The Newlyweds (18)

I knew Kati felt the same way as me


The Newlyweds (18)
by laleh haghighi

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Subject: [Happiness]
From: Pejman,
To: Payam,
December 18, 1:11:01 a.m.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Dear Brother:

I never thought that I could be so happy. Kati and I have made our decision. We are going to be together. Together forever like we were always meant to be. I can’t stop grinning these days and it is all I can do to stop myself from packing up this very minute and saying good-bye to my former life, if one can even call it a “life.” It was more like existing without purpose, breathing under water, forever suffocating, dying little by little.

It didn’t come easily of course. At first, Kati refused to see me, to heed my calls. When I finally saw her face to face for the first time after the kiss we shared, she put up the resistance that I expected from her. She tried to deny it at first, saying it was a mistake, we got carried away, etc. But every time I touched her, she recoiled like she had been struck by lightning. She kept trying to turn from me, avoid my gaze. I told her I would only accept her words if she could say them to me looking directly in my eyes, hands in my hands, our bodies close together. I knew she felt the same way as me.

As soon as I had in her my arms, she started shaking. Her words stopped short in her throat and turned to weeping. I bent down and kissed her again and this time, we melted in each other’s arms and did not re-emerge until it was already dark outside and the half moon glowed peacefully on our entangled bodies.

Oh the hours we spent exploring each other, like two famished travelers who had finally reached their destination, an exotic island that offered them endless supplies of succulently ripe fruits and sweet wine. Kati loves the way she lives her life, spirited and intense, graceful and passionate.

What a far cry from those awkward nights on our so-called honeymoon with Nassim, when we awkwardly fumbled in the dark, trying our best to act out an ecstasy that we clearly did not experience. I felt so embarrassed for Nassim then, acting like a teen-aged virgin on her first night, as if I wouldn’t guess that at the age of thirty, she was likely to have more lovers than I could count on my fingers! I appreciated all the more Kati’s sincerity. She made no attempts whatsoever at disingenuously hiding the fact that she was a more than experienced lover, who knew both how to be pleasurable and how to pleasure herself. With Kati, I knew I would always be able to go back to that island and keep on exploring for any number of times and still be surprised to find more hidden treasures waiting to be unravelled by me.

Afterwards, when we had reached the point of exhaustion, we lay quietly together, not wanting this moment to end, not wanting the magic to vanish suddenly. It was I who first broke the spell. There was no doubt in my mind about the next step.

-- “Kati, I am in love with you, been in love with you for so long. I don’t ever want us to be apart.”

She looked at me, her eyes wide with apprehension but also love:

-- “Pejman, I can’t be the cause of you and my sister… I just simply couldn’t…”

-- “You have nothing to do with it.” I said, on fire. “I mean, of course, you have everything to do with it but I mean, my marriage is… a sham. It has always been, way before I met you. We just, we float around each other, pretending to be a couple but there is nothing and I mean NOTHING between us. You have to believe me.”

Understandably, it was a huge hurdle to get over, convince her that we could do this, that we ought to do this, we owed it to ourselves to be happy and live our life. Sure, people would get hurt but wasn’t she tired of living life to please others and always remain unsatisfied? I had never been so articulate, so passionate. The words flowed so easily. I don’t know how to explain it. Before Kati, it seemed I always lived in the shadow. My mind was befuddled, my emotions warped and confused. Now, it was all crystal clear. One path to follow and follow it until the end, no matter what.

We have decided to wait until after the Christmas-New Year holidays to tell Nassim and her parents. It will give us some time to make the proper arrangements for our life, which will mean relocating, probably to Paris or maybe even Barcelona. It will also give you some time to prepare our parents for this turn of events. I know you will do right by me brother. Even if you disagree with my choices, you cannot deny me the right to be happy, and neither can our parents.

I will write to you soon when I am more clear on what our future plans will be.

My best to you and yours,

Pejman >>> Part 19

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Buying into the story

by d (not verified) on

I don't think it's realistic for Pejman and Kati to move to Europe. However, what is relaistic is to have such thoughts run through your mind when you are faced with the problem. I speak from experience (see my comments below). Kati and Pejman are merely at the stage of thinking about it. So hang in there and see what happens. Don't bank on seeing this coming to a conclusion anytime soon. If any of you read "Thorn Birds" you recall that the story covered 20+ years!


Get real Ladies

by KouroshS (not verified) on

Dee and American wife

I know that before i said that he will find a way back to work on his marriage but i admit that i was wrong. I was in for a big surprise.

It is Just too bad that you guys don't want to get onboard here. I don't know how much more obvious it can get for you that Pejman is not stalking! katie, Get over that idea, or that this whole thing is just the figment of his imagination, While Katie stands in front of him, shaking, with feelings for him and awhile later they are in the buisness of discovering each other? I mean do you even believe those words?
If katie did not WANT to be with him, Why did she not just utter the words?
FYIAmerican wife, He HAS already anounced his intentions!! and you've got it backwards. No offense
To you or all happily and passionately married women, but
You Don't FALL IN LOVE right off the bat, or at the first glanceIT is about attraction first, then developing some feelings, friendly with a slight tinge of romanceand then after some more time passes by, you will turn those feelings into something more serious and then YOU FALL IN LOVE. What you describe is LUST.


Dear Laleh,

by Jaleho on

I am so glad that you made these people wait until after Christmas-New Year to reveal to the world what they wanna do. After all, as my dear repeatedly lovesick brother would say:

"I don't know where this passionate love comes from so many times, but I know exactly from which hole it gets out!"

Again, lovely presentation and pace of the plot.  It is more fun than reading a well-written novel, since you see how different people take side with protagonists of the story :-)

 I kinda believe that low-lives are like "zoroof mortabeteh" in physics. When you pour water in them from either side, it seeks and finds the low level and mix. What's the saying in farsi? Koor kooro mijoreh??

American Wife


by American Wife on

I'm with you.  I'm just not buying it.  I know!  Pejboy is fantasizing the whole "Kati loves me" thing... is stalking her.... has created this whole scenario in his mind.  Kati is totally oblivious to his intentions and will be shocked when Pejboy announces his intentions.... :-0

I still argue the whole "love happens" thing.  No disrespect, but love is based on mutual respect and geniune feelings, not lust.  I CAN imagine that he's in lust but love, true love, doesn't just happen.  You are attracted to someone, you fall IN-love and then you develope those feelings into something binding. 

Having said all that, I fell in love with my husband at first glance.  but love?  That is something that grew with each moment we spent together.  NOT in bed, but talking and sharing. 

This IS  And I can't wait for more!!!!!!


its gonna end in tears...

by Dee (not verified) on

I find it impossiable to belive that free spirited, intellingent and cook Kati would fall for such a geek lets face it the guy is a geek!!
Sorry but im not buying it!
Much less entertain the idea of looseing her
all of her family over this guy!
what are they going to do in Spain?
Hello is there anyone out there that is buying this story so far? what happens when the novelty wears off?
oh gosh ...
I have to admit ...
I SOO Addicted!!


Kati is a B...

by kitkat (not verified) on

Romance and true love is total bullshit in this case, kati is a total cruel biyatch and that's the bottom could tell from the last sections that she was flirting insisting him to stay for lunch/dinner and wine and chitchat each time he came around her apartment...I just can't believe one can do such a cruel thing to her sister, I could expect it from that pejman dude to be a cheating Ahole but shame on kati shame on herrrrr.... I agree with Shabnam this is one of those line that one should not cross.
Thank you for writing the story...can't wait for the rest:)

laleh haghighi


by laleh haghighi on

Wow.  Your eloquent and passionate words do honor to this story.  I won't say more until the final installment.  Until then, my thanks to you all and be certain that I have read every word you said and appreciated each of them.


This is extremely

by TheMrs on

This is extremely unrealistic. Hypothetically, even if such a thing were to happen, there’s almost no way on earth pejman would talk about it to his brother. Maybe a very quick explanation that he’s leaving his wife…


 “we melted in each other’s arms and did not re-emerge until it was already dark outside and the half moon glowed peacefully on our entangled bodies” Are you kidding me?  the hours we spent exploring each other”  How many married Iranian men talk this way to their brothers about their on the side girlfriends? 

an exotic island that offered them endless supplies of succulently ripe fruits and sweet wine”  Is Pejman gay? No straight guy thinks like this.

And to top it off Pejman is sure that his brother can explain this to his family and be happy for him? Are these people from Mars? 

If we assume Kati is this liberated, then she is probably more pragmatic. How’s she going to drag the love sick puppy to Europe? I think they should first get an apartment and hide out while his visa application goes through.  Valla khosh be haleh mardom, che etefaghayeh jalebi barashoon miofteh. Affaire and then fly to Europe. Do they have a private jet too? 

Anyway, Kati is a total bitch. Mage mard ghahtieh?

And to the author, I've missed a few episodes. The writing is great. Story line is good, lots of potential. But again, the execution is very unrealistic. Good luck with the rest. It's almost comical.


To err is human

by Miny (not verified) on

Pejman and Kati both belong to each other..Both are selfish...Pejman got a ticket to foreign land and ticket to Katis Home...and now the next move....hes a smart worker..Perfect moves..

that also reminds me of something i read in a book...Infidelity is common in monogamous societies...hahahaha...Kati and Pejman are not acting Gods...but pejman sure is such a commoner..naseem is past tense..kati is present future he will just be tense...hahaha


I sort of had a feeling from

by Niki on

I sort of had a feeling from the last installment (about Kati dancing with her ex) that maybe she was a tease who enjoyed playing games with people. In other words, I expected that she might mess with Pejman, but I guess not. Looking forward to future installments.


Don't be Judgmental

by d (not verified) on

It's very easy to judge when you've not yet experienced it youself and placed in that uncomfortable situation. I said the same things. It is wrong, unacceptable in any society, blah, blah, blah... until it happened. Love happens. It is beyond one's control. Irrespective of how rational one may be with respect to the other aspects of his/her life, one can't control true love. True love is like a key that unlocks emotions and understanding of you that you avoid, supress or aren't aware of. You no longer play a role for yourself and others. You find genuine comfort and happiness.
I truly think that a small percentage of the population is fortunate enough to have it happen to them. So, when it happens don't deny it like I did for so many years. But then maybe so many years had to pass and I had to go thru the emotional turbulences to understand that in my case it is true love and not a short term attraction.

Kati and Pejman are only at the beginning of their journey. I think the writer needs to convice us that this is true love. Kati and Pejman need to have a few grey hair and their own ups and downs with other relationships before they come together. Trust me, the honeymoon is far more meaningful then !


Stupid is what I call this.

by shabnamm (not verified) on

Stupid is what I call this. There are lines that you should not cross. There are boundaries that if you cross you have sold your soul. They will never be happy. What they have done, is not frowned upon only in Iranian culture, but in any civilized culture and by all people with a heart and concious.

American Wife

Wow is right

by American Wife on

I'm extremely surprised... and disappointed to say the least.  I thought for sure that Kati had more sense.  I'm all for true love but I just can't condone cheating.  How sad for everyone. ZA is right... they're going to need all the luck they can find.

What a bummer.



by d (not verified) on

I'm so much into this because I have a some what similar situation of a scandolous relationship which I can't bring to surface because of fear of family and the Iranian society.

My ex-husband and I are still in love and want to restart our relationship after being divorced 15 years ago.

We married when we were in our 20s despite family objections. The marriage didn't last more than a year because I couldn't put up with family pressures. Since then, I remarried and have a 10 year old child from husband #2. For the first few years we stayed in touch (over the phone and later email but never in person) but once my daughter was born, I decided not to reply to his calls and cut off the communication because I felt we need to each move on. That is when he remarried, and now he has a young child and in the process of divorce.

We recently met each other in person after so many years. I can't describe the feeling of joy, love, happiness we felt. Not a lot of words exchanged. It wasn't necessary. The look in the eyes, and the feeling and vibes that flowed were enough. Since then we have met 3 other times; and yes we slept together the very last time. The connection I feel with him, I've not felt with any other person and I've not been able to get him out of my mind and heart despite so desparately trying all these years. He confirmed that it has been the same for him.

Our problem which we face today is our families and the Iranian society's acceptance of our relationship. They don't know about it and I'm afraid of their reaction. We can't run away to another place because it isn't practicle not to mention the family plays such an important role in both of our lives that to cut the family off all together will create other problems down the road. As my ex once said, if we were to have a child when we were married the families would have put aside their objections once the child was born. Well that is not an option for me given my age. However, that is an option for Kati and Pejman.

Zan Amrikai

Good Luck, Kids

by Zan Amrikai on

They are going to need all the luck they can possibly find.  And even then, talk about a heavy burden on their backs and given to each other to carry but not blame.  Only if there is extreme openness and acceptance of their complicity will they have a true chance at real intimacy.  But Nassim get over it?  Unlikely.