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    December 24, 1998
    Not even a mouse
    Mom would always read " 'twas the night before Christmas..."
    By Khordad

    December 23, 1998
    Nothing like a book

    Depressed? Homesick? Pick up a good Persian book
    By Ali A. Parsa

    December 8, 1998
    The magician
    He made up grand stories and I believed every one of them
    By Shahrzad Irani

    December 2, 1998
    Tonboon-e Faati
    With so few rights, Iranian brides-to-be are extra cautious
    By Nasim Bagheri

    November 24, 1998
    Angels belong to the heavens, Pedar-jAn
    By Ghasedak Parandeh

    November 17, 1998
    Marrying an Iranian woman
    ...with strings attached
    By Siavash Soroosh

    November 3, 1998
    How to become an American
    ...with just minutes of practice a day
    By Iraj

    October 20, 1998
    Practice makes perfect
    Iranian gets a break in American TV drama? Deegeh chi?
    By Bruce Bahmani

    October 23, 1998
    It's all a myth
    A response to Laleh Khalili's "Forgiving Salm and Tur: A polemic on race"
    By Asghar Massombagi

    October 15, 1998
    First snow
    Years of waiting and wondering had finally ended and I was fully enjoying every flake of snow, body and soul
    xAle's Corner

    October 13, 1998
    People of extremes
    Iranians are really interesting people. Do be careful though
    By eRoTuS

    October 9, 1998
    Hot dog
    What did you expect me to say, Ghormeh Sabzi?
    By Yasaman J

    September 30, 1998
    Sing to me, once more
    My father, our home and my country have become part of my dreams
    By Pejman Asgarpour

    September 29, 1998
    Forgiving Salm and Tur
    A polemic on race
    By Laleh Khalili

    September 16, 1998
    The little emigre
    Who would I be today, without all those losses?
    By Yasimne Rafii

    September 11, 1998
    We don't need this
    Polemic on a seemingly impending war with Afghanistan
    By Laleh Khalili

    August 27, 1998
    If you must know
    On Iranian consular forms
    By Siamak Namazi

August 26, 1998
Mommy's boy
When I'm angry or feel harm coming my way, I think of her and feel safe
By Shahin

August 18, 1998
Forked Tongues
On Learning A New Persian Language
By Jasmin Darznik

August 14, 1998
Sangak on a bike
By Aref Erfani

August 13, 1998
In search of "home"
By Siamak Namazi

August 12, 1998
xAle's Corner
fire & snow
Hamid asked if I had ever burned snow? What? Burn snow?

August 6, 1998
Nike Man
I had promised to buy him some Nike pumps for my 15-year-old cousin...
By Hamid Taghavi

August 5, 1998
Memory & Marion
Our and our children's names
By Maryam Shargh

August 4, 1998
This is getting complicated
The distances I travel: Reflections on being half-Iranian
By Jasmin Darznik

August 5, 1998
Mr. Enoughdaughters
Unusual Persian last names in Fars Province
By Hossein Mahloudji and Bahram Javid

July 31, 1998
Troubled Iranian families in California
By Bahman Gilani

July 30, 1998
The women we wanted to be
A simple recounting - and nothing else
By Laleh Kahlili

July 29, 1998
Alone in India
I remember marigolds and the Taj Mahal room 302
By White Cloud

July 27, 1998
Shattering truth
Murder? Unbearable domestic abuse? The case of Farinoush Dalili
By Ramin Tabib

July 24, 1998
No sand between my toes
I am a Mercedes-driving, cellphone-carrying, club-hopping, lady :-)
By Golpar

July 23, 1998
My grandmother's gift for storytelling
By Jasmin Darznik

July 22, 1998
I was there
The Iran-U.S. soccer match in World Cup 98
By Aref Erfani

July 15, 1998
I love the part that goes "for the la'and of the freeee..."
By Maryam Shargh

July 10, 1998
xAle's Corner: Memories of Iran

July 9, 1998
Loving an Iranian girl
Ready for love... Not!
By dAyi Hamid

June 26, 1998
World Cup Lessions
Looking back at the whole experience
By Hamid Taghavi

June 25, 1998
Not a total loss
A sequal to Casablanca as German and Iranian fans go at it
By J. Javid

June 25, 1998
Just Iran
Your favorite team, even if you are an Iranian-American
By Maryam Shargh

June 24, 1998
A Small Party
A double date with my sister and two English soldiers

June 23, 1998
On Football, Philosophy, and Joy
Watching the Iran-U.S. match in New York
By Laleh Khalili

June 22, 1998
The good kind... before, during and after the Iran-U.S. soccer match
By Maryam Aslani

June 19, 1998
The Other Woman
The WASP nuclear family or the Iranian extended family ?
By Catherine Dehdashti

June 17, 1998
xAle's Corner: Sunflowers
Memories of Iran: Love

June 15, 1998
Better than expected
Iran 0 -Yugoslavia 1: Blame this loss on Iran's Football Federation.
By Hamid Taghavi

June 12, 1998
A bucket of sand
On becoming a soccer fan and a reaction to an unkind LA Times comment
By Ramin Tabib

June 10, 1998
A portrait of my father
...Dr. Abol Qassem Bakhtiar
By White Cloud

June 5, 1998
Meeting in Moscow
Expat writers meet Siavash Kasraie shortly before his death (in Persian)
By Masoud Sepand

June 4, 1998
"The road to Afghanistan"
The editorial in the April/May 1998 issue of Zanan magazine in Iran.

June 3, 1998
xAle's Corner: Nobar
Memories of Iran: fresh fruits

May 29, 1998
The invisible Iranians
Iranian Jews seek more visibility - and acceptance.
By Maryam Shargh

May 13, 1998
Mixing memory and desire
A survey on Iranians in the United States.
By Laleh Khalili

April 21, 1998
U.N. chief awarded Cyrus cylinder
Northern California Iranians honor human rights declaration

March 26, 1998
Road to victory
Interesting predictions about World Cup '98.
By Bruce Bahmani

March 25, 1998
The woman back home
Never met her; want to marry her.
By Ramin Tabib

March 18, 1998
Eenam az chahaarshanbeh soori-ye ma
Mahdiyeh Javid reports on chahaarshanbeh soori in her neighborhood in Tehran (in Persian)

March 18, 1998
From empress to net surfer
Meeting Farah Pahlavi as she surfs the net.
By Farhad Sepahbody

March 3, 1998
Abgooshti Cooking (in Persian)
15 kinds of abgoosht? Yup!
From Banu Neshatoddoleh's "Tabbakhi-ye Neshat"

Feb 26, 1998
Understanding Iranians? Not a bad idea.
By Michael C. Walker

Feb 24, 1998
Around a world of broken promises
By Mehrdad Azad

Feb 19, 1998
The Sub Man
Ever tried teaching in an American public school?
By Hamid Taghavi

Jan 16, 1998
Hot implications of U.S.-Iran relations
By Ramin Tabib

Jan 16, 1998
A costly address
Khatami's interview with CNN has opened a Pandora box.
By Farhad Sepahbodi

Jan 15, 1998
Great expectations
Meeting Iranian relatives in Turkey after 13 years.
By Laura Rosen

Jan 13, 1998
My first girlfriend
By dAyi Hamid

Jan 9, 1998
Nirvana for one cent ... With no further obligation.
By Ramin Tabib

Jan 7, 1998
Muscular dysqerophy
I can not do the qer-e kamar.
By Gelareh Abedi

Jan 7, 1998
El Presidente
Going to Tijuana to get a U.S. visa.
By Hamid Rafi


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