian islands to be theirs and unfortunately you end up eating that garbage too because you are the type.
5- You provoke Israel and putting Iranian nation in danger of another war and economic sanction and interfering with the affairs in Lebanon and I can't understand what good does that bring to Iranians.

The list can go on and on.......

So, Irandost you are doing one hell of a job taking care of Iran and Iranians. With friends like you Iranians don't need any enemy. You are doing a great job destroying whatever left.

Instead of going around and spending money here and there for no good cause, go and build Abadan and Khoramshahr so at least people can say you guys did something useful.

You are an Iranian but a damn useless one.


National interest

by Iran Vatan (not verified) on

To Irandoust and everyone else:

As Iranian we have to find our "soul" and roots. This means that we have to protect groups like Zartoshtian, they are our ancestors. We need to go back to our persian/iranian roots(which support co existence of minority groups).
We have to distance and protect us from western as well as ARABIC influence. This is not what IRI have done! The Arabic influence over Iran have been the most devastating factor for our country!

Dorod be Iran...


It takes more than a memory

by Dariush (not verified) on

Don't ask what Iran has done for you, ask what have you done for Iran. JFK

I read some good comments specially from Ye Irani, Ali and a few others.

we are all Irani, the question is, What kind and to what extend. Only our actions which is the reflection of our minds and hearts will prove that.

It takes more than a memory to be an Irani.


Double Standard!

by VivaIran on

After posting the following post in “Six Bahá’í leaders arrested in Iran” not only my post got deleted again, but I lost the privilege/ability to post any other comments in that discussion. You be the judge are these people any better than the current regime in Iran.


 """I'm aware of at least 4-5 posts that have been deleted from here today. Two of them were from me, and the other ones from another user (that I did not even know - now go ahead and say that was me too!) that has emailed me after seeing my previous post. The hypocrisy is overwhelming here. The people that complain about being oppressed and not given their freedom in Iran, once they have the ability to manage/modulate something as simple as this discussion, become the oppressors and can’t take any opposition. What it shows is that you guys are no better than the akhounds, you are just powerless. If you had the power in Iran, you would probably be worse."""

Bahram the Iranian

searching for neo-nazi??

by Bahram the Iranian on

somebody is looking for new kind of nazi and fasicits???you find them in so-called holly land(what a name)they are now living right next to bahai's temple in Hifa. happily ever contemplating how to make a mass in Iran in this historical point of history.


Re: Ye Irani

by Souri on

I had a deal with myself not to write anything anymore about that subject, but have to break it today cause of you. Dear, your statement reflect  so much "indifference" and "irresponsibility"  towards a group who are not only human being like you and me, but also the good Iranian, I can't believe it. You said : So, if Bahai's are jailed for what they believe, that is BAD. If Bahai's are jailed for criminal act, that is GOOD. The gray area is, what is the truth!?! Before giving such statement in such a cold way , first go study more about Bahai people and their history. See if they ever, in the past, have been accused of any "crime". See If such crime is in their rules and principle. True, they have been accused of being corrupted, but never in the history nobody could accuse them of a "crime"...that now the IRI is doing. Our problem as Iranian, have always been this indifference toward's "other people's pain".... I just want to tell you the story that a great man (don't remember the name) said about the situation in Germany with the Nazis: When they came to arrest my neighbor of the "right door", he screamed, he cried, I heard him but didn't do anything....Then they came to arrest my neighbor of the "left door", he screamed, he cried, I heard him but didn't do anything...Then they came to arrest all the neighbors, one by one, they arrest them. The neighbor screamed, they cried for help, I heard them but didn't do anything....until, The day came that they arrest myself. I screamed, I cried for help, but no one was there to hear me!!


Simple analogy will give you answer;

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

Simple Question: How do we decide who's American?
Everyone: Go to privacy of your mind and answer this to yourself.

Let me speak up my mind:
I live in USA and I consider myself Citizen of this country. I respect the laws of the land because it is the best damn country in the world to give me freedom to live, work, practice my religion, get involved in community affairs and look for goodness of my family. I know it is brutal to the unfortuate, to the people in jail, the ones who lost everything for an illness that medical system did not cover, to blacks in ghettoes, to those scarf'ed ladies who live in fear of being prejudiced, etc.

If I get the same in Iran and live in Iran, I will feel an Iranian. If I live in Iran but not get the same priviledges, I will still feel Iranian but wish for a change.

As soon as I change my heart and migrate, I loose my patriotic citizenship. Then I become a vacationeer. So, what's bad about being a vacationeer. The major point is that a vacationeer should not have a right to VOTE for or agains the benefit of ctizens.

I'm somewhat special since I'm a 1st generation immigrant. This is the dillema most Iranian ourside Iran are facing with - A heart torn apart, one peace in the past and one peace in the future. The only thing that sews the heart together is the present.

So, as long as I choose to live in Iran, I should have all BENEFITS and RESPONSIBILITIES of a citizen, regardless of gender, religion, and ethnicity. The problem is that we IRANIANS (many) only look for BENEFITS but seldom realise our RESPONSIBILITIES.

So, if Bahai's are jailed for what they believe, that is BAD. If Bahai's are jailed for criminal act, that is GOOD. The gray area is, what is the truth!?!

God help us!


bahram, Thank you my friend

by irandost (not verified) on

Bahram Jan,
I appreciate your inputs and thank you for your kind words.
It is obvious, as I mentioned before, thier postings do not make sense. They are telling us, " all of them are innocient" How that be possible. In every society and every country, there are those fraction whom have criminal activities for thier own gain.
I believe 7 out of 300,000 ( based on thier own count, which I don't think, there are that many) is portion of thier criminal part of society.
Trust me, in Iran like anywhere else, there are those 1% of criminal.
They are for sure loud and using thier entities in west to make a big deal out of nothing. They are not even allowing Justice System to work, they want to jump to conclusion. This is the craziest thing, I have seen in my life.

Bahram the Iranian

Irandost you are fighting in wrong way

by Bahram the Iranian on

According to Iran's costituation law, the goverment cant take away somebody's iranian citizenship. they can arrest you under the treason and spionage act but even then you wont get deprived from you right given to you by birth. there are some countries that do that like arabs of persian gulf, canada and some other.

By verbaly calling them not-iranians which wouldnt be what you find in the law and neither is politicaly and moraly correct, you only give them another excuse to their propaganda and crybaby attidue.

they would be considered iranians by law but their hearts and alliance rest somewhere else. The news about arrests and would be bombers and their sponsors have started circulating around slowly but surely.


I think, you are getting my point now

by irandost (not verified) on

It is interesting, as I mentioned before, your group whom live outside Iran has this fantasy and imagination about Iran and Iranian. You are so much out of touch, you even complete each other with saying, "Yes, I agree with you"
This is a proof of the fact, Many of you are collection of 1% of Iranian whom took your own gain ahead of Iran. Rather than staying with rest of the true Iranian and build the country of Iran. You are sitting on west and saying " Lengash Kon".
Your dream is, if all those 99% true iranian change to my way of thinking. I will go back to Iran. Trust me, everyone is so waiting for you to come here that we can not do our daily work.
Your concept of Iranian is so out of touch and so much influence by your surronding on west. It is not even funny. The only thing left, you go ahead and qoute us from consititution of US or EU to define Iranian.
It is sad and disrespectful to those of us whom live in Iran when you refer to yourself as Iranian and try to convince each other "yes, this believe is good and IRI is not a best solution for Iran".
Unfortunetly, let me pass you a news. Iran and Iranian chose thier goverment and you are not part of it. Iranian Goverment is by people and for people.
If we left iran to you and your kind. We would either be 51st state of America or part of Israel, or part of germany or France.
Good or bad, we are making decisions and setting up our own destiney. I promise you, you are not influencing that destiney and you are not even part of it.
As I mentioned before, According to rule of society, if you are not obeying the rule and put general population in danager. It is duty of goverment to take away your right ( In some cases even taking your citizenship).
These people (so Call Bahai) activities are against rule of society. They are communicating and sending money to enemies of Iran. You can call it whatever? It is the fact with contiributing $billions on constructing and managing thier centers in Israel. They are contributing to Iran's enemy. This is very simlar acts as Mujahedin did during Iran and Iraq War. They put majorty of the Iranian in danager.
As part of majorty, I am asking my goverment to protect me against such acts.

Don't try to force your defination of Iranian and your interpetation of Iran to rest of Iranian.
No goverment is perfect. But IRI is selected as the best option for us.
Unfortunetly, your dream of one day, 90% of Iranian will change and accept your defination of goverment then you will go back to Iran, it is nothing more than a day dream. Wake up and smell the roses, Iran has changed in last 30 years. leave Iran to true Iranian those whom every morning wake up and go to work to build thier country.

IMO, You should continue work on being accepted in your current country. With your current ideology about building UTOPA society, there is not much room for you in Iran.


Nationalism is DEAD! I'm in

by Ye irani (not verified) on

Nationalism is DEAD! I'm in favor of these man-made borders as long as they exist but hope for borderless nations, one day.
In the realm of humanity, nationalism looses it's color. This becomes more acceptable as the people of certain communities become more educated and cosmopolitan. Tradition is always a chain in the foot of progress of individuals, families and nations.
I'm against anyone who puts any race, nation or individual abover others. At the same time, Justice is something that we all seek, but seldom, we practice. All the evil is done to the nations by the nations due to neglect of justice.

These days, who does beat on the drum of Iranian nationalism:
- Opposition (including 5th column) is antaginizing it against Islam and use it against IRI;
- IRI uses it to unite people against Western pressure (culture, economicy, and military).
- Nostalgics use it to reduce the fear of loosing their identity as it relates to their family and children.

In a nutshell, Nationalism is just like religion that CAN BE and IS BEING used as a tool for furthering some political agenda.


Why did we respond?

by hanna (not verified) on

To Kurdish Warior you are absolutely right, there is no reason to take idiots like Irandost serious. However, this was the first time, I had come across a "supposed Iranian" who's statements were full of hate, bigotry, and was questioning other Iranians and picking on their religious belief.

Second, this was good, let others know that we will not stand for anyone who attempts to create divisions among us; we will always stand united together. And if the Bah'ai faith or any minority group is being singled out, it is up to the rest of us to support them and stand behind them and raise our voice in condemnation of those who make such remarks. This is what it means to be a true Iranian.

Finally, maybe our Iranian Bah'ai compatriots need to hear from the rest of us how we feel. Obviously it raised a question of doubt for Tahirih - do we want her personal dilemma to go unanswered? NO!


To Tahrih, mehran, Hanna and others

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

I don't understand why you guys even bother to reply to this so called Irandost. The best tool to reply is to ignore her/him. Leave that person alone, may it be one day that she/he will get to her/his sanity. If not then god bless him/her.



by Me! (not verified) on

Just curious … why does everyone assume Irandost is male? Everyone is using the term “he”.

I think Irandost is female … not that it changes anything … Ignorance is not gender specific.

As I said I’m just curious.


Ignorant idiots are present in every society

by Me! (not verified) on

I know it is very hard for people like Irandost or her kind to understand this but Iranian is a nationality not a religion. Iranians include Muslims, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Bahais, Atheists, and others.
Believing in Islam (or even being anti-religion) has nothing to do with our nationality. And what a pathetic and childish question that you kept asking “When you think about Iran, What is more important to you? Your believe and your way of life” … This is no one’s god damn business. Different Iranians have different priorities. Even if one’s priorities or beliefs are different than the majority of the Iranian people it does not make them not Iranian.

And there is no such a thing as putting your religious beliefs or nationality in a competitions. For some, one may be more important than the other but for many these are two different things that they are able to maintain a fine balance between the two. Even if an Iranian Bahai (or Moslem for that matter) considers her/his religion more important than nationality, this doesn’t make them an outsider. Perhaps not as patriotic as some others. There is no rule that makes all Iranians as concerned and committed to their contrary as others.

And going to the religious mambo jumbo … even if an Iranian is considered Kafar (what a stupid concept!!!) and even if you believe in such a thing, that person is an Iranian that is kafar! The name of the country is Iran not Islamestan. I have nothing against Islam as long as people do not try to enforce it on others.

So Irandost and her kind, stop this nonsense and get it in your little pathetic brain that anyone that has been born in Iran or has Iranian parent is considered an Iranian (of course if they personally consider themselves Iranians) … regardless of how much they have done for their country, how much they think of it, or where they live … as simple as that. How much an Iranian has done for her/his country is a whole different story.


From One Non-Iranian to Another

by LanceRaheem on


The question you posed, "How do we decide who is Iranian?" struck me as odd.  Why do any of us need or have the right to decide for another person whether he or she is or is not Iranian?  No one has the right to make that decision for you, except YOU!  During my life, I have been told by a few people that I am not Iranian because my father isn't Iranian.  It used to bother me, but it doesn't anymore, and the reason is because I know who I am.  My mother and my many relatives in Iran have never regarded me as being different from them in any way, shape or form. 

Don't waste your time worrying even for one moment what this one jerk, Ahgaye Irandost, thinks.  He does not speak for anyone but himself, and he certainly doesn't speak for the other 70 million Iranians around the world.  He cannot define who or what you are unless you give him the power and authority to do that for you.    The world is full of people like him who have to go through life hurting others in order to validate their own pathetic existence. 

As long as my mother, sister, relatives and friends consider me to be as Iranian as they are, I don't give a rat's rearend what anyone else thinks, and I hope you won't either.  Remember that like with all other jackasses in the world, Irandost is a donkey that loves to hear himself bray!  All you have to do is choose not to listen. 


Q and A

by IRANdokht on

Q:  How do we decide who is Iranian?

A: it's not for ANYONE else to decide. Being Iranian is your state of mind, a feeling in your heart and a decision only for YOU to make.

It doesn't matter where you were born, or who your parents are. I have met foreign born individuals who feel Iranian since after having lived in the country, they felt Iranian in their hearts. I also know kids born after their parents migrated outside the country who introduce themselves as an Iranian with total pride.

inam my 2 cents... 



Ok, fair is fair

by Iranian- on

We now have all made sure that Irandost is wrong and Bahais should not be pressured in Iran. After all they are Iranians like the rest of us and should be treated with courtesy and equality.

Now could someone go and tell Israeli and American government representatives and supporters that the oppression and mistreatment of Palestinians is wrong? Allowing religious leaders in Europe and America to preach hate against Islam is wrong or now that Irandost has been hammered will everyone have dinner and go to bed?


Who is an iranian?

by Setiz (not verified) on

Nobody has monopoly on being iranian.

An iranian is any person who considers him/herself an iranian before anything else, except for being a human being. It is in one's heart and has nothing to do with where one lives or what one believes in.

Being iranian cannot be a footnote to someone's ideology or religion, and iran cannot be belittled to simply be a base for anyone's personal objectives. That is the problem with IRI leaders who view their being iranian as a post-script to being Muslim and view iran as a base and a cover for their unholy objectives which have nothing to do with iran or iranians.


Dear Tahereh, I know for

by PL (not verified) on

Dear Tahereh,
I know for sure you know the answer to your!


Tahirih, this is an excellent debate

by Seagull (not verified) on

In am planning to go back as soon as these guys take their pills and start acting civilized. Obviously its counter productive to go straight to Evin!
Iran has as Hanna pointed out benefited tremendously from people like us outside Iran, all the while that folks like Irandost make enemies for Iran on hourly basis. Hate, exclusion, division, bigotry and cowardliness are all the same and unfortunately you are only manifesting the symptoms of the poisonous teachings of the unwise clergy. You have no idea how they have changed a perfect Iranian character into a paranoid schizoid who is anti social, full of excuses and a hate-monger all in the name of God. Their package include the disease not the cure. You would be far better off reading your book yourself without the salesman.
We thru hard work perseverance, tolerance give Iran a positive image, this guy makes a mockery of any and all of our attempts to present Iran the way she is, BEATIFUL. These guys dont really understand humanity, love, rights, God, nothing. All they are programmed for is the allah their version the murderer, that is the only right they see. And have no idea of the Real Allah, Rasulullah PUB has been degraded by these guys to fear, intimidation, inhumanity and I am sure He will judge them as they have judged others. You mention his brand of religion and only EVIN pops up.
Yes the cup will always be half empty, that is why your kind will never ever make any real progress! Guaranteed!
My wife is not Iranian, an x catholic who is a Bahai now and one day thru our union Iran will benefit from our kids, Iran will have one more friend by blood and spirit. Those who shy away from saying Iranian I have not seen in my circle. I always say Iranian with pride and a smile. We are friend makers for Iran and humanity. The whole world benefits from a deed that is done in the spirit of love and service, with goodwill and sincerity, but Irandost is not acquainted with such real concepts, has no experience in making friends with non Iranians all be it even with Iranians!
People like him have harmed Iran and Islam and portray the prophet of Islam and his teaching in unbeffiting ways. Any practicing Muslim or a true advocate of human rights values and virtues should condemn in the strongest terms the words and actions of bigots like Irandost.
It is easy to blabber and claim who thinks who is Kafar.
We are all kafars in some body's eyes, do we care, NO.
We all care about the truth.

"All are seeking truth, and there are many roads leading thereto. Truth has many aspects, but it remains always and forever one."
- 'Abdu'l-Baha

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

بابا ما هي داريم ميگيم  ،مذهب بده ،مذهب ما رو بدبخت كرد ،مذهب ايران را ويران كرد ،اينا هنوز دعواي شيعه و سني و بهايي ميكنند ،اين همان چيزي هست كه دشمنان ايران ميخواهند ،انها ميخواهند بوسيله مذهب ،حالا  حالاها ايران رو خرابتر كنند و قبرستانها را ابادتر كنند.ترو جون هر كسي كه دوست داريد  ،گول اينها رانخوريد ،اول همه با هم ايران را نجات بديم ،بعدن بريد دنبال مذهب و اين چيزا...


Finally an honest Islamist here

by Zion on

Saying it as it is meant by his kind. At least this Irandost is honest. You have to give it to him.


Irandost rhymes with irandozd kinda

by samsam1111 on

I saw a nickname somewhere arabdoost or oozbakdoost...You should consider a name change.


I am glad you are enjoying a good laugh - so are we!

by hanna (not verified) on

Nothing you say makes any rational sense.

At first I thought you were really serious, now I know you are just one of those silly individuals who enjoys the art of provocation.

By the way where are your tax dollars (or rials) going? Or are you not paying any taxes? From the sounds of it you are not; you know what this means - tax evasion - penalty is prison. Unless of course you are part of the IRI - and then we know you guys evade taxes anyway. At least we fulfill our obligation to the country which we live in and don't go against the law. No wonder Iran's economy is in such a shitty state.

By the way do laugh, laughing is good for your health and gets all of your anger and resentment out.

Bahram the Iranian


by Bahram the Iranian on

It says, you are Iranian if you were born to an Iranian father.This is how you are Iranian by birth and the only way to become a naturalized Iranian , if a woman marries an Iranian man.This part of law hasnt changed since the very first time it was adapoted back some 100 years ago. I found good points on Mr Ali.P comments, I ve seen thousand of afghans who wee born in Iran and so assimilitaed into iranian society that you wouldnt believe it.

the law gives you a piece of cardboard but at the end It will be only your heart to give out a sens of identity. therefore if you like to know if you are iranian or what?you only have to ask your own heart and feeling.

This isnt a honest question, It is a propaganda.



Hanna - Very strong logic for you on being Iranian

by irandost (not verified) on

What? You are iranian becuase what? You are accepted by American. That is nice to know. Your logic is so strong. I can not stop laughing.
I bet you anything, you are one those people, when someone asks you where are you from? You will say " I am Persian, However I live most of my life here".
I won't be shocked, if you even say, my grandfather migrated from Russia to Iran.

Your kind think, you are Iranian, becuase you have Iranian Rugs and eat Ghormesabzi. You think, you are contributing to Iran by buying Iranian products from Iranian Super Markets in LA and listen to Iranian Garbage music from LA.
You should invite your american friends and cook them some Kabob as well. That will represent our country.
Buddy, as I mentioned before, you have built this little world around you "Let's call it Lala land". You think, you are Iranian with living there. However, you have no idea, what Iranian people going true to build our beloved country.
You think, you have the best interest of Iran and Iranian. But your tax money contributes to distruction of world.
PLEASE leave iran to those of us live there.
Just eat your ghormsabzi and define yourself as Iranian-American to those whom have same mentality as yourself.
No chance for you and people like you to ever live in Iran.


You are totally wrong Irandost!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

First of all, Iran is about 95% Shiite Muslims and you know what, the 1.5 billion consider Shiites Kafar and heretics! So let's get this straight. If the Bah'ais are Kafar so are the majority of Iranians in the eyes of the rest of the Muslim world; including the IRI; all of the Mullah's!

Anyway Islam said: "unto you, your religion and unto me mine"; and there is no compulsion in religion.

The Qur'an has also said, it is not up to human beings to judge others but God only. So are you placing yourself in the position of God? Furthermore Islam said never do anything which hurts the feeling of anyone; and your statements are filled with hatred.

You are in no position to make judgements about anyone.

Anyway what does this have to do with being Iranian. Iran is not like Israel, a country for Jews only.

You have a very twisted and preturbed way of looking at things.


Leave Iran to you - are you kidding us!!!

by hanna (not verified) on

No way jose (p.s. the "j" is not pronounced); are we leaving Iran to you!! You are right here with the rest of us, so don't give us this crap that you are sitting in Iran.

Second of all buddy, you have no clue what we have been doing so that Iran doesn't get bombed, and sanctioned with all the b.s. that the Gov. of IRI is doing. We are squeezed in between the IRI and the warmongers here, but we still have gone out of our way to defend Iran regardless of people like you!!

And if there is a reason why Iranian people have a good reputation; it is partly due to the people out here; who are one of the brightest, most intelligent minority groups who are always defending Iran. How else do you think the U.S. Gov. feels that Iranian people are nationalistic and will never defend an attack on Iran's territories?

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Ali P.

Why not!

by Ali P. on


   Don't let anyone tell you what you are.


  If you discount Iranians, who put the interest of their God, religion, prophet,party, finances, family, kids,business,health, reputation,...etc., ahead of interest of Iran, you are left with, what, 18 people?!

 And that's OK. You are still Iranian.

  If your motto is : "Khodaa, Shah, Meehan", or "Khodaa, khodam, meehan", or "khodam, khodaa, chelo-kabaab, meehan" or "Islam, Khameneii, Rafsanjani, meehan", or even when 'meehan' doesn't even make it to the list, You are still Iranian.

 (We may not love you as much, if your belief is one of the above, but, nevertheless, you are Iranian)


 If you say you are Christian, we take your word for it.

If you say you are Moslem, we take your word for it.

If you say you are gay, we take your word for it.

If you say you are happy,  miserable, or ' in love', we take your word for it.

No one would, or should, argue with you.

Why is being Iranian so different?

  A few years ago, I found myself defending Andre` Aghassi, who made a remark somewhere that, he was not Iranian. Iranians, everywhere, tried telling him, he was indeed Iranian!


 Let him be. If he is not proud of his Iranian heritage, never been to the country, has no emotional connections to the land, let him be what he wants to be.

 By the same token, if deep in your heart you feel Iranian, and assuming you are somehow connected to Iran, come on in!

Plenty of room here.


Ali P.