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MAY 2005

Short on facts long on ridicule
Correcting accusations against Mojahedin Khalgh, hands down the largest opposition group
Ernest Friar

The American president
The multifaceted Rafsanjani family has converted Iranian wealth into billions-dollar investments in the United States, Canada and Europe
Farhat Quam Maquami

I can't hold on to the glorious past when the present is rotting before my eyes
Lobat Asadi

The other religious nuts
Are we to exchange one theocracy for another?
Rosa Faiz

Rock the vote
The silent majority needs to roar to life and jump in and mix it up
Lance Raheem

Jomhoorikhaahaan va entekhaabaat
Iranian republicans & presidential elections
Hassan Behgar

Strip tease-e ajooz
On Akbar Ganji's hunger strike
Sayeh Saidi Sirjani

Moin is the man
The popular accusation that a reformist president would be ineffective and powerless should be put to rest
Qumars Bolourchian

Ready... set... go nowhere
Presidential candidates line-up for a race nobody cares about
Najmeh Fakhraie

Stay away from this show
A plea from a victim of the Islamic Republic's election deception

Satanic bathroom
Holy books in a unholy space
Omid Parsi

Having a cake and not eating it too
Abstinence programs and sexual education?
Maziar Shirazi

Face saving for all
Iran's nuclear ambitions and democracy
Pirouz Azadi

The color of your heart
Ethnic melting pot?
Baharak Sedigh

Responses to state terror
Reflections on Iran’s prison system during the Montazeri years
Maziar Behrooz

The artist and the craftsman
Post-revolutionary Iranian classical music
Susanne Kamalieh

The good teachings
Monotheism & equality of the sexes, and conversion of faith in Zoroastrianism
Maneck Bhujwala

The world is watching
Interview with presidential candidate, Hooshang Amirahmadi
Arash Salehi

Our heroes are our heretics
The saga of 'missing' Noble prizes within nations of Islam
Iqbal Latif

Enough of the majority
With the elections just around the corner, I only hope that the Iranians of 2005 have learned from the Iranians of 1979
Mazi Bahadori

Country #1 has natural resources that Country #2 doesn't
To make a "predator" happy, a "prey" can offer nothing but "its flesh."
M. Ghajar

Farewell Hawaii pono
This microcosm of the Asia-Pacific world should focus on peace studies as its major mission
Majid Tehranian

Heech revisited
Nothingness being what it is for us Persians: tangible, a real thing
Goli Farrell

Mesopotamian Federation
Why shouldn't the free world accept an interim alternative for Mesopotamia to have a loose federation of six republics?
Kamal H. Artin

Separation of god & science
Especially on gender issues and sexual equality, religious schools contradict society's achievements
Azar Majedi

West Asian

From "Middle East" to Near West then to Middle West then to "Far East" and now to Far West in search of a centre
Vida Kashizadeh

Khoshaa vaght-e ghabaa-ye may-forooshaan

I'm sick of your religion, from Soroush to...
Sayeh Saidi Sirjani

Expensive speech

The limits of free speech
Mohammad Ala

Getting it straight

Life & politics
Hamid Boroumand

Equal? Please...

Zoroastrian women have not always been on equal footing with men
Maziar Shirazi

Nuke mullahs

A nuclear future may be inevitable, tyranny is not
Jalil Bahar

Someone else's problem

Social and cultural aspects of the AIDS epidemic
Maziar Shirazi

Equality of men and women in Zarathushtra’s original teachings is well recognized
Dina G. McIntyre

So could we
Virginity and the incredible pragmatism of the Iranian woman
Shahla Azizi

Cheh farhang o jaame'eyeh madani?
Culture & civil society: An assessment of the Khatami era
Hassan Behgar

Preserving purity
To descendants of Zarthushtis, hijacking of their religion by new converts is a matter of serious concern
Maneck Bhujwala

All we do is talk

Iran will soon be free?... You know what? I don't believe it anymore
Lance Raheem



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