Mohammad Alireza
13-Jun-2012 (3 comments)
My 1,700-mile road trip across Iran began with a giddy paean to America, reinforcing my view that at the grass-roots level, this may be the most pro-American nation in the Middle East. >>>
Sahba Aminikia
13-Jun-2012 (3 comments)
اولين اجراي جهاني توسط سمفوني پارنسوس. كنسرواتوار سان فرانسيسكو >>>

Love of Islamists &Terrorist IRI for Nazis


Nazi propaganda website starts operation in Iran, government censors do nothing

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Russia's Help to Terrorist Assad, to Kill Syrians


Russian-supplied weaponry 'killing Syrians on an hourly-basis'

Telegraph / Amy Willis
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How do to Dance Persian continued... >>>
I was browisng the web and came acroos this site. >>>
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 by Glenn Miller >>>

It certainly should...

First Amendment

Will the Syria crisis force Washington to sit down with Tehran?
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مخالف با اعتقادات اهل تسنن


The ‘Jewish Vote’

The fears are not based on empirical evidence

13-Jun-2012 (32 comments)
Polls show that most American Jews prioritize other issues such as the economy and health care. A recent poll by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that only 4% of Jewish-Americans will cast their vote based on the candidates’ handling of Israel. Iran, the survey showed, will be a determining factor for only 2% of the Jewish community. The fears regarding the Jewish vote are not based on empirical evidence. American Jews vote overwhelmingly Democratic—period>>>
Iranian culture and history is the umbrella – the overarching identifier of who we were, who we are, and who we and our children will be>>>


سخن از جانب ما می‌‌گویی!

واکنش به اعدام تعدادی از اتباع ایران در عربستان سعودی

13-Jun-2012 (17 comments)
وقتی آقای مهمانپرست، عربستان سعودی را به دلیل محروم کردن اعدامیان ایرانی از حق گرفتن وکیل و‌ داشتن مترجم تخطئه می‌‌کند آیا نمی‌‌داند که از جانب رژیمی سخن می‌‌گوید که در طول حیات سی و سه ساله خود ده ها هزار نفر را پس از محاکمه در دادگاه‌‌هایی فاقد حد اقل شرایط یک محاکمه عادلانه و از جمله حق انتخاب وکیل اعدام کرده است>>>
Anonymous Observer
13-Jun-2012 (25 comments)
The biggest contributor to separatist causes in Iran is the IR >>>