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xAle is an old timer who grew up in Iran. Through stories and remembrances of old days, she will be sharing with us part of our past.


July 8, 2006
It was not easy just sitting in your seat
Rojan's concert in Chicago

March 15, 2002
Purple Noruz
With my pretty ruffled Noruz dress and new bike I was beaming with pride

January 3, 2002
Package from America
We couldn't wait to see what's in it

March 24, 2000
Delband o Delavar
Going back in time to pick a poetic name

January 25, 2000
A kiss in a Cadillac
... and a crash!

Octrober 1, 1999
Every day the yakhie would come with his olaagh

June 10, 1999
Those summer days
Memories of grandma's big old house and orchard

March 16, 1999
NajvAye ShAdi
Noruz music a pleasant distraction in college

January 21, 1999
So lucky
... to have seen Our Boys play in World Cup 98

October 15, 1998
First snow
I quietly asked her what was going on outside. She gave me a long glance and said, " is... just snowing!"

August 12, 1998
Fire & snow
We siphoned some gas from our car into a few bottles we had in the car and wrote our names and created some designs on the snow and lit it. Wow!

July 10, 1998
We picked an old tree with many majestic bending branches, heavy with deep red mulberries. Each branch offering its fruit gratuitously, after a short drive out of the city. One of the guys climbed up the tree and with a light and loving touch shook some of the branches while the rest of us held on to corners of the sheet beneath the tree.

June 17, 1998
Farm workers gathered around us talking as though we could not understand a word they said, and commented about my dress, Hamid's love for a woman to the point of kissing her toes and the fact that we must not be Iranian.

June 3, 1998
One of the first signs of spring in Mashad was the sight of a red cart full of ghaghore

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