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September 2006
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bachebaaz congressman
Washington Post: Republican congressman who resigned following discovery of sex messages he sent to teenage boys, built career as protector of children


ISNA: Second cloned sheep born in Iran -- Photo

muhammad's sword
Information Clearing House: Pope Benedict XVI in the service of George W. Bush
-- Uri Avner

1970s comedy
Video: Tehran weather report on "Shabakeye Sefr"

* Home-made tyre helps Iran Air beat U.S. sanctions

* Western culture of cursing
* Iranian feminist demands
* Running around and getting nowhere
* Pretend you're crazy to get government assistance
* If prophet Mohammad was alive
* Honestly, is this Islam?
* I will not take money to do caroons
* Some emigrants give Iranian culture a bad name

* 2nd Iranian astronaut returns to earth

BBC: Growing trend of Iranian males seeking plastic surgery

khaarej az dastoor :o)
Radio Farda: Akhlaagh va taghvaa
-- Siavash Ardalan

Qoranic Screenplay Festival

dream, dream big
Watch: Video library of Anoosheh Ansari in space
BBC: The first female space tourist lands in northern Kazakhstan

In the middle of concrete jungle

savage bastards
Amnesty Int: Iran: Seven Women Risk Death by Stoning

BBC: Iran mulled nuclear bomb in 1988

khar khareh, cheh mosalmoon cheh masihi
ReligionAndSpirituality: God's love is a nuclear bomb

set back 10 years. at least.
CNN: Oliver Stone: 'I'm ashamed for my country'

oakland, october 6
Benefit: Join us in celebrating Golden Thread's successes

half a trillion and counting
Washington Post: Unanimously approved, U.S. Senate bill now totals $448 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

he's back
American Prospect: Iran-Contra man Manucher Ghorbanifar appears to have opened a new channel to Washington

internet censorship
Reporters Without Borders: Iran: Independent news website closed, blog platform briefly blocked

wrong wrong wrong move
Washington Post: U.S. Military Trials Bill Omits Many Common Rights
ACLU: Senate Passes Dangerous Bush Military Commissions Bill

AP: U.S. House approves sanctions on entities that provide goods or services for Iran's weapons programs

* Video: Shaking hands & anal sex: Ayatollah Sistani
* Divaaneh ravaani
* Video: TV gaffes
* Video: Piercing gone wild
* Video: Cats & dogs get along, why not us?
* Oink oink kiss
* Khafantarin films

Boogh boogh

good film
Trailer: "13 and a Half" at Vancouver International Film Festival

deal bee deal
AP: Ahmadinejad says no to enrichment halt
BBC: No nuclear deal at EU-Iran talks

khaarej az dastoor :o)
Radio Farda: Bush-Ahmadinejad debate
-- Siavash Ardalan

shift in policy
Guardian: Let's bolster this subterranean shift in US foreign policy while we can

iran sanctions in u.s. congress
NIAC: Should the US extend sanctions and fund Iranian opposition groups?

fingers crossed
AFP: 'Final chance' Iran-EU nuclear talks to continue on Thursday
BBC: EU and Iran go into nuclear talks

hamino kam daashteem
CS Monitor: More US Hispanics drawn to Islam

CS Monitor: Israeli Arabs claim bias in postwar aid


* Iran agrees to suspend enrichment
* Bush's message of friendship to Iranian people
* Women defenders of freedom abroad
* Caught between democratic Canada and Islamic Iran

* Ahmadinejad gets a promotion
* Ahmadinejad, the teacher
* 2nd Iranian astronaut (4)

shahrak gharb
Video: High-rise view from west Terhan
-- Bahram 9821

Super servatmand

she'r dar ghorbat
VOA TV: Interview with poet Leila Farjami

no blood for oil
Aref-Adib: Hands off Iran

"atmosphere of understanding"
AFP: Crunch Iran-EU nuclear talks to start in Berlin

at least bush hasn't tortured members of congress (yet)
Washington Post: Iranian Ex-Lawmaker Alleges Torture

achtung akbar
BBC: Germany opens Islam summit

iraq war fuels terror
Washington Post: Terror Report Draws Sobering Conclusions

they're back!
CS Monitor: Taliban showing 'surprising tenacity'

after annan
CS Monitor: A look at the candidates in the race to be the next UN chief

BBC 4: From Tehran with Laughter
-- Amir Amirani

take a break
Video: Fereydoun Farrokhzad sings "Ania" for his German wife

mighty mouse
The Economist: The extraordinary revival of the Islamic Republic

iranians of the day
* Samira Naeemi: Persian Princes on Persian Carpet
* Cymin Samawatie: Jazz singer
* Farzaneh and Peyman: Wedding in Stockholm (2 pix)
* Nazgol: Lady of my dreams
* Taban Saljooghi: My niece in Tehran

good luck
BBC: Russia, Iran agree Bushehr nuclear power station launch date

yo mama
Doomdam.com: Aghaaye Raeesjomhoor! Maadaret ro...

Dreamy town

alien look
aref-adib.com: Anousheh Ansari & Sigourney Weaver in the film "Alien"

jihadist christians
Video: Trailer for "Jesus Camp"
NY Times: Children's Boot Camp for the Culture Wars

save kobra
Photos: Nazanin Afshin-Jam at save Kobra campaign (17 pix)
Amnesty Int: Iran: Imminent execution: Kobra Rahmanpour

* Pendar.net: Literary mag
* Istgah.com: E-commerce

men of honor
Washington Post: Rumsfeld's Resignation Urged by Retired Officers


bill beats fox
Video: Bill Clinton Sets The Record Straight On Terrorism, Smacks Down Fox News

most deserving
SF Chronicle: Shirin Neshat has won the 2006 Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize

former mp, current torture
Human Rights Watch: Iran: Former MP Ali Akbar Mousavi Khoini Tortured to ‘Repent’ for His Criticisms

the man with the bloody t-shirt
Amnesty Int: Fear for Ahmad Batebi's safety/ medical concern/ incommunicado detention

* Ahmadinjead & boy... Call the police!
* Ali Waxi
* GOOZIDI California
* Video: Messing with a bull will mess you up
* Video: Italian ice cream commercial
* Qom restaurant/w.c.

despite jealous men
CNN: Iranian women applaud space tourist Anoosheh Ansari

pope & islam
VOA tv: Interview with Sorbonne Prof Ramin Kamran

allah o... eva bala :o)
al-fatiha.org: Dedicated to Muslims who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex...

no deadline
Reuters: Solana, Iran have weeks to agree on nuclear talks: France

nuclear middle east
BBC: Egypt and Turkey hope to build nuclear power plants

no beating around the bush
Washington Post: U.S. Intelligence Analysts Say Iraq War Spread Terrorism

too zerang for americans
Washington Post: For Iran, a Policy of Patience
-- Fareed Zakaria

foreign fathers, iranian kids
Reuters: Iran offers citizenship to children of foreign men

day dreaming
Shahrnush Parsipur will win a Nobel prize in literature one day.

Boy to man

too much kabob
ISNA: Iranian weightlifting team banned from world competition for use of illegal substances by 9 out of 11 lifters

National Post: Canadian teens recruited in plot to overthrow Iranian government

talk of sanctions
AFP: US sanctions push to shadow new round of Iran nuclear talks

thanks to islam
Human Rights Watch: Iran Leads the World in Juvenile Executions

realists have won?
TomPaine: We're Not Going To Iran
-- Robert Dreyfuss

remember on mehregan
SavePasargad.com: Preserve our ancient treasures

daily misery
BBC: Violence sweeps Iraq on Ramadan

dead or alive
BBC: Probe into 'Bin Laden death' leak

How can this be true?

AFP: Major powers weigh sanctions against Iran's nuclear, missile sectors

stone-age diplomacy
Guardian: US threatened to bomb Pakistan
Washington Post: Bush 'Taken Aback' by Musharraf Comment

Soul Bean café: Ahmadinejad makes a point
-- Peyvand Khorsandi

our pussycat dolls
NaderDavoodi.com: Orkideh Ensemble

nuclear nut
Washington Post: Iran Open To a Break In Nuclear Program

plain nuts
Washington Post: Jewish rabbi calls for extermination of all Palestinian males

bombing iran is not the answer
Reuters: Iran is our biggest concern, Israelis say in poll

BBC: Iran's proud but discreet Jews

how do you say asshole in arabic?
BBC: Hezbollah head at 'victory' rally

oppression pure & simple
Documentary on U.S. media coverage of the Middle East crisis: Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land

Wine & dine


* U.N. stink
* Ahmadinejad and Bush at the U.N.
* 2nd Iranian astronaut (3)
* If you want "freedom", leave Iran
* Bogus Canadian immigration agencies
* Returning to Iran, fooled by Canada

mahmoud loves jews :o)
BBC: Ahmadinejad 'not anti-Semite'

sad rahmat beh saddam!
BBC: Iraq torture 'worse after Saddam'

NY Times: Ahmadinejad Challenges U.N. on Hezbollah

* Loving reaction to the pope (Cheghad shomaahaa mooooooooshin)
* Video: Lifeguard bathroom break

baa namak
dar eteraaz beh tohine pop beh eslam, moosighiye pop beh moosighiye gol mohammadi tagh'eer kard.
-- BK

akbar ganji
Washington Post: Letter to America

clinton joon
AP: Bill Clinton: U.S. should talk to Iran

khaak bar sar
NY Times : Ahmadinejad Relishes 2nd Chance to Make Waves
Washington Post: Iranian Leader Defends Controversial Stands

chavez does stand-up comedy
YouTube: Venezuelan President calls Bush the devil

meaningless deadlines
Washington Post: Early October New Deadline for Iran


soooot soooot!
Radio Farda: Islamic swimsuits in Turkey
-- Mahdiyeh Javid

nuclear confusion
BBC: Wide concern about Iran but no demand for action
BBC: World poll favours Iran diplomacy

nuclear poker
Guardian: Iran has called the west's bluff on the nuclear standoff

shrugging off death of democracy
Washington Post: Bush's Response to Coup 'Mild'
CS Monitor: Thai coup uproots
a thin democracy

BBC: Top novelist acquitted in Turkey

joojeh mubarak
NY Times: Mubarak’s Son Proposes Nuclear Program

rock on
Bamahang: Meera music video: "Friendship"

gadget of the day
GPS maps for Iran

smartest guy in america
CNN: Ted Turner: Iraq war among history's 'dumbest'

shopping trip cancelled :o)
AFP: US denies visa to Iranian journalists

blah blah blah
YouTube: Ahmadinejad's UN speech

Dozen Dojin

of course
BBC: Israel 'trains Iraqi Kurd forces'

who's the sex goddess?
The Onion: I Fucked My Way Into This Mess, And I'll Fuck My Way Out

religion vs religion
Comedy Central
-- Jon Stewart: Papa Don't Preach
-- Colbert Report: Pope should not to back down

iranians of the day
* Anousheh Ansari: Cover girl in Spain
* Abbas Lisani: Ardebil Prison
* Roshan Houshmand: 21st Century American Women Artists
* Daria: Beautiful Iranian-Japanese-French
* Mary Parvin: Gertrude Stein of News
* Ellie Drake: Preaching the American Dream
* Amir Koushkani: Tar & setar composer

not so sure
CS Monitor: Bush's new diplomatic approach on Iran

plan b
AFP: Allies lead a wary US into new negotiations with Iran

daylight robbery
BBC: Israelis seize Palestinian funds

economic decline
CS Monitor: New home construction falls, talk of 'recession' ensues

BBC: John Simpson on how the West has misunderstood Iran

loosing appetite for war?
Washington Post: U.S. Policy on Iran Evolves

ah mad inejad
BBC: Iran president berates US and UK
MSNBC: Ahmadinejad interview with Brian Williams

jesus george
Washington Post: Bush Appeals Directly to Muslims in U.N. Speech

False identity

space music
Deep Dish: Theme song for Anousheh Ansari in space
Blog: AnoushehAnsari.com

bush bable
AFP: Bush accuses Iran of backing terror, nuclear arms
BBC: Bush defends US Mid-East policies

mahmoud in new york
AFP: Bush and Ahmadinejad to make rival cases in nuclear dispute at UN

BBC: Iran's women graduates reject traditional social roles

* Babol Bar & Grill
* Ahmadinejad: Behind your back
* "Mona Lisa" repainted so that it won't offend Muslims
* Video: Perfect example of independent front suspension
* Video: Ball-breaker game
* Video: Stay off the pole
* Expiration mexpiration
* Jumbo Jetski
* Play: Show your parking skills
* Video: Car of the future
* X-rated monkey
* Most popular man in prison

AFP: EU's Solana to hold pivotal talks with Iran on nuclear crisis
AFP: Iran rejects accelerated UN talks on its nuclear program

french fries
Washington Post: On Eve of UN Meeting France's Chirac Not in Favor of Iran Sanctions
Reuters: Rice says U.S. will pursue sanctions against Iran


* Zidane: Angry reaction to Pope remarks
* 2nd Iranian astronaut (2)
* The gates of civilization
* Imam Reza and clerics fool believers
* L.A. Jews sue Khatami
* Canadian troops must leave Afghanistan
* Life is not easy in Canada
* Westernized mom & sex

pope & poop
Boston Globe: Bad words, worse reaction
Chicago Tribune: All is not lost. Yet.
Chicago Tribune: When do we get to offend in peace?

canada faults bush, too
NY Times: Canadians Fault U.S. for Its Role in Torture Case

dream come true
Anousheh Ansari blasts into space
* Video: CNN profile
* Video: BBC blastoff
* BBC news
* PRNewswire


* 2nd Iranian astronaut
* Donkey & pony show
* Ahmadinejad in the land of the Great Satan
* Iranian women trick Candian immigration judges
* Like a dog & chasing dollars like a dog in Canada
* Better be in Iran than emigrating to Canada
* Khatami & dialogue of civilizations

PBS/NOW: Iranian Journalist Provides Insider's View from Tehran

ayatollah tolerance
BBC: Pope comment 'linked to crusade' Khamenei says

clash of religions
CS Monitor: Pope's Islam comments hit 'civilization clash' fault line

what if...
TIME: What Would War With Iran Look Like?

bah bah
BBC: Chirac urges no sanctions on Iran

khaarej az dastoor :o)
Radio Farda: Economic corruption
-- Siavash Ardalan

Back marks

women's arena

iran & iranians
BBC Radio 4: Sir John Tusa on Uncovering Iran

Washinton Post: Israelis Lose Faith in New Generation Of Leaders

AFP: Allies muted as US wages financial offensive on Iran
AFP: Germany calls for an international uranium enrichment centre
Reuters: China asserts Iran's right to civilian nuclear use


* Iraqi prime minister in Tehran
* Ahmadinejad in Havana

jesus loves you (unless you're a muslim)
BBC: Pope 'sorry' for offence to Islam
Washington Post: Muslims Decry Pope's Speech

oil rich, petrol poor
AFP: Petrol-hungry Iran still eyeing rationing

* Iran's nuclear plans on hold
* Ideal Iranian & Western women
* Looking for terrorists in Afghanistan
* Life in Canada
* Bin Laden's 9/11 party

passport chip
Washington Post: Beware the ID Chip in Your Passport

Too many :o)

pope poops on islam & secularism
BBC: Muslim anger grows at Pope speech
NY Times: Pope Assails Secularism, Adding Note on Jihad

Reuters: France confirms Iran said it may suspend enrichment

Washington Post: Bush's Message to Iran

i'll vote for him
Video: Ardabili for president

sunday in san jose
Abbas Milani: Where is the United States’ “Iran foreign policy” headed?

iranians of the day
* Kaylie Reese Wu: Chinese-Iranian
* Safa Rashtchy: Media analyst on PBS (2 pix)
* Kourosh Hangafarin: Running for Mayor of Imepriak Beach
* Reza Najfar: Flutist & composer

story of our lives
San Francisco Chronicle: 'Suitcase' examines shades of immigrants' dislocation
Darvag: 'Suitcase' info & showtimes

outrageous and dishonest
BBC: US Iran report branded dishonest
Washington Post: U.N. Nuclear Inspectors Dispute Panel's Report on Iran
Reuters: IAEA protests "erroneous" U.S. nuclear report on Iran

nuclear split
AFP: Iran calls for negotiations; France warns of split over nuclear issue

modernity is not just fancy skyscrapers. it's human right too.
BBC: Dubai's ruler accused of abducting and trafficking the children

Video: "Talaagh", 1970s

supreme cruelty
NY Times: Cut Off, Gazan Economy Nears Collapse

BBC: Judge says Saddam 'not dictator'

BBC: UN 'encouraged' by Iranian talks
Reuters: U.S. seeks Iran sanctions now

PictorialToronto.com: Reply to Michael Coren's "We should nuke Iran"

How to catch a kooseh

mark your calendar
* Child Foundation events in Toronto, Washington, Geneva...
* Your corporation can help

Washington Post: Death Toll Nears 100 on Grim Day in Baghdad

"shargh" & censorship
Radio Farda: Interview with critic Issa Saharkhiz

* Koskesh in New York
* Video: U.S. soldiers vs. Iraqi ram
* Seegheh: Emam Ali's cure for desire
* Video: Cat mesmerized by toilet

evolution in reverse
BBC: Pakistan delays rape reform plans

evolution in top gear
BBC: Colombian women go on sex strike in bid to end gang war

uncovering iran
BBC Radio 4: Programmes aimed at challenging some of the perceptions about Iran

Washington Post: Iran Offers Talks On Nuclear Issue
AFP: World powers differing over Iran

100 years of prison art
On display in San Jose, California, this weekend

how dare you, mr. president?
Keith Olbermann 9/11 video commentary: This hole in the ground

martikeh khol
BBC: Schwarzenegger refers to Hispanic Americans as "hot", with "black blood in them"

rice romance
NY Times: Dance of Diplomacy Is Grist for the Gossip Mill

BBC: Apple targets TV and film market


three good films
* The Illusionist
* Conversations with a women
* Little Miss Sunshine

dear damascus
BBC: US thanks Syria over embassy raid

spacewoman anousheh ansari
NY Times: She Dreamed of the Stars; Now She’ll Almost Touch Them

Basir Enayati

* "Shargh" newspaper cartoon: Luminous Donkey v. Horse
* Western v Iranian culture
* Men-Women relationships in the West
* Dog food
* Western excess pushes people towards Islam
* Paris Hilton, three decades later
* Jannati: Morons & sheep

nuclear naaz
NY Times: Rice Indicates Slight Shift in Stance on Iran Sanctions
Reuters: Rice hints at talks with Iran

nuclear freeze
Guardian: Iran offers to freeze uranium enrichment for eight weeks

president khar
Iran Shuts Top Reformist Paper "Shargh", Cartoon Seen as an Insult
* NY Times
* LA Times
* Shargh: The cartoon

Enameh: Khod bozorg bini

kee hosseleh daareh?
C-SPAN video: Khatami's lecture at Harvard

mission impossible
CS Monitor : Grim Outlook in West Iraq


official launch
Amsterdam-based radio starts broadcasting to Iran

auto industry
Fortune: Made in Iran

NY Times: Proposal for Autonomous States in Iraq Creates Tension

blair v brown
Soul Bean Café: The lowdown
-- Peyvand Khorsandi

* Terrorist "catch & release" program
* Video: Grand Prix Khar Savaari
* Ansari in space: Islamic or unIslamic?
* Animation: Cute, with Vigen song

USA Today: Getting into Iran is not half the fun

hee haw
BBC Persian: Shargh newspaper banned for publishing cartoon depicting Ahmadinejad as a donkey

AP: At Harvard, Khatami condemns bin Laden
AP: Iranian Jews sue Khatami in U.S.

Washington Post: Prospects for securing Iraq's western province are dim
CS Monitor: Rising violence spurs talk of a divided Iraq

13.5 vancouver
"13 and a Half": Documentary playfully exposes aspects of Iranian women's roles

BBC: Iran 'misunderstandings' cleared

LA Times: Video of Iranian Missile Test Is Fake, Pentagon Says

no comment
Video: Bush and Blair messages to Iran

fashion sense
LA Times: The Shah's New Clothes
-- Jasmin Darznik

persian carpet story
ChicagoTribune: In Tehran market, one man's heart is captured by a carpet

insulting turkishness
Washington Post: Turkish Novelist Faces Trial Over Characters' Words

iranians of the day
* Patrick Monahan: Irish-Iranin comic
* Azadeh Zoghi: "Out of Omaha"
* Tamara Stronach: Dancer born in Iran
* Shahin Alborz: Iranian-American

Favorite street

driving a ghash-ghaa-ee
Nissan Qashqai

will they still get 72 virgins?
AFP: Khatami says 9/11 attackers will not go to heaven

for a better life
NY Times: More Muslims Arrive in U.S., After 9/11 Dip

boogh ali
NY Times: Ali Khamenei: A Cleric Steeped in Ways of Power

must see in san francisco
Play: Darvag Presents "Suitcase"

sunday in berkeley
Janet Afary lecture: Crisis of Democracy in Iran and the Heritage of the Constitutional Revolution

a better way
FORusa.org: Fellowship of Reconciliation

freespeech aint free
BBC: Cartoons row hits Danish exports

take a break
Video: Bollywood in Yazdi

cartoon wars
BBC: A Danish newspaper, Information, prints cartoons depicting the Holocaust commissioned by Iran

reaction to subjugation
Guardian: Nuclear issue is more about Iranian national pride than nuclear weapons

countless lives later...
BBC: 'No Saddam link to Iraq al-Qaeda'

Amighi.com: The boys go on a trip to Isfahan and Yazd

Report: Stockholm conference on anniversary of Constitutional Revolution

* President Peeff
* Video: Oddest musical instrument
* Video: Ouch! Referee gets hit in the head :o)
* Teamwork
* Video: You can change clothes real fast but... who cares?
* Shomaa khoonatoon moorcheh daareh

between conciliation and confrontation
Washington Post: Tehran's Two Worlds

jesus christ
Washington Post: At Cathedral, Khatami Urges Dialogue

BBC: Kabul suicide bomb hits US convoy

heeeeeeh :o)
Doomdam.com: Ahmadinejad jokes

henry & sadegh
Aref-Adib.com: Henry Khalkhali & Sadegh Kissinger

lessons from lebanon
Al-Ahram: Rethinking national liberation movements
-- Hamid Dabashi

Let's go for a walk

khaarej az dastoor :o)
Radio Farda: "eteraafaate" Jahanbegloo!
-- Siavash Ardalan

CS Monitor: Baghdad morgue tally triples August deaths

* Video: Shaam e aroosi
* Akhoonde Jigari
* Video: U.S. military solution for broken HP printer
* Video: Dumb fools
* Video: Arash Kamangir couldn't do this
* Video: Kiss of death

iranians of the day
* Valiollah Feyz Mahdavi: Died in custody
* Karl Xerxes Dehghani: Filipino-Iranian
* Cyrus Nowrasteh: "The path to 9/11"
* Leila Sadegi: Dancer
* Ali Saam: Actor

BBC: Key Iran talks 'set for Saturday'

no rush
CS Monitor: Why Iran sees no rush for a nuclear deal

khatami going to harvard
Boston Globe
* Harvard dean stands by Khatami invitation
* Romney's foreign folly
* Governor's got it wrong on Khatami

questions for khatami
Washington Post: Will His 'Dialogue' on Faith Mention Iran's Intolerance?

grand dream
NIAC: Ex-Bush advisor argues for "grand bargain" with Iran

LA Times: Americans and Europeans share same fears about terrorism, radical Islam and Iran's nuclear aspirations of Iran

LA Times: Tired comparisons of Ahmadinejad to Hitler, lack what they advertise -- historical perspective

Migration Info: Iran: Vast Diaspora Abroad and Millions of Refugees at Home

sad afarin

lookalike :o)
Aref-Adib.com: Hippo-Melon

Video: Early 1970s Googooosh & Ghadakchiyan comedy bit


* Khatami defends policies during U.S. visit
* Ahmadinejad's anti-secular push in education
* Iraq another Vietnam
* Nicknames in Iran and Canada
* Doing dirty work in Canada

another death
Human Rights Watch: Political prisoner Valiollah Feyz Mahdavi dies in custody

cool techonology
Intuitive, "interface-free," touch-driven computer screen

old news
BBC: Bush admits to CIA secret prisons

Up hill

fire within
NY Times: Zoroastrians Keep the Faith, and Keep Dwindling

bush whacked
MSNBC's Keith Olbermann: Have you no sense of decency, sir?
BBC: Bush likens Bin Laden to Hitler

Radio Zamaneh: Ahmadinjead calls for push against "secular" education and educators


Kofi Anan's better grasp of Iran's position

poetry translation project
* September 24th benefit in San Francisco
* Tralier: Midnight Approaches

check out the audience :o)
Video: Ramesh & Nozar Azadi pre-1979 TV show

from the archives
Jokes: Beh yeh hamshahri meegan...

israel & palestine
Financial Times: Khatami says Iran 'accepts two-state answer' in Mideast

tony blair on the run
BBC: UK Minister joins Blair exit demands

* Nuclear power boy :o)
* Haji & Abjee
* Where is the Third World?
* Ahmadinejad on cover of Gay City
* Boing Boing: How to hypnotize a man
* Video: Wedding bliss
* Video: Condom for a rainy day

war all over the place
CS Monitor: Israel 'making plans for possible war' with Syria and Iran

purging profs
AP: Ahmadinejad wants to purge "liberal and secular" university professors


* Staligmites and staligtites: Assembly of Experts
* Kofi Anan: Iran playing with fire
* Nuclear fuel cycle
* Ramin Jahanbegloo: Qom inquisition
* Bolton: Woolly Ambassador
* Bush in a hole: Chaaareh.... nah zoor
* Praying Musllim: terrorist
* Emigrant dreams gone wrong
* What is going on in Canada

khatami in u.s.
USA Today: U.S., Iran share interests in Iraq, Khatami says
Washington Post: Khatami Arrives As U.S. Weighs Sanctions on Iran

under the cloud
TIME: As Iran's leaders raise the stakes, many people are already feeling the pain
-- Azadeh Moaveni

nuke Q & A
BBC: Iran nuclear stand-off

speeding towards bankruptcy?
BBC: How 9/11 changed America: In statistics

zidane's sister
BBC: Materazzi breaks Zidane silence


* Khatami gets U.S. visa
* Democratic strategy to impeach Bush
* "Islam" & "anti-Semitism"
* Support Our Sadism

mortazavi beesavaad
Enameh: Remail?!

thanks for all the wonderful years
BBC: Legend Agassi makes tearful exit
BBC: Agassi in pictures

BBC: No UN advance on Iran nuclear row

republicans in retreat
Washington Post: Democrats' prospects are brighter than most ever imagined

imagine bill clinton going over to iran and bashing khamenei
BBC: Ex-Iranian President scathing criticism of US foreign policy... in US

two more weeks
Reuters: EU gives Iran two more weeks in atomic standoff

nuclear dilemma
Guardian: Defiance, divisions and dilemmas

‘kalimi’ or ‘johoud’?
NY Times: Reading the Holocaust Cartoons in Tehran
-- Roya Hakakian

He heard their call

Boston Globe: Iranians taste freedoms on own terms

roxanne varzi
StopSmiling: To be young, gifted and (half-) Iranian

gee dubya
Google "failure" and see what comes up

different face of iran
Washington Post: American Finds Hope in a Forbidden Land

nuclear scientists
Video: Ahmadinejad Awards Medals to Iranian Nuclear Scientists

NewsInitiative: Walt Disney World beginning to fingerprint visitors

Geometric grace

among believers
Washington Post: In Tehran, This Guys' Night Out Is About Getting Down to the Hard Line

iranians of the day
* Pershia & Parsa Norouzian: Making mom and dad proud
* Andre Aghassi: Thriller
* Kamal Farahani: Toronto
* Firoozeh Banisadr: AIDS expert
* Amanda Hooshmand: No more Katrinas
* Dan Ahdoot: Stan-up comedian
* Eric Etebari: Actor
* Hossein Hajiagha: Cartoonist

* Video: Sweet music in Afghanistan

* First Bush-Ahmadinejad debate
* Iran displays galactic destructive power
* Iran sea-land military maneuvers
* Bush-Ahmadinejad debate open mic
* Why do Canadian women love Blacks, but ignore me?
* Strange creature called "women"
* White masters, emigrahnt slaves
* Welcome to Vancouver

one calamity after another
BBC: Scores killed in Iran plane blaze
FarsNews: Photos

powerful women (no different than powerful men)
BBC: Merkel trumps Rice on power list

fascinating philosophy
Nilgoon: Abdee Kalantari's interview with Aramesh Dustadar (Part 1) (Part 2)

Washingpon Post Blog: Iran Won't Stop Enrichment Without Security Guarantees
-- Hossein Derakhshan

Macworld: Apple Google alliance threatens Microsoft

BBC: California set to cap emissions

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