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Man zendaani meeshavam, pas hastam
When idealism turns to perpetual militancy
By Nima Khoshkish

Consider the facts
Prognosis for a return of kings
By Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar

Gender ideology
To what extent are equal rights for women tied to issues of globalization?
By Jane Bayes and Nayereh Tohidi

Few are free from homesickness
By Mersedeh Mehrtash

Don't get left behind
The reform process is already happening
By By John Mohammadi

Cannot win
Constitution leaves no room for maneuver
By Shahriar Zangeneh

Democracy will prevail
Akbar Ganji's trial

On the same side?
Distorted mindsets of the past must be shattered
By Madeleine Albright
Raqsandeh baa gorg-haa
Iran's right wing at it again
By Dariush Sajjadi

Aspects of modernity
On Iranian history and gender
By Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi

Where's the Muslim Mahatma?
Where is Islam's magnanimity these days?
By Hajmirzakhan

Who's afraid of Jacques Derrida?
Pioneer thinkers in Iranian universities should be welcomed
By Mehdi Nasrin

Looking under the carpet
Remembering Hiroshima so that we do not let it happen to us
By Mersedeh Mehrtash

After Afghanistan
Iran may not be far behind
By Hajmirzakhan

Bee peer maro
More concerned with facts than wisdom
By Ali A. Parsa

Giving away faithlessness
... by putting forth grand questions about religion
By Massud Alemi

Darke maa shodan
Traditional vs. modern notions of marriage
By Maral Karimi

Sacred vs. Secular
Clash of civilizatrions
By Samuel Huntington

Cutting knowledge
Dialogue or clash of civilizations?
By Goudarz Eghtedari

Restoring reason
Afghanistan: An Iranian perspective
By Hossein Shahidi

Questions of faith and freedom
Does the exercise of power by a woman make her a prostitute?
By Darya Allen-Attar

The R-word
Youth increasingly opting for radical surgery to cure the intractable ills of the nation
By Shahriar Zangeneh

Lagging behind
Why the West moved forward
By Kazem Alamdari

Media village
Multicultural analysis of the impact of increasingly globalized Western media
By Yahya Kamalipour

We had hope
Khomeini promised clerics would return to theological schools
By Sam Miller

For people & country
Interview with Arash Forouhar
By Fariba Amini

Correcting the mistake of the older generation
By Ahmad Javan
Shotormorgh Dynasty
When they have to fly, they're "shotor"; when they have to carry loads, they're "morgh"
By Hajmirzakhan

Enemy within
Who should we wage a war against?
By Ali Khalili

Cultural continuity
To keep a culture one needs to preserve its traditions
By A. R. Begli Beigie

Opposing John Wayneism
Students against war
By Leyla Momeny

President Pahlavi
Forget the monarchy
By Ghafour Mirzaei

State of paralysis
Tudeh factionalism and the 1953 coup
By Maziar Behrooz

Dream on
Monarchists and international terrorism
By Mohammad Sahimi

More business, more democracy
U.S. sanctions on Iran and democratization of the Middle East
By Mehrdad Valibeigi

Cheraa farhange lompanizm?
Language and education
By Maral Karimi

Being real
Gay Iranians struggle to be themselves
By Dr. Payam

His royal lowness
Why should we go from one aqazadeh system to another?
By Naghmeh Sohrabi

Freedom, freedom and freedom
Let's hope domestic American values will be projected in the Middle East
By Shahriar Zangeneh

Beh jaaye monologhaaye faryaadi
Dialogue vs. confrontation
By Maral Karimi

The only survivor
What matters is love
By Mahmoud Sadri

World War III?
Preventability of future acts of terror
By Ahmad Sadri

A tall order
As grieving turns to rage
By Ahmad Sadri

Taking a stand
... and giving credit where credit is due
By Jahanshah Javid

Defining moment
Fight against terrorism should focus on fostering republican democracies
By Guive Mirfendereski

Darkest day
Mankind's balance of terror has been most unfortunately changed
By Iqbal Latif

Blond or bearded
Fanatics of every color and creed are all enemies of free-thinking peoples
By Setareh Sabety

Holy smoke
Thick cloud over Islamic fanaticism
By Jahanshah Javid

Qezaavathaaye sathi
Homosexuality and its critics
By Saviz Shafaie

Let us count the crimes
Jews v. Zionists
By Khashayar Pakravan

Iranian Don Quixote
No real basis for hostility against Israel
By G. Motamedi

The rest is history
When things started to become sacred
By A. R. Begli Beigie

Aqle saalem
Common sense approach to the Mideast conflict
By Jan Shiraz

Rise and fall
Islamic apathy vs 400 years of forgotten renaissance
By Iqbal Latif, Paris

Sinners preaching the gospel
IRI vs. Israel: The pot calling the kettle black
By Shahriar Zangeneh

Understanding outrage
Blame does not solve any problems
By Amir

Think wider
Iran and Israel: Tribalism
By Moji Agha

Israel-Turkey vs. Iran-Pakistan
By Zachary Latif

Simple logic
We should not be blind to Israel's ambitions
By Babak Sani

Siyaasate vaaqebinaaneh
Realistic (Iranian) view of the Arab-Israeli conflict
By Jan Shiraz

Friendly stance
Friendship with Israel could have benefits
By Amir

It is our business
Palestine has historically affected us
By Kamran D. Rastegar

Just wondering
Is Israel a threat to Iran?
By Jahanshah Javid

Unexamined world
The merits of rational thinking
By Ebrahim Harandi

Politics as usual
U.S. sanctions & the peace process
By Iranians for International Cooperation

Beh jaaye monologhaaye faryaadi
Dialogue vs. confrontation
By Maral Karimi

Nimehye aashkaar
Arrest of Tahmineh Milani
From Iran
Khaaneh takaaniye fekri
Monarchists and gay rights
By Nassim

Hint of fear
Comparing the Taliban to feminism is really imaginative
By Amir

Keeping accounts
... too carefully
By Zara Houshmand

What forgiveness?
Reformists need to acknowledge their past
By Naghmeh Sohrabi

No heroes
Democracy and democratization
By Behrouz Enayati

Aadame aazaadeh
Being "Westoxicated" is not so bad
By Mohandes

Virtually impossible
A rational look at stoning
By A. Shahmolki

Reduced to genitals
Feminism's root problem
By Moji Agha

Making light of pain
Being vicious beyond good and evil
By Amir

Old spoils and the sea
Diplomatic history of the Caspian Sea
By Guive Mirfendereski

Breaking loose
Realistic strategy for economic development
By Ray Smith

No matter who's in power
Iran's national interests
By Hamid Zangeneh

Last refuge
A discourse on humanism
By Hamed Vahidi

Divine discrimination
Women & "religious" law in Israel and Iran
By Nakissa Sedaghat

Share the blame
WTO's rejection of Iran's membership application
By Tagi Sagafi-nejad

Good or bad for Iran?
By Mohandes

Ganji's Paine
Following Paine's footsteps in the fight for democracy
By Farshid Bakhshi

End of the beginning
Two years after the student revolt
By Shahriar Zangeneh

Slowly but surely
Reform or revolution?
By Mehdi Amini
Cucumber is green
We are developing a schizophrenic approach to truth
By Ali Kazemi

Badge of honor
A nation used to being navigated is about to find it's own map
By Amirali Baniasadi

Limbs of no body
World's indifference to the Afghan tragedy
By Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Diana not
Serious soul-searching about our collective identity crises
By Setareh Sabety

By Guive Mirfendereski

Yes & no
On publishing sexually explicit stories
By Sheila Shirazi and Jahanshah Javid

Az Googoosh taa Emam Zaman
Dissecting the presidential votes
By Abdolqader Bidel Dehlavi

U.S. should reassess Iran policies
By Moji Agha

A voice, nevertheless
Voting to say No to Khatami's opponents
By Najmeh Fakhraie

Boycott or perish
There is bad news ahead unless we unite
By Amir Khosrow Sheibany

Canary in a cage
Iranian cinema has become poetry with a message of liberty
By Setareh Sabety

No man's man
Religion, gender and class in Iran's presidential race
By Roshanak Keyghobadi

Harming whom?
Do stories about sex harm anyone?
By Naghmeh Sohrabi

Success shmuckcess
Islamic Republic -- not Iranian -- cinema
By Parviz Sayyad

Crime and punishment
An interview with an assassination survivor
By Fariba Amini

Cheraa Khatami?
Why vote for Khatami?
By Farhad Behbahani
The Ostrich Syndrome
Can't afford to hide in the sand
By Guive Mirfendereski

Where do you start?
Taking away the gravity of true apartheid and genocide
By Naghmeh Sohrabi

First things first
Sanctity of life and property
By Hamid Zangeneh

Article 64
Separating minorities from the rest of the nation
By Guive Mirfendereski

Proverbial egg
Revealing natural, god-given feelings
By Shahriar Zangeneh

Break the cycle
Raise your sons to respect and admire women
By Dokhi Fassihian
Polite racism
... in the Canadian legal system
By Nakissa Sedaghat

Sense of guilt
... for abandoning an ancient country
By H. Shamloo

Trade mafia
U.S. sanctions helping corrupt businesses in Iran
By Japeh Youssefi

Camel's neck to a dolphin's body
Disparate notes on mating, culture, etcetera
By Ataollah Togha

Imperialism is alive
By way of a lesson for Iranian filmmakers
By Khashayar Pakravan

Romanticizing the past
Googoosh is no feminist heroine
By Ramin Tabib

Googoosh, the myth
Decoding a popular phenomenon
By Setareh Sabety

Great Little Tonbs
A brief history
By Guive Mirfendereski

Somewhere inbetween
Ancient and modern man
By Hamed Vahidi

Irreverence for life
Whither the world?
By Majid Tehranian

Look in the mirror
Can't ignore murderous behavior
By Bahram Rajaee

Ghost of Khobar
By John Mohammadi

Good old-fashioned sexuality
Among the "old-fashioned" one finds more openmindedness
By Naghmeh Sohrabi

Beyond the narrow confines of Iranianism
By Yariz Kangani

No solidarity
Iranians in the U.S.
By Mehdi Bozorgmehr

Uncivil society
Boycotting elections teaches intolerance
By Hamid Zangeneh

What would Terry say?
Profiling Iranian passengers in the U.S.
By Goudarz Eghtedari

Dr. Butcher
Avoid cesarean operations
By Sheila K.
April 26, 2001

Diverse ownership, diverse media
You own it, you control it
By Majid Tehranian

Passion & tolerance
We must elevate to the higher plains of tolerance in political debates
By Behrouz Enayati
April 18, 2001

Organized corruption
Why the Iranian economy is almost beyond repair
Fereydoun Hoveyda
April 12, 2001

Bully in the china shop
Severe case of American amnesia
By Guive Mirfendereski
April 9, 2001

Repeating mistakes
Britain, Iran & the 1919 Treaty
By A. R. Begli Beigie
March 27, 2001

Persian Judaism
One God, One Torah, and One Persian Jewish community
By Houman Kashani and Arash Lalezary
March 23, 2001

Joghraafiyaa-ye Noruz
History of Noruz & immigrants
By Esmail Nooriala
March 21, 2001

Don't run
Khatami should throw in the towel
By Hamid Zangeneh
March 21, 2001

Modernization through reforming the Persian language
By Kamran Talatoff
March 19, 2001

Shah or president?
We should reject hereditary systems of government
By Fereydoun Hoveyda
March 14, 2001

Equal but undivided?
The Russian-Iranian gambit in the Caspian Sea
By Guive Mirfendereski
March 12, 2001

Zanaan-e bozorg-e sarzamin-e man
Women's Day & women in Iran
By Shokooh Mirzadegi
March 6, 2001

Polittical revolution
Interview with a student activist
By Fariba Amini
March 6, 2001

Here & there
What if Ebrahim Nabavi was born in Detroit and Eminem in Tehran?
By Ramin Tabib
March 1, 2001

Reason & revelation
Reason defines truth, justice, public interest, and humanity
By Abdolkarim Soroush
February 27, 2001

Petition by one
Write to your representative
By Guive Mirfendereski

Bring back Persia
It is not just about a name
By G. Motamedi

When all else fails
By Setareh Sabety
February 15, 2001

Ten commandments
For dialogue & conflict resolution
By Majid Tehranian
February 15, 2001

Doesn't work
Totalitarianism will fail as it has elsewhere
By Hamid Zangeneh
February 1, 2001

Happy anniversary
The revolution that went terribly wrong
February 12, 2001

In defense of the Persian Watch Cat
By Nazila Ghazi-Mahdavi
February 13, 2001

It's official
PWC's reply to Guive Mirfendereski
February 8, 2001

Persian Watch Dog
In defense of Persian Watch Cat
February 7, 2001

Can't we get along?
News from Iran is not encouraging, but...
By Babak Yektafar
February 6, 2001

Thy father's sins
The Shah did not make just a few mistakes
By Fariba Amini
February 6, 2001

Power of one
The PWC will be stronger without me
By Guive Mirfendereski
February 1, 2001

Pacific Islam
Pragmatic and human reasons for respecting religious values
By Majid Tehranian
January 31, 2001

What future
... for Iran?
By Manoutchehr M. Eskandari-Qajar
January 30, 2001

Etehaa-maat Kayhan
Reply to accusations
By Majid Tehranian
January30, 2001

Minority rule
Shiism has a problem with majority rule
By Sohrab Mahdavi
January 30, 2001

Our demands
We'll give Mr. Pahlavi a chance, if...
By Kobra Khanom
January 29, 2001

Citizen Pahlavi
Holding on to the monarchy will not do him any good
January 25, 2001

Democratic republic or...
Reza Pahlavi says it's up to the people
Audio excerpts
January 25, 2001

Rah-e sevom
Open letter
By Majid Tehranian
January23, 2001

Export strategy
Analyzing the structural framework of Iran's exports
Masoud Kavoossi
January 22, 2001

What rule of law?
January 18, 2001

Face in the mirror
Plight of Iranians in American Airports
By Guive Mirfendereski
January 18, 2001

There's something about Mary
Still not admitting that the U.S. embassy takeover was a mistake
By Babak Yektafar
January 17, 2001

Not the right strategy
By Cyrus Samii
January 17, 2001

Adab az keh aamookhti?
U.S. elections
By Mohandes
January 12, 2001




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