War against people

War between US and political Islam will hurt people in Iran most


War against people
by Azar Majedi

Statement by Organization for Women's Liberation:

The risk of a military attack against people in Iran is imminent. The US administration is adamant about an attack against Iran. The US government is trying to gain support of other states and the public opinion in the US for the attack. The French foreign minister has defended military attack against Iran. They claim war is inevitable if Islamic regime is to be prevented from producing nuclear weapons. On the other hand the Islamic regime is flaring up the fire of war. Both sides have escalated their war propaganda. Economic sanctions against Iran too are adding to the prospect of death and devastation.

The reason for waging war is said to be preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. This is only part of the issue. However, in order to gain international public opinion and justifying US's war policy, the focus is only on the former. In the case of Iraq too we were told that the reason for war was to destroy Weapons of Mass Destruction. However everybody knows now that this was just a lie which led to devastation and mass killings in Iraq. Possession of nuclear weapons by Islamic Republic is truly a horrendous thought. We must however remember that the first and only state using nuclear weapon is USA. The brutal killings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are registered in history as dark episodes of humanity and that of US's doing.

This is a war between the two poles of terrorism, state terrorism led by USA and Islamic terrorism. Having been defeated in Iraq, in order to consolidate its position as the super power, the US government sees no option but to wage war against Iran. The war in Iraq opened the gate for the Islamic regime to enter Iraq and the Islamists took over the destiny of the war in Iraq. Last summer, the military attack against Lebanon by Israel with the recommendation and total support of USA and Britain did not succeed against the Hezbollah, its supporters, Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria. Both Lebanon and Iraq wars ended up with the strengthening of position of Islamists and the Islamic Republic of Iran had a pivotal role in it. In the wake of New World Order policy, USA has no choice but achieve victory against the Islamic regime in Iran. The issue of nuclear weapons has given US an opportunity to invest in its policy.

Economic sanction is another inhumane weapon which is used by US and Western governments against people of Iran. The policy of economic sanctions is defended by the argument that it will cripple the Islamic regime, force it to surrender or it makes people to rise against the regime. However, the victim of such policy is not Islamic regime but the people of Iran. Sanction imposes hardships against people. It was claimed that economic sanctions were in place in Iraq in order to combat Weapons of Mass Destruction. However, the world witnessed that sanctions were indeed weapons of mass destruction. Those who think people under hardship rise up and revolt against the Islamic regime, and support this policy or diplomatically keep their silence, are not only wrong in their analysis but have also a sick point of view.

The War causes mass killings, devastation and destruction of the society. It is also an environmental catastrophe in Iran and the region. It consolidates the position of Islamic regime in the face of peoples' ever growing protest movement. Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world. People in Iran hate the regime and are in constant battle with the regime to overthrow it. Mass social movements, women's, workers' movement for welfare, cultural emancipation and secularism are currently advancing. The Iranian regime will use the war to suppress any protest movement with greater ease. Intensification of suppression and dictatorship will be another consequence of the war. As though the present increased wave of arrests, torture, kidnapping of workers', women's, students and the families of the political prisoners by the Islamic regime is not enough! War will increase this suppression.

In addition to all the misery inflicted on people as the result of the war, the Islamic regime will intensify its suppressive machinery against women. At present the regime tries to impose Islamic values and laws in all aspects of the society. Women workers are ordered to wear the chador (the Islamic veil covering the whole body and the head). This process will be intensified even further under war and women will be the first victims. Attempts will be made to once again force women to stay home. Women will be the first section of the society to be made unemployed. Families whose main bred winners are women will bear the burden the most. At present prostitution in Iran is wide spread. Under war situation it will even be more with heavy consequences for women. We strive to organize a massive resistance against the suppression imposed by the Islamic regime.

Organization for Women's Liberation urges all the people in Iran and internationally, activists of women's movement, workers' activists and all human rights organizations to condemn the war of terrorists. We must organize a massive movement against the war and the war propaganda of US and political Islam. Let's unite and chant: No to war, No to Islamic regime, No to US military attack, Long Live Freedom, Equality and Welfare. We urge all to support this statement and join us to prevent another Iraq!

No to War, No to Islamic regime! No to US military attack!
Stop women's suppression!
Long Live Women's Liberation


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Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

by Justice (not verified) on

Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!
Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!
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I don’t know how can a

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

I don’t know how can a country who commits crime against humanity be the biggest donor of aid to third world countries, biggest donor to the U.N, biggest promoter of democracy through NGOs and technology and internet, freed tens of countries from Fascism, communism and Nazism, inspired democratic movements around the world, preserves the dignity of its citizens through progressive laws such as freedom of speech, thought, expression and way of life, ..Among others!!! Only an Iranian would insult the history of such a great country. And ironically and sadly, they all founded refuge here, Even Arabs, Europeans, Asians,,,, don’t do that, they have a problem with U.S policy and administration, as do I, but they never take it that far ! That only shows where some of us have become.


U.S., the biggest terror sponsor!

by Ajam (not verified) on

The U.S. history is filled with crimes against humanity. From its inception that sanctioned slavery (by not recognizing black people as a "person" hence their exclution from the U.S. first ammendment!) to its genocide of more than a million native Americans (by distributing smallpox-laced blankets among them) to nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to present day's AbuGhraib... At present, U.S. is involved in countless acts of terrorism around the world from providing ammunitions to death squads in Colombia, Chad and Somalia to arming Ba'athist and sunny militia in attacks against shiites in Iraq, to supporting terrorist groups to attack the Kurdish, Baluchi and Arab areas of Iran! Here is a tiny bit on false flag operations: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dYWP9AOGBo

Rosie T.

Oh, please, Rashidian...

by Rosie T. on

posts ONE article bemoaning the wholesale massacre of thousands of clueless children forming rank and file of Mujaheddin, taking great care to distinguish between them and the ideology/actions of the organization, which he DEPLORES, and now HE, the most avowed secularist of them all, is a Mujahed?

Yup, Xerxes is right, with idiots like this, who needs enemies?

As the old rock song says, "Paranoia will destroy ya."


Ms. Majedi, please do not

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Ms. Majedi, please do not twist the definition of terrorism. There are no similarities between what the U.S has done and what the Iranian regime is doing now. A “state terrorist” as you like to call the U.S, does not free people in Japan, Germany, France, Holland, Norway, North Africa, Azerbaijan in Iran from Soviet occupation, among numerous other territories from the oppression and brutality of murderous regimes such as Hitler, Saddam and others. Or are you going to claim that it wasn’t America’s intervention that led to the defeat of Nazism and Fascism? Look at what American Marshall plan has done to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Maybe two of the most prosperous cities in Asia and the world. Also, on what basis a “defeated” country like the U.S (as you claim) engages in another war? That does not make sense. A defeated country does not wage wars, because it cannot. What’s going on in Iraq right now is that there is a civil war going on in the streets between fascist groups that have no regard of innocent lives and the U.S army is caught in the middle and since this “terror state” does not want to engage is mass murders of civilians, it is incapable of launching any successful military operations in Iraq. The U.S undermined the public opinion and the influence of Islamic fundamentalism in the Arab world and that’s why it’s in a quagmire. In conclusion, I should say that any attempt to overthrow the Iranian regime using non-violent methods is, unfortunately and sadly, only a dream. When we have people like Daryoush on this site, who openly states that he will vote for IRI, why would anyone think there is a hope for non-violent movement?


Kouroush, javaabeto daaram

by Daryush on

Khaili vazet kharabeh kouroush, komak ehtiyaaj daari. Dar zendegi hameh chiz khoob nist, hameh chiz ham kaamelaan bad nist. Az beyn bordan e masaa'el beh ma'aniyeh edaam, koshtan va naaboodishun nist. Haleshuneh. vaghti ino fahmidi ba'd digeh khod forush nakhaahi bood va dar zendegi ham kaaret behtar peesh mireh. Harf-haaye to self distructve hast va baa'es sharm e har Iraniyeh.


You are a product of rape and invasion.....

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

This is what happens when you are a product of rape and invasion. Your identity stolen from you, forced to marry arabs, raped by arabs, your language destroyed, your religion destroyed, and held captive for 400 years causes these problems.

Vatan foroush! che vatanee, bayad reed be in vataan ke bacheharo idam mikonee!!!


It'sactually good

by Abarmard on

A fan of the site, I disagree with you. Also I think the
concern of some is not the issue of support the regime but to realistically
care for Iran.
I also am against any attack against Iran,
but supporting the regime is another discussion. Hopefully with Bush’s exit
from our lives, we would stop talking about War, destruction, torture, and
invasions after eight tiresome years. Hopefully the talk will be peace,
negotiations, respect and cultural exchange. At the mean time, if the Iranians
(Mostly inside the country) decide to change the system, they can and we should
help. Other than that we should not bud in too much as the previous commenter
have mentioned. Lastly, the important issue is for the Iranians from all walks
of life is to know and agree what constitutes being a traitor, something that
all other cultures and nations know by heart. I think some Iranians still need
to learn how to respect themselves and the fact that they are for or against
something shouldn't give them a right to sell their country for whatever price.
Now I am the furthest person you can find in support of a religious regime, but
right is right and wrong should be noted. I trust the majority of the Iranians
inside 100% more than any or all the US
administration and/or ex patriots. And any change that is supported by any help
from outside can not be good for Iran
and I constitute the supporting it as treason.


Too much craps on the site.

by A fan of the site (not verified) on

Too much craps on the site. There must be a limit to stop some Ahmadinejad lovers idiots on the site.
If the site goes so anarchic, nobody will post worthy article.


Vatan Forush Keh

by Behrouz_ (not verified) on

Vatan forush keh shaakho dom nadaareh! khoda koney kharejiyaa inaaro nakhunan. Vatan forusha keh mikhaayn Irano ro mushak bezana, lotfan beh farsi benevisin keh aaberuye Iraniya nareh toro khoda.


Iranians are the only nation who are khod forush

by Daryush on

If some of you wondering why we Iranians haven't found our place in the 21st century yet must know dear friends that when we have "Iranians" who are willing for their "DEAR" land to be bombed… I mean what kind of idiots are out there? Some so called Writers like that dude Rashidian, who absolutely clueless, and some of the others who just think American is "del mordeye" their eyes so they bring "Freedom" "democracy" to their door step for just doing it. The price that they are willing to pay to the American favor is scary!!! I mean Some Lazy ass like the punk with little balls, who is a real dick head and of course another ass hole who is Rashidian...You guys sitting on your ass waiting a miracle to happen (Also ass holes who like BOMBS), let me tell you something, What goes around comes around. Sometime during your life time you will jeopardize your family or lose your family members by a liberating force! Life is long so be careful what you ask for. As XerXes has said, with ass holes like you who needs an enemy?
IRI will remain solid and strong as long as the real Iranian Patriots, who might not like IRI, see you exist as an alternative. You are frightening piece a shit that makes IRI look fantastic. I vote for IRI any day any time if your ideas are the alternative. As long as you exist, IRI will remain. Man I knew ass holes are out there, but some of you are a category of your own. If there is an enemy of Iran reading these posts, will be very happy to know that you, who wants My dear Iran bombed exist.  Remember, if what you say is the same as what the enemies of Iran say, then you are the enemy of Iran. Don’t give me that shit that IRI is the enemy of Iran, comparing to and a foreign government/occupation IRI is heavenly. You don’t get what I say is because you are lost, and don’t know SHIT about my country and her history. IRI is the regime of Iran, good or bad is for us who live inside of it. You, who are living in the US and never want to live here, have no RIGHT to decide for my children. Fuck you.  I just pray that if there would be a war, those who advocate it, lose their family and dear ones to it.


To All Vataforushan va zed Iran

by XerXes (not verified) on

To all those who either are waiting for an attack to Iran or for the West (their Arbaab) to save them so they can go to Iran as their Jendeh Khuneh, I have a message: You are bunch of vatan forush. Also it's not your choice but the people of Iran that "AMRIKA HICH GHALATI NEMITAVANAD BEKONAD" you can take that to the bank. Just to make you Shee Fahm, AMRIKA HICH GHALATI NEMITAVANAD BEKONAD. You can scream and beg and bend over but the result is the same. With Iranians like you who freaking need a enemy.


To Anti-Commie re J Rashidian being a Mujahed: You are a liar

by Liar Buster (not verified) on

To Anti-Commie regarding Jahanshah Rashidian being a Mujahed and Masoud Rajavi being his leader:

How stupid and fucking idiot are you. This guy is anti-Islam. I have read all his articles. Read all his articles about religion of Islam. Do you think we are fool not to see your posts against him everywhere in trying to assassinate his character and intentionally connect him to Mojahadin cult? He is anti Mojahaddin. He is one of the best Secular Democrat we got.

You may be anti-commie but you are a SOB fanatic Moslem it seems. Otherwise, you would not attack him everywhere.


Massiv Balls?

by Faribors Maleknasri M. D. (not verified) on

orchidis? Gonnorhea? syphilis? too often played with yourself? Greeting



by Faribors Maleknasri M. D. (not verified) on

once was a song it went like this: I knew a girl from Sowyet union, she said allways NIET my son. anyway there exists no political islam. there exists only islam. Containing 10% religious sceinces and 90 % Lows and rules. On the otherside there are also a lot of poeple who just love to leak what the enemy and the sratnger has swallowed and then vommited other just only love to suck that. some get even paid for the no clean job but most are KOLFATE BI JIRE O MAVAJEB. How good that "Iranian" exists.


Pishtazaneh faza!!!!

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Even on Pishtazaneh Faza evil was confronted and destroyed!!!


Bombing Islamic Republic is the only

by A Man with Massive Balls (not verified) on



Re Sha'boon!

by Ajam (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Anti-commie, I see you have a great vision for the future of Iran and speak for the entire Iranian pro-democracy movement! I'm sure 70,000,000 people are anxiously looking forward to iplementation of your plans!!!


The Iranian people are a pawn

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The genocide in Iraq and using inhumane (cluster bombs)
two years ago by Israel in Lebanon, proves that these so called "liberal democracies" are all but liberal. The Iranian people in a war (which I think odds are against) will pay a heavy price but big boys will not care.


Hey J. Rashidian

by Anti-Commie (not verified) on

These commies don't see eye-to-eye with a Mujahed such as yourself. You and your leader, Masoud Rajavi, crossed over the most fundamental line which was siding with Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war!?

You see, in the classification of treasonous Iranian groups, you can not get any lower than the mullahs and commies, except Mujahedin of course!? Someday, we will construct public bathrooms in Iran on every corner of the street and we will name them after the Mullahs, Commies, and Mujahedins!!


Deja vu!

by Ajam (not verified) on

We've seen it all once before! Western media burrow a page or two from the propaganda book of Goseph goebbels whose main mantra "no matter how big a lie, if repeated enough, people eat it up" served neo-cons well in their run up to the Iraqi adventure. It is not much a challenge to fool the American public opinion (since they're already half-way there!) but it's imperative to have the public opinion in the rest of the world desensitized enough to go along with the U.S. agenda.

Indeed, it's not easy for the U.S. to invade a country (banana republics such as Granada, Panama, Haiti...excepted) without politically, economically and militarily crippling it first and not stumble (e.g. in Vietnam). Hence the U.S. push for sanctions on Iran in parallel to military encirclement and promoting shia/sunny and Arab/Persian divide!






by J.Rashidian (not verified) on

Some comments demand concrete solutions to put an end to the IRI. Regardless of different political lines, the claim seems logical. Therefore, in a separate article I proposed oil as a new weapoon for the West and Iranian people.

I mentined that oil in the hands of Mullahs is to finance their repressive organs and international terrorismcan. It fuels corruption and more repression rather than boosts development for needs of people. Oil income does not play an important role to improvement of national economy, but solely increases parasitic life of the regime.

Never forgeting that through the general strike of workers of National Oil Compagny, the shah's regime collapsed.

Why our workers' pionneers do not work on such a strike. Is not the oil industry a traditional front of leftist influence?



by Antibullshit (not verified) on

Sister Majedi,
1.Political Islam is a creation and a tool of U.S/U.K so they dont want to destroy it because it is a gift that keeps on giving....
2. Comrade Putin has told U.S. : Niet... for now. No Nato army at my borders Georgee...

3. Look for a new job since the end is near for you and brother Javadi.

Soheil Samouhi


by Soheil Samouhi on

man they are still around!





Please watch the following clown (e.g., Ali Javadi)

by Torshiden, Yaesseh, and Chagh Commie Women (not verified) on

one of the master-minds behind Azar Majedi's organization (e.g., worker-commie party!)



Can somebody tell me who these jokers are!?


See all the Torshideh, Yaesseh, and Chagh left-over commie women from the revolution (AN-Gholab) era. These women joined the Chap organizations to gain husbands! Not only that they never found any husbands, their ideology went down the toilet as well!


Dear Mrs. Majedi

by masoudA on

There is nothing worse than living outside Iran and get in the way of any hope of freedom the oppressed population has !!   As the others asked - do you have a solution on how to oust the mullahs other than the one line of slogan at the end of your article ? 


America is not going to attack the people in Iran, rather ...

by Anti-Commie (not verified) on

It is going to attack the Islamic Republic and its terrorists machinery and apparatus (e.g., mullahs, IRGCs, Basiji's, supporters, and thugs.) that the author's organization (the commies) helped to come to power in 1979!

Now, in the process an attack on the Islamic
Republic, if people decide to become shield between the mullahs and American bombs, then I would say to America that it should use even stronger bombs to annihilate this shield (e.g., the people.)

The author of this post along with her old-fart comrades all live in Western Europe where life is comfortable and still keep preaching the same bankrupt Soviet-era crap!? What a bunch of charlatans, this gang is!?

I say to the author and her left-over and old-fart bankrupt comrades to get a job! It's time for you to contribute to the world for all the food, water, oxygen, and resources you have been consuming all these decades!?


ok, MRS Lenin

by MRX (not verified) on

what do you propose? we know war is bad and we don't want it. We also know sanctions hurt people too and we don't want it. So how do you propose us to get rid of this monsterous regime? don't tell me those dumb ass conferenaces that you guys have in northern Europe attended by fifty of your commrades is going to destory this regime?


war will hurt people.......

by Faribors Maleknasri M. D. (not verified) on

Please dont YOU worry. be sure: the war between US-Imperialism and political islam will destroy once for all the time the imperialists. because: The political islam is supported by a billion Moslems. In Iran for example share 70 Million " fanatic Mullahs" the govournment of the country and make the daily politics. in many other countries, from Indinesia to andalusia, are Moslems just waiting for a US-imperialisms damn action to run it over and heroically celebrate the conqueries over those devils. They now which desteny is waiting for them. so they only bark and grunt and do nothing. of course these barkings has a not negligible effect on delicately strung, highly sensitive discret tactful individuals. they get anxious. but the people in IRI see no reason for anxiety, you know. So please dont YOU worry at all, be happy all the time. Greeting


To the last part of your Blog

by anonymous-13247890 (not verified) on