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Monday March 12, 2001 / Esfand 22, 1379, No. 1182


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America, welcome
Convinced that most Iranians actually like Americans

Written and photographed by Ron Wurzer
March 12, 2001
The Iranian

I had been at a small party in north Tehran of twentysomething-year-old Iranians. North Tehran is the upscale, more modern part of the capital. It boasts a Nike store, internet cafes, well-stocked computer stores, and a fast-food restaurant called Boof that sells good fried chicken and pizza. The partygoers were college-educated. The young women immediately took off their headscarves and manteaus, or cloaks, when they walked through the door. As the heavy-metal music of Metallica blared on the stereo, the group began passing around marijuana cigarettes >>> GO TO FEATURE

Foreign Policy

Equal but undivided?
The Russian-Iranian gambit in the Caspian Sea

By Guive Mirfendereski
March 12, 2001
The Iranian

President Khatami's visit to Moscow is taking place sooner than expected. The quick trip north is at any rate an apt metaphor for the urgent need to resolve the simmering Caspian situation -- before environmental degredation, decline of fisheries, risks associated with offshore petroleum development, and potential for regional conflicts reach boiling point >>> GO TO FEATURE


Encyclopaedia Iranica is the ultimate source on all things Iranian

By Davood N. Rahni
March 12, 2001
The Iranian

Have you ever encountered a scenario when you were asked to provide a detailed explanation of a historical incident, certain artifacts, a musical piece, or a scientific breakthrough pertaining to Iran, yet didn't have the comprehensive verified reference compendium to develop your specific convincing response? Well, you would be thrilled to realize that there is no more confusion as Encyclopaedia Irancia is resolving this dilemma >>> GO TO FEATURE


Round up of oppositions in Tehran

BBC Persian Service

More than 30 opposition activists, attending a meeting in the capital Tehran, have been arrested. They are moderate opposition forces known as the religious-nationalist alliance. They support the reform policies of the Iranian President Khatami >>> LISTEN

Roundup of More Than 20 Activists

(New York, March 12, 2001) Human Rights Watch today condemned the Sunday arrest of more than 20 political activists for taking part in a meeting at a private house in Tehran. The arrests were ordered by the Tehran Revolutionary Court-Branch 26 and as of this time the charges against and the whereabouts of the detainees remain unknown >>> FULL TEXT

Khatami vows democracy future of Iran

Khatami's speech in Majilis >>> AUDIO

TEHRAN, March 11 (AFP) - President Mohammad Khatami vowed Sunday in a dramatic address before parliament that democracy was the way of the future in Iran but stopped short of announcing he would seek re-election in June >>> FULL TEXT


Internet rumor

This list has been making the rounds on the Internet. It claims to show how much money leaders of the Islamic Republic have stashed abroad. Is it factual? Who knows...

1) Ali Khamenei

Sparkasse Bank (Frankfurt/Germany) Acct.# 234075617: DM 112.1 Million

Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct. # 217824: US$ 97 Million

Banque Cantonale (Lausanne/CH) Acct. # 71713: US$ 73.2 Million >>> FULL LIST

More Letters

* Kam lotfi

Parastoo Ghodsi writes: I read "Not going back" and frankly it upset me to see how negative one can be! I don't deny the fact that there's very limited freedom (of any sort) in Iran and that it is not necessarily a good tourist location, but it's honestly not that bad. This American woman claims that she stood out in public because of her red nails, makeup, and white sneakers while everyone was wearing black! First of all, we all know that Iranian women in Iran and elsewhere wear a whole lot more makeup! >>> FULL TEXT

* Hee haa!

Setareh Sabety writes: Was this ["Engage secular Iran"] an opinion piece in the Christian Science Monitor? I sure hope so. Otherwise, I can not believe that their journalism has sunk so low. Oh, now that we have a trigger happy Republican administration, let's get back to Cold War tactics of "helping" those on "our side" in geo-politically "strategic" countries like Iran. Forget about past interventions, however futile they may have turned up; let's intervene some more. It is cowboy time at the White House! Hee haa! Yahoo! >>> FULL TEXT

* Martin Luther King: No chance in Iran

Hossein writes: I read Fariba Amini's "Thy father's sins" and the great advice she has given Reza Pahlavi.  Then I read responses to her article by Khosrow Moniri and H.M. Jalili.  Frankly I had to re-read Amini's article and could not see any of the points the two responders' are raising. Amini has rightly indicated that the revolution was hijacked by the mollas.  She has correctly pointed to the grave mistakes made by the Pahlavi regime.  While Jalili seems to be very knowledgeable about the history of civil rights movements in America, he fails to recognize that if Martin Luther King was in Iran during the Shah's regime, he could not stage any of his non-violent demonstrations for a minute >>> FULL TEXT

* Confusing everyone

A.R. Beigie writes: I must say as someone who has spent most of his adult life in the West, we Iranians have succeeded in confusing everyone about our identity and cultre, ourseleves included ["Bring back Persia"]. I have also come to believe that we Iranians have diluted our identity by over-educating foriegners. In our eagerness to defend the Iranian image outside we have created confusion about the name of the country, the name of our people, the name of our seas and the name of our language >>> FULL TEXT

Noruz: Complete listings of celebrations in U.S.


    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    I'll go a hundred steps beyond reason,

    Free from the existence of good and evil.

    You are so good that I'm beyond the veil.

    Let the clueless know: I will love myself.

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No choice

We have no other choice but to establish democracy in our country.

-- President Khatami's speech in Majlis
March 11, 2001

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