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June 10, 2004


* Look! You don't need approval to be good

hi babak, trust you are well. [Proud Iranicon]

as a zarthushti I feel sad when Iranians who recognize the simple & honorable faith of their forefathers lament that they would like to follow it, or be one of them, are not able to do so saying "they do not accept converts."

look, I can understand if you made this statement in Iran, the laws of apostasy will hold sway, but outside, who is to stop you ?

FYI, here in L A there is an organization that accepts Iranians and non Iranians who want to adopt the simple faith.

in the final analysis, who is to stop you from living your life with the cardinal principles of "Humata, hukhta, havreshta" ( good, thoughts, words & deeds), a staunch belief in the all wise Ahura Mazda as creator that is all Good and your unique place on earth to fight evil forces in any small way you can, till its destroyed utterly one day bringing forth the final rebirth of total goodness.

you don't need a organized religious approval for this! 

so, to all my Iranian friends, go ahead, your creator has given you a choice, call yourselves zarthoshti, if some bigot refuses recognition, trust me, he will be put to shame for doing so, not you.

as I see it, one life to live, if it has to be under a label and if you are Iranian, might as well be your own and not an alien thought.

Feroz Dinshah


* Zartoshti, like it or not

Dear Babak, [Proud Iranicon]

Don't mind these ex-communists who are now orphaned by the death of their father, the Soviet Union!! I have converted to Zartoshti in my heart and don't care wether they accept it or not. It is our right to have the freedom to chose any religeon that we like.



* Undermining your own

I never thought i would even run into one of your shameful masterpieces on line, much less spending valuable time reading it [Proud Iranicon]. Do you intend on continuing with this trend and calling everyone who comes your way, and dares to discredit your so precious and iran-loving pahlavi government, an OGhdei? it certainly is amazing to me and beyond belief, that one can misuse a term and use it every so often, to label and degrade those who stand on the opposite side of one's political ideas.

Do you monarchists! not realize that by implementing such strategy, you are discrediting and undermining your own precious idealogies? Has it ever occured to you that the most effective and constructive way to weaken your opponents arguments is not to resort to profanities and humiliation? It must be that you take great pleasure in doing that, while at the same time you place your big feet in your collective mouths, so to speak, and dig yourself ever deeper in a hole?

One of the meanings of this term, my dear monarchist fire-brand, or whatever patriotic titles you would like to place upon yourself which is an essential one is being narrow-minded, which has been demonstrated so well and masterfully by you and a gang of like-minded, shah-worshippers. OGHdeh, is the essense of your idealogy and the premise for every argument you make. If you never an oghdei yourself and if you had never lived as one, you had absolutely nothing to gain by using such language to dissuade your opponents.

I sure hope that your Idol , Reza, would "feel your pain" and understand your deep fears and insecurities, and you can all regain what was taken away from you. [See reply below]

Keep the faith

Kyle Saghafi


* Mental midget you

Well well, it's the eternal jackass named Kyle attempting to spew his "can't we get along" rubbish once again [Undermining your own].

Weaken my argument? [Proud Iranicon] You have showed time in and time out how much of a mental midget you truly are. You have failed to digest the scope of my argument, as usual, and decided to harp on some tangent that falls outside of the breadth of the point of contention.

Is this the same technique you employ when you approach your patients in the medical field? I truly feel sorry for the poor soul that has the unfortunate luck of having you as his/her physician!


Babak Kalhor


* I have few questions

Dear Mr. Roozbeh Shirazi, [Watch out for Iranicons]

As you have asked, I am going to introduce myself, for your satisfaction & kind response.

My name is Hashem. My family name is Hakimi. I live in Oslo, Norway, with the following address [deleted -- editor]. My private telephone number is [deleted]. My Mobile telephone number is [deleted]

I have a Web site. There is good information about me on the as well. I hope now you are satisfied that you are not talking to un-known person.

I like the name you have chosen for the Iranians living in U.S.A., (Iranicons). I have only few questions to ask.

1st. Despite the brutality, you have hinted in your article & the existence of horrible SAVAK, how many expatriates or refugees we have had during the ex regime? Considering that there was no hindrance for any body to depart from Iran & stay any where they wanted to.

2nd.-Do you think that, Exxon, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, the Coca Cola Corp, and all the rest, are part of American Society or you think that they have usurped them selves on American people from outer space?

3rd. - Have you chosen to leave your country, presumably, Iran, by choice or by any kind of exigency?

4th. What was the reason for you to depart Iran almost for good?

5th. - Have you freely chosen to take abode in United States of America, with all its short comings as you have described, or you just inadvertently fell off the plane on that land?

6th. - Do you consider, criticising the country & the people you freely have chosen to live in & with, and make your living, morally justified?

H. Hakimi


* FarWHO?

I liked very much your piece on FARDID, [Passionate, genuine & deeply flawed] but you have to realize that I, along with thousands of other readers here in USA or in Iran, have no idea who FARDID was.

I have heard of him through relatives and friends of friends but that is the extent of it. So do us a huge favor, let us know who FARDID was in form a bio or synopsis of his life and works. Or maybe a website!

Ramin Tabib


* Shareek dar shaadee

Regarding "The city of angels",

Cyrus Akhlaghi


* It's about time

Dear Jahanshah, [The city of angels]

The pictures of the wedding of your friend and your comments were in one word, excellent.

Thank you for sharing them with your readers.

I wanted to congratulate your friends for breaking the traditional barriers of our culture and getting married. I know this is not the first interfaith marriage but its probably the first shared on a web site with readers across the globe.

It's about time that we looked at ourselves and others as humans instead of Jews, Muslims, Iranians, etc.



* Female touch

Dear Javaneh and Jahanshah, [The city of angels]

Thanks for sharing your photos with us, by that i mean both this series and the previous one from the winery, they are very entertaining, informative and expressive at the same time.

I am very happy for you and Javaneh, i must tell you, your life seems to be brighter and more exciting; therefore, has become more exciting to read since you got married and there is this subtle female touch in the web site which was missing before and being a woman, i found it more attractive now!!

Congratulations and good luck!



* I was there

Great story of pictures. I felt like I was on the trip! [The city of angels]

Ali Bashar


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