Baby Boy name - help!!!

by Tehrani0508

Hello everyone,

We are new to this site and we hope you can help us.  We are expecting a baby boy soon and yet we have no name! We want a name that is easy to pronounce in English and is also recognized by the Iranian government (not that we really care for them - their official list of names is limited).  For example, I like Sasha but it is not recognized by them. We  do not want to get two passports with two different names for the baby.  So far, we've come up with the name Daniel but most family members say it is the name of an old man (don't know how they arrived at that!), and I am not 100% inlove with the name.

And so here we are! Please help us!

Thanks in advance.



Daniel / DaniAl is a good name!

by Q on

I have a couple of kids in my family with that name. I don't think it's an old man name at all!


Anonymouse, you really did

by alimostofi on

Anonymouse, you really did not say that.

What a load of ....

Ali Mostofi




Why can't we use this attitude to form a unity and opposition ag

by Anonymouse on

Why can't we use this attitude to form a unity and opposition against the theocrats because they have no respect for our culture being first and foremost? 

Because we are all "theocrats".  This regime did not appear from another planet out of nowhere. Iranian culture is not a one sided enigma.  It is all encompassing, from Vestwood to Qom and everywhere in between!

Everything is sacred.


I really enjoy discussions

by alimostofi on

I really enjoy discussions related to culture, as it surely is above politics and religion. Even here we were all so careful to make sure the Iranian cultural identity was not forgotten or abused.

Why can't we use this attitude to form a unity and opposition against the theocrats because they have no respect for our culture being first and foremost?

Ali Mostofi




You should make sure to get a Persian/Iranian name

by Iraniandudeee on

who cares if people in the west can't say it right? You shoud be raising your kids with their native culture and never make them think that their culture is wrong just cause it's foreign or weird sounding to these Americans.


But anyways, as I said before, saman sounds the best to me... my opinion


Mani is not good! It sounds good but no good in English or Farsi

by Anonymouse on

I know Iranian kids can be cruel and call the guy aab Mani!  Or in English it is actually pronounced as Money, so who would want to name their kid as Money?! 

Everything is sacred.

omid behrooz

It reminds me of

by omid behrooz on

It reminds me of my friend and his wife who were expecting a baby boy, and looking for a name. After a while, they chose a couple of names (Kasra, Kian), and decided to test each name with their American friends. At a party, when they were asked whether they know the gender of the baby, and if they have decided on a name, they throw out the name KASRA, and said, "It is a boy!"

Immediately, one of the guests, who was a middle aged American man said, "You wanna name your son Castro?" So, they decided to name their son "KIAN"! Hoping to have a girl later on, and name her "Kiana".

One year after the revolution, my cousin and his wife had their first child, a baby girl. He went to Sabt Ahvaal, registration office near his house, to get her birth certificate. The office manager got her hospital birth certificate, and asked for the name of the baby. He said "Talaa". The guy looked at him, and said, "Are you kidding me (Maskhareh kardi)? This is not a name; give me a real name like Khadijeh or Fatemeh".My cousin said, he has always liked Talaa (gold), but he cannot afford to buy it. Therefore, he wants to name his daughter Talaa, to feel rich! After a long discussion and argument, he finally was able to get Talaa's Birth Certificate!  



How about Sam

by ramintork on

Sam or Saam, it is western and persian.



Here are some more, some are

by alimostofi on

Here are some more, some are boring.

Rostam becomes Ross a lot
Nader is Nader
Suren is easy, after the great Iranian warrior
Dean is easy, linked to the month of Day or Din (religion)
Noor is easy
Mani is easy
Mazdak or Mazda but then you need yo be more of a car freak than religious!
Arash becomes Archy
Behnam becomes Ben

Alexander is Eskandar
and always explain the myth of Eskandarnameh with that.

In edit mode:

Oh I just remembered a good one: Teymour becomes Tim. Teymour lang is referred to as Tamberlane.

Ali Mostofi




Congratulations! Consider the following...

by alborz on

...when choosing a name.

1) Two syllable names are the easiest to say.   Single syllable names will morph into a two syllable diminutive form, like Rod, becomes Roddy. They are also easily appended with the Persian term of endearment "joon".  Try doing this with single syllable names - ouch!

2) Avoid names with an H in the middle as in the west, it will get butchered or skipped - Mahshid becomes Mashid, and Mahbod becomes Mabod - big ouch.

3) The presence of an R or a T tends to make names more masculine and the presence of the O, OU, OO and EE sounds and two consecutive vowels make names more feminine.  Furthermore avoid the SH soundin a boy's name.

Here is an example of one name that violates three of the above guidelines  - Shaheen - Sh, EE sound, middle H which will become silent and place the two vowels A and EE next to one another and finally it is 3 syllables

Finally as for my recommendation I nominate the name "Nader".



Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

is my favorite, as in Zhand (Zand) Avesta.



by SamSamIIII on



Congratulations. He is on the right path already ;). Cheers!!!


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan





Oh and one other very good

by alimostofi on

Oh and one other very good one.

Ray = Rey which means ruler in latin and it was the old capital city of Iran. The word reign is derived from it.

Most of the ones I come up with for people are old Indo-European ones.

And Kiana is the female version of Kian.

If any of you are in the Spanish world this is a fun one. We have Espandiyar or Esfandiyar, which becomes Estefan which then become Stephen in English. This name is rooted deep in the philosophy of Esphandarmarzi or humility or forgiveness, or the month Esfand or the Astrology of Pisces.

Ali Mostofi





by hossein.hosseini on

We chose Kayvon for our son's name and he loves it, it is easy to pronounce if you spell it the way we did KAYVON.


BTW Tehrani0508 do you have a preference of what letter to start

by Anonymouse on

BTW Tehrani0508 do you have a preference of what letter to start with?  Like maybe you want the name to start with a specific letter of alphabet, like the letter your husband's name start with, or your name starts with?

Some people like the first letter of the boy's name to match the father's first letter and if it is a girl to match the mother's.  Although, some go with whoever wears the pants in the relationship, regardless of the gender! And they give the letter of the 2nd born to the parent whose letter was not used the first go around ;-)

Everything is sacred.



by capt_ayhab on

Ghazanfar .................



Farbod, Behrad, Iman, Mazdak (ok not this one ;-)

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

عجب افسرده می‌شویم وقتی‌ که میبینیم همه از ایران حرف میزنند و از اسامی ایرانی‌ ولی‌ نه به زبان شیرین فارسی‌ ! دردم را به که گویم که دگر هم دردی نیست ... عجب افسرده می‌شویم ...

Mohammad Ala

This is a shocker for those who live outside of Iran.

by Mohammad Ala on

First of all congratulations to you and your family members. It is true that the officials prefer Muslim (sounding) names, but it is NOT true that one cannot choose any other name(s) in Iran. This is a shocker for those who live outside of Iran: A family chose Borzo for their son in Tehran, Iran and got it registered.   As an Iranian, I prefer pure Persian names.  Type Persian names in any search engine, you will get plenty of them. 


Sabte ahval website

by Tehrani0508 on

Bunyip: Here is the Iranian government's site for approved names  //

By the way, most of the names suggested are already in my family (either on my side or on his side - I love the names Arvin and Artin but sister has named her twin boys that! DANG).

Mona 19

سام or نیکان

Mona 19

I'm blessed with a beautiful and smart girl ;) ... but if i had a son I would name him Sam or Nikan ( Nick for short ) .

btw double check Sasha, my friend has a boy named Sasha and he has a Iranian birth certificate.

Good luck , and Congratulation 



Thanks everyone!

by Tehrani0508 on

Thanks! We really appreciate the fact that you guys are helping out with our quest in finding a name.  Keep it coming if you come up with more names. We are narrowing down our choices.  I am so excited :) 



Thanks Souri:)

by Datis on

Thanks Souri, I like Ryan too. I think it's a good compromise!

Tehrani 0508: Sorry mate, it appears that I have hijacked your post! 



Peyman, Payam or Parham

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Ryan, Robin, Obteen

by Souri on

Ryan is a beautiful name which means "raah namaa" in Persian.

Robin: is another name which has a meaning also in Persian and accepted by the IR (I don't remember the meaning but can ask it for you, my cousin has named his son Robin both in Iran and here)

and I also like Obteen (a Shahnameh myth) which the American can easily pronounce like obtain........


Keep it coming!

by Datis on

Thanks all, you've come up with very good ones. I very much like Kian. Wish me luck in selling it to my misses!

Maryam Hojjat

Parsa, Pouya, Navid, Nader, &....

by Maryam Hojjat on

all other nice Persian names.

Payandeh IRAN & Iranians


first: Congrats

by IRANdokht on

As Ebi and Anonymouse have already mentioned: Sam, Dariush, Cyrus, Kian and Armon are great names. My son's name is Arya, but that has some negative connotations for seriously anti-racists folks who associate it with the white supremacy!!! I still love his name.

as for Cameron (Kamran), although one of my favorite boy names, I heard it's not on the allowed list. My friend was told that it meant "ayyash va khoshgozaran" and that's not islamic!  

Good luck and Congratulations!



It's a boy name, let's stick with boys, how bout Armin or Armon?

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Tahmasp=Thomas=Tom. This one

by alimostofi on

Tahmasp=Thomas=Tom. This one links to Shah Tahmasp who was the first King to accept Zoroaster's way.

Jamshid = James
Jami = Jamie
Jahangir=Johanngert (German)=John
Hormuz=Hermes which my son has shortened to Muz.

My daughter is called Yasna which is easy to pronounce. That comes from the Holy chapters of Avesta. Btw you can use Avesta.

I am on my lunch break so I am spewing it all out now.

If you marry a Chinese person then Hushang is great.

Fred from Fereydoon.

Mehri = Mary

Layla is easy

And Bijan if you are a snob and live in LA.

Oh I nearly forgot, Kamran for Cameron.

Ali Mostofi