The City of Wind

Photo essay: Journey form Tehran to Baku

by Maziar Behrooz
In May 2009 I took my parents to the 'city of wind' or Baadkubeh as it was known in Iran. The rest is explains in tidbits of history accompanying each photo.

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maziar 58

azari yar shasin..........

by maziar 58 on

their 99 yrs. contract already expired (golistan chai) Badkubeh is part of Iran and has to return to Iran.Maziar


Guzel shekiler

by aziz on

Hormetli Behrooz, I loved the beautiful pix. I did recently, stay in Baku in a family house and visited some areas. I have to make some comments if I may, -Ichari does not mean lower it is more of dakhel shahr -I noticed more of black Mercedes Benz going around in a chaiatic fashion! than any other cars that you have depicted - There were high contrast of rich and poor in the area There are more newly nice buildings and world famous fountains that I am sure you have seen, one just next to the Az naft building (H. A. Foundation) that you have it here. I think, on the comments about the complex issue of Iranian/Persian connotation of people and how they think more elaboration and clarification is needed Hormetile



Truly loved it! I always wondered how Baku would look like!

by gol-dust on

Merci! You saved me a lot of time and money. I am shocked how beautiful it is aginst my expectations. Loved the briefings you gave.

When do you think that we would get our City back? How do people feel about us?


Thanks for sharing

by aghaemi on

Beautiful pictures and narration.  Truly enjoyed.  Thanks.

Louie Louie


by Louie Louie on

Thanks for sharing, it looks like a very beautiful country. May I ask how the accommodation was? I love to travel there someday.

Photo #18 looks very asheghaneh!


Thank you for

by yolanda on

Thank you for the pictures with captions, which help me learn many different things. Thank you sooo much for adding the captions to each picture. I have to say that Iran is way more beautiful than Baku. The buildings in Baku are either gray and having the color of dirt! Persian architectural strucures in Iran are more exquisite, elegant, and eye-catching! I love the Persian blue and the intricate tilework.

thanks for sharing!



Thank You...

by IIAF on

Thank you for sharing these pictures, they are awsome.