A Family Affair

A Family Affair

Photo essay: Yasmine Pahlavi's mission for Foundation for Children of Iran

by Darius Kadivar
01-Jun-2012 (74 comments)



Hearing Ross Mirkarimi

Why are they out to destroy San Francisco's Iranian-American sheriff?

25-May-2012 (26 comments)
Never in the history of San Francisco has there ever been a well funded, daily, weekly, and monthly orchestrated prosecution of any elected official until now -- Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. There is an elaborate campaign to oust Ross Mirkarimi - one of the highest elected officials of Iranian descent in the nation. The November 2011 election witnessed three major races: Mayor Ed Lee, District Attorney George Gascon, and Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi>>>


Pray or act?

Showing teeth to ordinary Iranian immigrants

19-May-2012 (2 comments)
In the Iranian community here in Toronto a debate has started. Many see this matter as a good development, a turning point against potential financial supporters of Iranian regime who for decades have invested in Canada without any interference. They complain about many real estate investments by Chinese, Russian and Iranian investors that creates big headaches for the residents. On the other hand many insist that the sanctions enforced by Canadian financial institutions under government pressure only affect ordinary hard-working Iranians >>>


Did We Shrink?

Iranians & the 2010 U.S. Census

17-May-2012 (11 comments)
Last month the much awaited results for the number of Iranians in the 2010 Census came out. Are you ready? The count is a whopping 289,465!! Say what? Ten years ago, in census 2000, we were told there are 338,000 Iranians. Did we shrink by 49,000? Now before you all bent out of shape and God forbid start an “Occupy Census Bureau” movement, let me explain. Trust me; I know a thing or two about numbers>>>

شاهین نجفی

 ترانهِ توهین به همه

این ترانه سیلی دیگری است در صف درازِ بی احترامی ها

13-May-2012 (41 comments)
ترانه جدید شاهین نجفی تند و بی پروا است. لحن بی حرمت کننده و بی در و پیکرش به هرچه که در ایران امروز است تاخته… توی این احوالات خشن و بی حرمت کننده که رئیس جمهور غاصب، مردم وطنش را خس و خاشاک می نامد… حکومتی که توهین، فحاشی و تصویر زننده از مردم کوچه و خیابان دادن هایش، شلاق ها و اعدام ملا عام هایش، روح و روان مردم را جریحه دار کرده… >>>


Neocon Upstart Attacks Academic Freedom

Smearing those who attempt to fairly represent Iranian Americans

11-May-2012 (98 comments)
I thought it would be a typical Thursday at work last week, but as soon as I arrived to the office, an associate pulled me aside and pointed to a series of defamatory tweets against me and the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), the organization for which I intern. The tweets were directed at me by neoconservative upstarts Sohrab Ahmari and Peter Kohanloo in response to comments I tweeted (here and here) regarding an article written by Ahmari demonizing American academics who had recently traveled to Iran>>>


About "Out of the Gray"

Interview with Manoucher Parvin

First, I wish to tell you a brief story behind this interview. Manoucher Parvin was my professor of mathematical economics at Columbia University some forty years ago. I was a Fulbright Scholar heading to Gdansk Poland to do post-graduate work in foreign trade. Professor Parvin persuaded me to pursue my studies at Warsaw University instead. To my surprise, I was allowed to do that>>>


Dear God, Go Home

Take a long vacation and leave us alone

11-May-2012 (8 comments)
I have had this yeuk for many years, to directly write to you and if you don’t mind me saying so tell you a few things that are really pissing me off. I am not expecting to receive any answer from you; apparently you don’t talk with or write to your subjects, according to human’s records this is a habit of yours since your birth about 4000 years ago, your taciturn character is killing some of us! >>>


No Gray Zone

The expression “take it or leave it” means nothing to an Iranian

05-May-2012 (one comment)
Non-Iranian readers seem to find the cultural aspect of my recent novel interesting and often ask questions about it at discussions. It was during one of these book talks that I came across yet another unique aspect of my culture. Someone asked me the reason behind the Iranians’ love of poetry and my spontaneous respond surprised even me. “Persians are all poets at heart and we memorize verses and use them in our conversations>>>


Surprising Commonalities

I keep wondering why there are so much unresolved animosities between them

03-May-2012 (one comment)
As a foreign student in the United States, in spite of thorough indoctrination by the communist propaganda in Iran on young people like me to abhor America, the spirit of some features of the American constitution gradually seeped through the dark crevasses of my mind and turned on a few lights of enlightenment. I gradually and subconsciously developed some sort of ambiguous, at first, love and hate, and later a warm affection for America>>>


سارکو و اولاند

تماشای دوئل نشسته

03-May-2012 (9 comments)
طبق آمار رسمی، دیشب بیش از هفده میلیون نفر در فرانسه به دوئل نشسته سارکو-اولاند گوش داده اند. حتماً آمار واقعی بیش از این است چون خیلی ها برای نپرداختن مالیات تلویزیون، به دولت رسماً اعلام نمی کنند که در خانه تلویزیون دارند و تلویزیون تماشا می کنند. مجری ها خونسرد و مسلط و هشیار بودند و گاهی با یک کلمه جلسه را روی ریل مسیر تعیین شده می انداختند.>>>


Tavalod, Tavalod, Tavalodet Mobarak NIAC!

Happy birthday to us!

01-May-2012 (20 comments)
Ten years ago today, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) was born. While I technically wasn’t there as a staffer to see it for myself, I’d like to say I was there in spirit. The reason being, as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted an organization that fights for the rights of the Iranian-American community. And, as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted our community to have a voice and be more than what the media and others define us to be>>>


We sincerely thank all those who supported and encouraged us

29-Apr-2012 (one comment)
In the near future, we will terminate our site and you will not be able to communicate with us; but more fiercely than ever, we will continue putting all our efforts on networks in different parts of our beloved Iran. We are more resolute than ever to continue our struggle till Freedom, Democracy and Justice are finally prevailed in our country! For us, regardless of our individual beliefs, Iran in its totality and freedom for all Iranians come before any political system, party, "ism", "Leader", religion or ethnicity>>>


Iran in Scandinavia

Iran in Scandinavia

Photo essay: Iranian studies conference in Oslo

by Ashk Dahlén
27-Apr-2012 (4 comments)



آیا «پارلمان ایرانیان مهاجر و تبعیدی» عملی است؟

از کجا می‌توان کار را شروع کرد و به اصطلاح غلتک را به راه انداخت؟

25-Apr-2012 (6 comments)
پارلمان ایرانیان مهاجر و تبعیدی یک ایده است و تحقق آن به خواست جامعه ایرانی خارج کشور منوط است. اگر این خواست تأمین شود، توانایی هم به دنبال آن خواهد آمد. مخالفت با آن اگر از زاویه بدبینی باشد، در فرهنگ سیاسی جامعه ایرانی قابل فهم است. ولی اگر نیروهای سیاسی با آن به مخالفت برخیزند بیش از هر چیز عدم اعتماد به نفس یا نگرانی از وزن و نفوذ خود در جامعه ایرانی خارج کشور را به نمایش گذاشته‌اند>>>