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Perfectly flawed
If Parsipur, like Golshiri, Hedayat and Yoshij before her doesn't push the langauage forward, then who will?
July 10, 2007

We love you, but...
IRANICA response to the AP article on Yarshater
April 6, 2007

Can't help liking the ape
Ahmadinejad is not the savior, far from it; he will do us all in, but...
June 24, 2005

Four more years
An endorsement of George W. Bush
October 26, 2004

October 27, 2003
Let my friend go
Dariush Zahedi, a good soul and a brilliant mind, is a prisoner in Iran

July 12, 2003
Radical surgery is not for us
Maybe what we need, and what Ladan and Laleh needed, is more of accepting what is and changing it little by little

January 30, 2003
Aghaye Doctor blows minds
Dr. Farhang Holakouee has become a prophet of sorts -- and a benevolent one

December 19, 2002
What's next?
Photo essay: L.A. protests against detention of Iranians

May 18, 2001
Romanticizing the past
Googoosh is no feminist heroine

March 1, 2001
Here & there
What if Ebrahim Nabavi was born in Detroit and Eminem in Tehran?

October 30, 2000
The best man
Al Gore for president

August 10, 1998
Requiem for a matriarch
She left her husband after nearly 10 years and four children, a daring gesture back in Reza Shah's Iran

July 27, 1998
Shattering truth
Murder? Unbearable domestic abuse? The case of Farinoush Dalili

June 12, 1998l
A bucket of sand
Khodadad Aziz turned me into a soccer fan

March 25, 1998l
The woman back home
Never met her; want to marry her

January 9, 1998
Nirvana for one cent
... With no further obligation

October 1997
Oh sweet rebellion
A young Iranian with a whole lot of namak

August 1997
Beema'refat (and proud of it)
I announced to my family I will no longer play host

May 1997
The Iranian entertainment machine in Los Angeles

February 1997
The aftermath in human terms
Greater Los Angeles is what we Iranians here call home...

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