Revolutionary Losers

Revolution of 1979 had winners and losers. Here is the story of three losers

14-Aug-2011 (10 comments)
Ali was raised in a very religious middle class family in Tehran. Unlike his cousin who went to religious school, he chose to go to public school. He took advantage of free education, continued his higher education science, and received his doctoral degree. He got a respectable and good paying job, married, and had two beautiful daughters, named Laleh and Ladan (Flower names). He never forgot his religious duties such as Namaz and Roozeh>>>


Nooshe Jaan!

Nooshe Jaan!

Cooking by the non-Persian bride

by Reyna Simnegar
29-Jul-2011 (9 comments)



Taking Drought by the Horn

Building compassion and greater understanding of world's challenges from young age

26-Jul-2011 (4 comments)
I had heard bits about the worsening famine, but sweating from our high temperatures at home, this news struck me hard. I could escape the heat and humidity with air conditioning, high speed internet, and cool treats. But for families in the Horn of Africa, their suffering seemed to be heaped on more suffering -- violence, lawlessness, growing fundamentalism and terrorism on top of drought, all fueling the intense famine>>>



Nima Collective's new expressions in jazz

15-Jul-2011 (6 comments)


Shahrzad & Farzin

Shahrzad & Farzin

Photo essay: Farzin Farhadi directs Shahrzad Sepanlou band

by Shadi Movahed



Boro Vasat

Ardalan Payvar and Shadi Yousefian's latest music video

13-Jul-2011 (33 comments)


آشتی با پاپ

شهرزاد سپانلو سعی دارد شنوندگان حرفه ای را با پاپ آشتی دهد

13-Jul-2011 (2 comments)
شهرزاد ابتدا کارش را با موج غالب موسیقی لس انجلسی شروع کرد ولی بزودی خود را از این جریان غالب جدا کرد و به فعالیتهای موسیقیایی جدیتری رو آورد. کار کردن با هنرمندی مانند فرامرز اصلانی و آهنگسازی فرزین فرهادی با همه پیشینه هنریش در موسیقی جاز و همچنین ترانه سرای به نامی مانند یغما گلرویی حاکی ازنگاه متفاوت او به موسیقی و میل به پیشرفت و متفاوت کار کردن می باشد>>>




Body ornaments

by Yara Afshar
07-Jul-2011 (4 comments)



Capturing Confinement

Ghazale Ghazanfari's photography

06-Jul-2011 (2 comments)
Internet: the megaphone of the people brought me the artwork of Tabriz-based photographer, Ghazale Ghazanfari. I first stumbled upon the dark textures and subtle emotions of her images on months ago, and the impression left was just as difficult to shake as tracking her down for an interview. The 24-years-old artist is completing her MA in Industrial Design in Tabriz: a kind and modest city in the far northwest corner of Iran near the borders of Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Her conceptual photos play on morbid backdrops of loneliness, abandonment, self-reflection >>>


Good Garbage

One man’s trash, another man’s livelihood

03-Jul-2011 (3 comments)
I really miss many things about the hometown I left behind nearly 38 years ago when I decided to travel to America to pursue graduate education. One of them is lettuce. Not the head lettuce popular here in the United States, but the special kind of lettuce that grows only in the warm and arid areas of my home town, Qum, Iran. This lettuce, known as Minaei lettuce, grows tall, especially if not cut and harvested on time, and has long, dark, lush, green leaves and soggy, slender, purplish ribs>>>

سپیده رئیس سادات

 صدایی به قدمت سرزمین مادری

موسیقی و صدایی که چون از دل برمی خیزد لاجرم بر دل نشیند

01-Jul-2011 (6 comments)
کمتر ازیک قرن ازظهوراولین خواننده زن ایرانی، قمرالملوک وزیری می گذرد. زنی که نه تنها به خاطر هنر و صدای بی بدیلش بلکه به خاطر شجاعتش در شکستن قیدها و بندهای پوسیده جامعه ستایش می شود. در سالهای بعد این اوضاع کمی بهتر شد. آشنایی و آگاهی مردم با هنرهای مختلف و ملل دیگر و آمدن رسانه های جدید رفته رفته این هنجارها را تغییرداد>>>


Green Hope

Green Hope

Photo essay: Ardeshir Armir Arjomand's talk at UC Berkeley

by Nazy Kaviani
27-Jun-2011 (47 comments)



Just Like Us

Interview with Egyptian-American comedian Ahmed Ahmed

17-Jun-2011 (4 comments)
Ahmed Ahmed is an internationally known Egyptian-American comedian who has directed the new documentary Just Like Us. The film features thirteen international comedians performing during a recent tour of the Middle East. Iranian standup comedians, Maz Jobrabi and Omid Djalili are among the artists featured in this film. Other performers have backgrounds such as Greek-Canadian, African-American, Italian-American, German-American, and Egyptian-Saudi.Mr. Ahmed was kind enough to give a telephone interview for IC readers:>>>


On Her Own Path

On Her Own Path

Interview with Shahrzad Sepanlou

by Nazy Kaviani
15-Jun-2011 (15 comments)



Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Chez Nous

It’s easier to just let things be

15-Jun-2011 (2 comments)
Yesterday my mom invited me to see a film in French that she’d heard good things about. Little did I know as I settled into my seat I was facing, not a screen, but a mirror. It’s one thing to watch a mother-child film with your mother. But it takes it to another level to watch the tale of a Middle Eastern mother’s experience with your mother -- who happens to be an immigrant from said region herself. Specifically, Incendies is about a woman whose death prompts her children to realize that maybe they didn’t know her at all>>>